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{April 1, 2009}   Twitter versus Facebook: Should you Choose One?

For a long I had been thinking which one is better : FaceBook  or Twitter . Had been using both of these top social media sites, and love them equally too. At times I do feel that Twitter is better given its simplicity and ease of use, and then next I feel that Facebook is better given the huge gamoth of features and applications it supports.

The debate is long and here is one of articles which gave me insight to most of the points I thought of. And yes do follow me @Twitter DealRocker @ Twitter




The phenomenon of social networking is still in its infancy and it remains to be seen exactly which network might become the 800-pound gorilla in the space. It is reminiscent of the dotcom 90s, when I worked in the search industry; dozens of venture-backed search firms battled for dominance and search appeared to become a commodity, with limited monetization potential, or so we all thought at the time.

There are now so many social networks vying for users that even the most elite “Digerati” have trouble keeping up with the ever-shifting landscape. And most are still struggling to find effective monetization strategies, casting doubt on their long term survival and pointing to massive consolidation at some point. >> read more


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