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{March 28, 2009}   Cotton Clothing

Shifting from the radical topic of Leather Leggings posted yesterday, lets talk about something organic.

Its apparent that you might have heard a lot of times about benefits of cotton over synthetic material. But have you ever wondered why and what these plus points are? As per Cotton Council International, the benefits of cotton clothing are numerous. A brief extract of what they say:

Cotton is fun and fashionable. Its beauty and natural comfort make the world a better place. Can you imagine a world without cotton? It’s often the first fiber we touch when we are born into the world… and it stays with us throughout our lives.

Consumer demand clearly shows that people want cotton in their lives all year long because the comfort and strength that cotton provides is empowering. It allows wearers to be themselves. There is nothing fake about cotton. Cotton feels wonderful against your skin and we believe it is the healthiest of all fibers. Life can be hard, but cotton makes our lives easier.

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So if in case you are looking for a cool, casual, impressive look, go in for printed cotton tunics.

Breezy Printed Tunic

Breezy Printed Tunic


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