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{March 20, 2009}   Jade…. We all love you !!

Unless you have been living on a desolated island you must have heard about Jade Goody and her ordeal with Cervical Cancer.

Many people around the globe are suffering with same disease and face bitterness and harsh reality every day. So how come Jade’s story is apart from thousands of those sufferers?

Well the imminent reason for this is the celeb status which Jade has enjoyed since her appearance in UK’s TV Reality Show “Big Brother” . Jade has loved limelight and made many appearances since then. Jade never has been afraid of portraying her real self on reel life too. Despite her rather sad childhood, she came out as a winner for all mothers around the world for literally worshiping her children.


Controversy has been surrounding the hype and the media publicity generated for her “Last Days”, but I personally feel that she is doing all for her family especially two sons. She has been putting a brave face to Cancer and making us realise what a Cancer victim goes through each day of his/ her life.

Sad part of the story is way in which media and general public has been predicting her death and how long she might be with her family. My heart goes out for her two sons Bobby and Freddy as well as for her husband. In this troubled time we should learn to give in more privacy to the family members and to pray for her health.

Jade: Don’t know if you gonna read this, but you are a Special Person for me and a WINNER too. Thanks for bringing the Cancer cause in front of the whole world. Thanks for being such a lovely mom, and teaching us the lesson. Hats off to you.


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