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{February 26, 2009}   Six Flags wonders ;)
Hi!! back after a unusual break between working weekdays 🙂 . Just dont know how, but my imagination went high one day and decided to spend time with my family. And the first thing which struck my mind was Six Flags. Being a resident of CA, had been Valeejo in past too, but its always a new experience each time.
Six Flags

Six Flags

Six Flags, a great destination, is the perfect place to enjoy and have fun.  It offers a great way to spend vacation with your friends and family.  Six Flags, one of the world’s largest chains, is globally recognized for its amusement parks, theme parks, roller coasters, water parks and as a great entertainment center.

Six Flags parks offer full enjoyment with great shows, unique rides and quality food. It offers hundred of rides, coasters at all experience level and for all ages, entertainment with great shows, plenty of food from hot dogs, burgers to a perfect meal. You have all the entertainment in one place thrills, water fun, games, music and food for the entire family.


A perfect family vacation destination!

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No offense in saying that I still am a lot younger than Barbie, but envy her for being so BEAUTIFUL 😉

I had been living in my Barbie world since 5. Feel happy that soon she is turning 50. I am confident that Barbie will remain a heart throb for millions of girls even in future.

Born Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1959, in Willows, Wisconsin, Barbie, the 11 ½-inches, or 29-centimeter, Tall pink Doll, most favorite and iconic symbol among girls, kids had been evolving continually with women and girls of all ages.

Just plan to put in a big banner saying Happy B’Day and I Love you here on this blog on the D-Day 🙂

{February 20, 2009}   Salsa your way to happiness :)

Continuing with yesterdays post regarding health, last night I told myself that I missed one very important aspect @ Dancing!! So here I am sharing the same thoughts with you.

Dancing not only is an exceptional way to let loose and have fun, but it also provides some terrific benefits for your health.

Music and dancing has been a part of all cultures around the world for centuries. It’s part of celebration and entertainment. There have been various dancing styles like stamping dance known as Ndlamu, Maasai dance Adumu, Mohobelo “striding dance”, Chinese Lion Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Highland, Irish, Hip Hop, Character, and a lot more. The basic origin of any dancing technique had been based on the health benefits it can bring in. Now that Americans are facing a major obesity epidemic, health benefits from dancing is something that should be taken a closer look at.

In comes in this discussion SALSA. Salsa dancing has people as young as 5 to as old as 80, enjoying this wonderful pastime. To dance is a natural human activity, which comes with many benefits like thorough way to exercise one’s body, developing co-ordination of mind and muscle, good poise, toning up body, teaches participants the social graces, keep you youthful, promotes confidence and self-assurance.

Salsa helps you remain fit Mentally & Physically

Salsa helps you remain fit Mentally & Physically

Salsa has proved to burn more calories than Swing dancing, Ballroom dancing, Square dancing, Ballet, and Belly dancing. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine even found dancing can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in elderly people.

A health article dated back to 2007 on CNN portrays a beautiful story of Carolyn Parera, who in place of waiting in the car, decided to join her teenage daughter in Salsa dancing classes. The result of which, Parera dropped 100 pounds, lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced her reliance on an asthma inhaler, and feel wonderful.

So just SALSA your way to health & happiness. Grab some cool & sensual Salsa dress for yourself.

Tropical Salsa Chemise

'Tropical Salsa' Chemise

{February 19, 2009}   Workout towards a happier life

Gone are the days when exercise, yoga were done by just older people. Now a day, with the increasing ailment rates, all walks of life are now actively involved with work outs. People have learned that being physically fit means a happier life. After all it’s a very old proverb “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Many people are getting their exercise in activities like biking, skiing and tennis. Others prefer less active recreational things like walking, gardening or golf.

Remain Healthier, Remain Happier

Remain Healthier, Remain Happier

Some very basic tips to remain healthy are:

  • Have a brisk walk for a minimum of 45 minutes at least 5 days in a week. Do remember that the walk should be nonstop without any relaxation halt in between.
  • Walking on grass can be more beneficial as it improves your eye sight. Also try walking on pebbles as it actually does the work of acupressure.
Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

  • Try as much as possible to do manual workout, the best example of which is to use staircase in place of lifts while going to your office. You can even pedal down daily to your work place, as bicycling is considered to be one of the best exercises.
  • Your exercise must include some for your lung too.
  • Always keep your weight under control. Do monitor your BMI (Body Mass Index), remove fat around your waist. Always avoid junk food, and switch over to ORGANIC.
Fresh fruits are best alternate to JUNK

Fresh fruits are best alternate to JUNK

  • Relax and Exercise your brain daily. Try solving some puzzles or playing Su Doku etc.
Sudoku for your Brain

Sudoku for your Brain

  • Make a daily routine of exercising in GYM, or get yourself some good product like Schwinn Airdyne Exercise bike. It’s the latest in the market and has been designed for the total body workout, features patented Airdyne technology that uses a fan wheel to create resistance which increases by pedalling faster and harder. Schwinn exercise bike is one of the best indoor bikes that provides effective workout for all types of users and in any weather conditions, thus offering a convenient option of staying healthy at home while watching TV.
Schwinn Airdyne Comp Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Comp Bike

{February 18, 2009}   Fashion tips for the Plus Size!!

Beauty is not limited to size and so women`s plus size clothing have established a place in the fashion industry. Plus-size dresses also look artistic and attractive with new styles and designs.

Being a plus size is not bane anymore, its actually a PLUS now. In fact with the right choice of clothing and accessories you can outsmart your counterparts too. Now a days in the market we have specialized line of dressings which match your style and body outline. Below are some of the suggestions which definitely would help Plus Size Women.

LingrieFor slimmer look, plus size women prefer to wear designer made stylish dresses which can enhance their beauty. But the first thing to be taken care of is the lingerie. Loose or even tight lingerie might create problems for you. So visit stores like Macy’s or Bare Necessities to find the right size for yourself.


Bare Necessities Plus Size

Bare Necessities Plus Size

Macys Plus Size

Macys Plus Size

ApparelWhile shopping online, you can get the latest fashionable clothes, just all you need to do is first get measured in order to know which sizes fit you and know your body well to find the best clothes with the right cuts and patterns. Try avoiding large sizes and loose clothes as they might make you look more bulkier.

Tops – A-line outfit with an open neckline can always creates wonders to make your look very appealing. But do remember “NO FRILLS”.


London Times Plus Size Empire-Waist Dress with Bow

London Times Plus Size Empire-Waist Dress with Bow


Bottoms – The best is definitely plus size black pants in several different cuts, the best of which obviously is “Side hip closures pants”. It is the one color in plus size dress apparel that truly flatters anyone`s figure. You will be as more beautiful than what you feel and a perfect plus sized clothing is the way to get that feeling. Boot cut jeans and heels can really make your appearance slender when worn with the fitted jacket.


Jones New York Plus Size Suit Jacket, Knit Tee & Flat-Front Pants

Jones New York Plus Size Suit Jacket, Knit Tee & Flat-Front Pants


Charter Club Plus Size Rolled-Tab Shirt & Wide-Leg Jeans, Rinse Wash More Colors Available Charter Club Plus Size Rolled-Tab Shirt & Wide-Leg Jeans, Rinse Wash

Charter Club Plus Size Rolled-Tab Shirt & Wide-Leg Jeans, Rinse Wash More Colors Available Charter Club Plus Size Rolled-Tab Shirt & Wide-Leg Jeans, Rinse Wash



Choice of colours: Always remember to avoid shiny color dresses as they add pounds to your look. Dark color always make you look more leaner and thinner.

Cloth stuff – Plus size apparel are best when made out of silk, cotton or linen as they are the natural choice and gives the best fit.

Shoes – You can do a bit of experimentation with the shoe line as it don’t have much to do with the plus size of yours. But at the same time its always important to have a perfect pair which blends in with your perfect choice of clothing.Try new colors, just don’t stick to traditional black & brown.


Tsubo Womens Anush Pump

Tsubo Women's Anush Pump


Steve Madden womens Legion Boot

Steve Madden women's Legion Boot


The plus size fashion industry is on its peak best. More and more designers and retailers are coming out with new range of plus size women`s clothing.

So what are you waiting for !! Just Rock !!

Can be used as a headboard with the extension posts provided or as a footboard when attached to any standard bed frame (not provided); Can also be attached to the Teen Trends platform bed; Made from industrial strength powder coated square tube, bar stock and sheet steel; Teen Trends silver finish with decorative powder coated panel color.

Current price: $153.66

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Earrings: created ruby, 2 pieces snowflake shape 9mm, total weight 5.50 carats. Earring dimension: 3/8 x 3/8″. Pendant: created ruby, 1 piece snowflake shape 10mm, total weight 4.00 carats. Pendant dimensions: 7/8 x 1/2″. Earrings and pendant have a total weight of 8.30 grams and are set in pure.925 sterling silver. Includes a 18 sterling silver box chain, free gift.

List Price: $224.97
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Discount: 66%

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Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Sundress With Corset Tie Back; Top Is Fully Lined For Full Coverage; Princess Seaming For Shape.

List Price: $29.99
Current Price: $11.99
Discount: 60%

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Uniquely powerful 40x optical zoom/2000x digital zoom; Professional-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; 2.7-inch wide (16:9) touch panel LCD; Hybrid recording with Memory Stick PRO Duo media slot; Super SteadyShot image stabilization system.Get this item.

Current Price: $254.00

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{February 18, 2009}   Mario Kart Wii


Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart, a brilliant game, provides a new experience with intense actions, new tracks and characters. It is the latest addition of the Mario Kart series and one of the best Wii games with range of new characters and racing tracks.


Mario Kart is a speedy racing game for Nintendo Wii. It comes equipped with Wii wheel for a more realistic steering experience. With three control styles, it is the best in the series and offers a whole new set of tricks, tracks and modes to play.


Wii Wheel transforms Wii remote controller in to a steering wheel to allow for spontaneous steering while Wii remote and Nunchuk combination offers control style for Mario Kart. Both configurations can be performed depending on one’s taste.

Players up to three friends can play in a room or either up to 12 players can play simultaneously against each other through Wii Wi-fi connection. Even, one can select twelve types of vehicles, six bikes and carts depending on the characters chosen. Different tracks and modes of play can be accessible via Wii wi-fi connection.

Mario Kart Wii also includes 16 new tracks and 16 tour classics from the past games. Players have the option of playing with karts or motorbikes. You have the choice of playing round the Grand Prix circuits or can try more advanced and difficult circuits.

Mario Kart is back and ready to race with enhanced graphics and an amazing experience.

This is the perfect diamond gift! The sterling silver pendant features two diamond circles – which can be worn together or seperately. Keep one and give the other to a loved one! The total carat weight is 1.00 carat and the pendant includes an 18” box chain. A truly dazzling value!

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He Waterford Crystal Lismore Thistle Vase is a new addition to Waterford’s Lismore Collection. Featuring Waterford’s most popular diamond and wedge cut Lismore pattern, the Lismore thistle vase is beautiful and functional. Waterford’s Thistle Vase is 7” tall, and is carefully packaged in a Waterford gift and storage box.

Current Price: $100.00

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8.0 megapixels, ideal for prints up to 13 x 19 inch; 4x optical/4x digital zoom; Optical Image Stabilizer keeps every shot absolutely steady even when you’re not; 2.5 inch color LCD screen; Print/Share Button for easy direct printing and downloading.

List Price: $149.99
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Discount: 33%

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Sketched logo skull design on chest with brand name on side. “Metal Mulisha” printed on back shoulder. Authenticity patch at hem. Features zip front, drawstring hood and two hand pockets.

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{February 16, 2009}   Macys-Pink Rose Cropped Cardigan
The season’s best crop: a little cardigan to wear over dresses and jeans; Deep V-neckline; Short, puff sleeves with ribbed hem; Four-button closure; Ribbed hem; Hits at hip.

List Price: $38.00
Current Price: $28.50
Discount: 25%

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DVD-R/-RW/+RW/+R DL; Memory Stick PRO Media Duo Slot; 1/8 inch Advanced HAD CCD; 30mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens; 60x Optical Zoom; 2.7 inch Wide Touch Panel LCD; SteadyShot Image Stabilization; Viewfinder; Face Index & Film Roll Index; Hybrid Recording.

Current Price: $299.00

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{February 16, 2009}   6PM-Nine West Women’s Mazzo Pump
This classy pump gets an update with it’s banana-shaped heel; Leather or patent upper; Squared peep toe; Lightly padded insole; Man-made outsole.

List Price: $80.95
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Discount: 49%

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This stylish fountain has a natural slate and copper finish. Please note polished river stones are included.

List Price: $190.00
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Discount: 34%

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Dazzle her with the brilliance and fire of this beautiful 14K Gold Square-Cut 3-Stone Diamond Ring. Perfect as an engagement or anniversary ring, this exquisite piece represents the past, present and future of your love. Features 0.25 carat center stone flanked by two 0.125 carat sidestones. Ring design features yellow gold shank with white gold prongs.

List Price: $1,450
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Classic Traditional Style Art Deco Fabric Shade Table LampAn elegant accent table lamp, this lamp fits into any home or office. This lamp provides enough light for a relaxing area. The lamp also featurs on/off switch and fabric shade.

List Price: $61.77
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