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{April 16, 2009}   Confirmed: CNN Acquires CNNBrk Twitter Account (Updated) :: Another HOT news !!

Twitter has been gaining tremendous popularity in the past couple of years. In fact its user list is increasing many folds day by day. But at the same time there have been some minor issues involved with them like hacking of @Obama, @Britney, @FaceBook, and many other celebrity accounts in Jan 09. >> read details

Recently we also saw Twitter privacy issues over the @Skype account, where Stephanie Robesky, while serving at Skype created this account on Twitter, and eventually forgot about. But some Twitter employee passed on this information to Skype, which turned out to be the reason for Stephanie anguish in her blog post.

Today in news in the massively popular account of @CNNBrk , with a huge fan following. It has been confirmed that this Twitter account has now been acquired by CNN for a high premium.

But even with all these fact, Twitter remains one of the most loved place where Tweepls like @BeShirtHappy , @Guruvan , @BuzzEdition , @MisterNoodle , @nsane8 , @THEDIAMONDCOACH  , @iwritecopy , @jdysaxby and many more, share ideas, links, ReTweet, Emotions, Feelings to make it all the more happier place.

Note: Posted by CouponAlbum team. Follow @couponalbum on Twitter.


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