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Mother’s day is celebrated across the globe to honor mothers and offers a way to show love, care and respect for her. Flowers are wonderful gift for someone special; expresses your true feelings, act as a reminder of memorable moments and perfect for celebrating any occasion. They are indeed great means for expressing love and gratitude on this special day.

Colorful flowers with its sweet fragrance are favorite among everyone especially women’s. Women’s are crazy about flowers and just love them. Giving flowers to your mother on mother’s day is a wonderful gift idea to let her know how much you love her and how important she is in your life.

It’s a very special day and must be celebrated like any other occasions; a day really special for moms. Flowers would be a real surprise to her and she will appreciate it, that will make her day brighten and memorable. Mom will surely love the series of surprises that you will offer her on that day.

Different flowers with wide range of colors are available in market that you can choose from depending on your personal taste and needs. Flowers for mother’s day include orchids, tropical flowers, tulips, carnations and lilac. Carnations and orchids are mainly preferred for this day. >> read more

Spring is on it’s way and there’s no best time than this to start stocking up on flirty, warm-weather looks. As an fashion freak, a Patio Dresses immediately snags my attention.

Patio dresses this season will see hems fall above the ankle or to brush the top of the foot. Great for the huge range of floral looks that are around this season for a relaxed feminine and stylish look.

Pair with ballet flats, gladiator sandals or a pair of simple thong sandals for a relaxed, glamorous look.


Patio Dresses

Patio Dresses

{April 24, 2009}   Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic
Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic

Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic

Come Summer and we start looking for cool dresses. Something which are comfortable and at same time pleasent too. One such is Silk-Blend Peasent Tunic by Spiegel. A must add to your wardrobe.


History of tunic :

Straight tubular garment, usually sleeveless, which may be tied around the waist or left loose.
Originally a short dress worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the tunic reappeared in the 19th century as part of Amelia Bloomer’s dress reform, worn over loose trousers with gathered ankles. In the early 20th century it helped create the long, slender lines fashionable before 1914 in the designs of Paul Poiret. Short tunic dresses worn over longer versions became popular again in the 1960s. Tunics are a common part of girls’ school uniform, and short, loose tunics are also worn for dancing.

But now it’s a part of every women wardrobe, and why it won’t be. After all tunics are comfortable, elegant and cool.

{April 21, 2009}   Go Green and Save Earth
Earth Day

Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22! The day is soon approaching; it is a day that is being celebrated across the globe for maintaining a healthier environment and beautiful world. Earth day is all about preserving nature, spreading knowledge and creating an understanding for protecting environment.

Every one of us has its own living style. With little efforts on changing our lifestyle regarding minimum usage of resources, we can contribute a lot to the earth day and definitely go green and save earth. With few simple ways to follow that focuses on sustaining greener lifestyle, saving money and resources can lead to happier life.

– Save energy:  Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs ) are a way to save energy. The use of these bulbs must be preferred as they last longer and consume less energy compared to standard light bulbs. Energy efficient appliances as water heaters, washers and dryers must be used. Avoid washing clothes in hot water and use cold water; also minimize the use of dryers and make use of drying rack. Keep the electrical devices off when not in use; switch off your home electronics when possible; use a programmable thermostat as an effort for saving energy.

– Save water:  Shower is a way for relaxation. Try taking shorter showers or make use of timers while you shower as this can greatly help in saving water. Get low-flow showerheads installed in your bathroom for lowering water bills. Keep your taps and showers off when not in use.  Thus, a little care on water usage can help save gallons of water a day.

– Save gas and fuel:  The best way to save gas and thus money is to minimize the use of fuel and prefer walking or riding. Less driving will definitely save fuel and reduces traffic and air pollution. Switch off engine of your vehicle at traffic lights or when not in use. Make use of public transport whenever possible and use fuel efficient vehicles as a way for saving gas and fuel.

– Recycle:  Recycling is process of reusing items as a way to ensure and preserve nature. Make minimum use of paper; recycle your plastic bags, bottles, cans, paper etc. Energy can be conserved in industrial and commercial sector by recycling waste material. Even a trash can, cell phones or bins can be recycled. Try to focus more on the items that can be recycled and make efficient use of them such as grocery bags made of cloth must be used instead of opting plastic bags.

– Avoid using Bottled water:  Bottled water is a way that produces great amount of waste. Water purifiers or using reusable bottles are the solution for bottled water. Tap water must be preferred for drinking. This will help to reduce waste and save energy.

These few tips can make a huge difference in saving earth.  By going green, we are preserving earth and saving our planet. 

Encourage healthier atmosphere by going green!

For many women, the fashion and beauty industry has taught us how to be thin and the value of a slim figure. While it is not a debate that a healthy body is usually one that is within a moderate weight, there are women who continue to live as a plus size woman and enjoy every aspect of it.

As a plus size woman, it is important to embrace the beauty of who you are. Creating a positive self image, at any size, is simple with a few techniques. Using body language, smiling often and wearing trendy clothing fit to your body type, will go a long way in obtaining the respect and recognition deserving of a person with a beautiful personality, regardless of weight. >>read more

Womens fashion trends are making a big change in 2009

Women's fashion trends are making a big change in 2009

It seems that ’80s fashion is definitely making a comeback in 2009. From oversized earrings to clog sandals, the newest fashion trends are a big change from the previous year. Check out the list below for the fashion trends that will be making a big impact in the upcoming year. >>read more

Twitter has been gaining tremendous popularity in the past couple of years. In fact its user list is increasing many folds day by day. But at the same time there have been some minor issues involved with them like hacking of @Obama, @Britney, @FaceBook, and many other celebrity accounts in Jan 09. >> read details

Recently we also saw Twitter privacy issues over the @Skype account, where Stephanie Robesky, while serving at Skype created this account on Twitter, and eventually forgot about. But some Twitter employee passed on this information to Skype, which turned out to be the reason for Stephanie anguish in her blog post.

Today in news in the massively popular account of @CNNBrk , with a huge fan following. It has been confirmed that this Twitter account has now been acquired by CNN for a high premium.

But even with all these fact, Twitter remains one of the most loved place where Tweepls like @BeShirtHappy , @Guruvan , @BuzzEdition , @MisterNoodle , @nsane8 , @THEDIAMONDCOACH  , @iwritecopy , @jdysaxby and many more, share ideas, links, ReTweet, Emotions, Feelings to make it all the more happier place.

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Babydoll Sleeveless Tee

Babydoll Sleeveless Tee

Hanes is a well known brand round the world, and quiet popular for their cool line of summer clothings. Simple, elegant, vibrant, cool and a lot more.

It’s flirty. It’s feminine. It’s all you; Beach house to backyard BBQ, perfect anywhere; Summer-loving sleeveless style with scoop neckline; Stylish empire waist fits any figure and any style; And it’s tag free; 27” length; Cotton/polyester.

{April 10, 2009}   Happy Easter

Wishing all Blog Readers a Happy Easter day. Walk down the memory lane to those beautiful days when only thing which hurt was “bruised knees” 🙂


 Buying green cars, using green shoppers, filling the tank with green fuel, buying green computer hardware….No!…we are not talking here about the mono colored patterns of these things! After all…how can petrol can be green in color or all the cars it helps to run can be green! Rather we are talking about those things which are made using eco-friendly and recycled materials. Wait… the list can be too long if you are very much concerned about the climate change and the rising earth-temperature then……the latest for you could be the wide collection of these green or eco-friendly dresses.  >>read more

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Earth Day is celebrated April 22 every single year, both held annually during spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere. These are intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. The United Nations celebrates an Earth Day each year on the March equinox, a tradition which was founded by peace activist John McConnell in 1969. >>read more

 After reading this article, I feel like celebrating Earth Day EVERYDAY. Some inspirational images for the day 🙂 .

















At times it might feel odd to see a POST for Twitter on this blog. But I just can’t help it out, since I love Twitter so much. I do keep on looking for Twitter Tips and today found a good one. It’s a BIG list of Twitter Apps. Check it out

Welcome to Twitterapps! – I have 275 Twitter applications at the moment

Twitter applications can be called by different names. They are sometimes called as “twitter tools”, “twitter add-ons” and the likes. But whatever the name they are called, they are simply websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter. >> read more


{April 7, 2009}   My WISHLIST :)

My wishlist ! Hope it becomes TRUE list soon.

Some women footwear which I am sure will drive my peers jealous 🙂 { but only once I possess them 😦 }.

And yes this range of selection consists of items for as low as $58 to as high as $1,975, but they have Swarovski in them after all. Check them out.


Coloriffics Womens Gala : $58.00

Coloriffics Women's Gala : $58.00 @

Report Signature Womens Lucie2 : $197.00

Report Signature Women's Lucie2 : $197.00 @

DSQUARED2 : $ 1279.00

DSQUARED2 : $ 1279.00 @

DSQUARED2 : $ 1379.00

DSQUARED2 : $ 1379.00 @

Emilio Pucci : $ 1495.00

Emilio Pucci : $ 1495.00 @

Giuseppe Zanotti : $ 1563.95

Giuseppe Zanotti : $ 1563.95 @

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski Crystal Sandals : Original Price: $1,745.00

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski Crystal Sandals : Original Price: $1,745.00 @

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski Thong Sandals : Original Price: $1,975.00

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski Thong Sandals : Original Price: $1,975.00 @

Candies and Kohls department stores unveil the spring marketing campaign featuring international superstar and multi-platinum recording artist, Britney Spears.

A real sensation, where Britney flaunts her fans with some cool outfits, which according to her were the cutest clothes, and perfect for summers.


Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Britney shooting the ads below.


What initially seemed to be a promising Technology, turned out to be one of the wittiest AprilFool Prank from Google. They never leave their creativity, whatever it might be.



Google has always been a front runner as far as innovative ideas are concerned, and today they announced the birth of CADIE.

Though it’s too early to comment on this news, but still people around the globe are pretty excited about it. Lets see what this cute CADIE has in store for us.

Will definitely write a review on it, once CADIE starts walking 🙂


For a long I had been thinking which one is better : FaceBook  or Twitter . Had been using both of these top social media sites, and love them equally too. At times I do feel that Twitter is better given its simplicity and ease of use, and then next I feel that Facebook is better given the huge gamoth of features and applications it supports.

The debate is long and here is one of articles which gave me insight to most of the points I thought of. And yes do follow me @Twitter DealRocker @ Twitter




The phenomenon of social networking is still in its infancy and it remains to be seen exactly which network might become the 800-pound gorilla in the space. It is reminiscent of the dotcom 90s, when I worked in the search industry; dozens of venture-backed search firms battled for dominance and search appeared to become a commodity, with limited monetization potential, or so we all thought at the time.

There are now so many social networks vying for users that even the most elite “Digerati” have trouble keeping up with the ever-shifting landscape. And most are still struggling to find effective monetization strategies, casting doubt on their long term survival and pointing to massive consolidation at some point. >> read more

et cetera