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{February 19, 2009}   Workout towards a happier life

Gone are the days when exercise, yoga were done by just older people. Now a day, with the increasing ailment rates, all walks of life are now actively involved with work outs. People have learned that being physically fit means a happier life. After all it’s a very old proverb “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Many people are getting their exercise in activities like biking, skiing and tennis. Others prefer less active recreational things like walking, gardening or golf.

Remain Healthier, Remain Happier

Remain Healthier, Remain Happier

Some very basic tips to remain healthy are:

  • Have a brisk walk for a minimum of 45 minutes at least 5 days in a week. Do remember that the walk should be nonstop without any relaxation halt in between.
  • Walking on grass can be more beneficial as it improves your eye sight. Also try walking on pebbles as it actually does the work of acupressure.
Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

  • Try as much as possible to do manual workout, the best example of which is to use staircase in place of lifts while going to your office. You can even pedal down daily to your work place, as bicycling is considered to be one of the best exercises.
  • Your exercise must include some for your lung too.
  • Always keep your weight under control. Do monitor your BMI (Body Mass Index), remove fat around your waist. Always avoid junk food, and switch over to ORGANIC.
Fresh fruits are best alternate to JUNK

Fresh fruits are best alternate to JUNK

  • Relax and Exercise your brain daily. Try solving some puzzles or playing Su Doku etc.
Sudoku for your Brain

Sudoku for your Brain

  • Make a daily routine of exercising in GYM, or get yourself some good product like Schwinn Airdyne Exercise bike. It’s the latest in the market and has been designed for the total body workout, features patented Airdyne technology that uses a fan wheel to create resistance which increases by pedalling faster and harder. Schwinn exercise bike is one of the best indoor bikes that provides effective workout for all types of users and in any weather conditions, thus offering a convenient option of staying healthy at home while watching TV.
Schwinn Airdyne Comp Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Comp Bike


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