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{March 28, 2009} Gear – $50,000 Cease and Desist T-Shirt has always been one of the favorite shopping destinations for long, and at times they do come up with some pioneer and innovative ideas.

According to Tony Hsieh, CEO of “As a customer service-focused organization, we receive hundreds of suggestions from our customers on a daily basis for new product and service offerings. The ‘Cease and Desist’ t-shirt and service was conceptualized and produced after conducting comprehensive consumer market research and careful analysis of our customers’ needs.”

The Gear – $50,000 Cease and Desist T-Shirt is rare collector’s t-shirt and come with a brilliant idea. According to, when you buy this t-shirt, Zappos will make sure your significant other never shops at again!

Now some would say WOW !! while others will say OH…… MY……… GOD…….. !! . But whatever might be your reaction, it’s well there in market since 01/09 and selling off too.

The delivery idea designed by comany is funny too, like personal drop in by a CLT (Customer Royality Team) representative, CLT rep spending time (1-hour, with provision of paid overtime) with your significant other to console him / her, and even a RETURN policy in case you get divorced.

It’s simply crazy or rather brilliant. Check full specification at, and please do not forget to go through the customer’s review at the end (some of which are really funny) Sells $50,000 Cease and Desist Service & T-Shirt Sells $50,000 "Cease and Desist" Service & T-Shirt


matt says:

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

Unsaramak says:

cooooolest domain name)))

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