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{April 21, 2009}   Go Green and Save Earth
Earth Day

Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22! The day is soon approaching; it is a day that is being celebrated across the globe for maintaining a healthier environment and beautiful world. Earth day is all about preserving nature, spreading knowledge and creating an understanding for protecting environment.

Every one of us has its own living style. With little efforts on changing our lifestyle regarding minimum usage of resources, we can contribute a lot to the earth day and definitely go green and save earth. With few simple ways to follow that focuses on sustaining greener lifestyle, saving money and resources can lead to happier life.

– Save energy:  Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs ) are a way to save energy. The use of these bulbs must be preferred as they last longer and consume less energy compared to standard light bulbs. Energy efficient appliances as water heaters, washers and dryers must be used. Avoid washing clothes in hot water and use cold water; also minimize the use of dryers and make use of drying rack. Keep the electrical devices off when not in use; switch off your home electronics when possible; use a programmable thermostat as an effort for saving energy.

– Save water:  Shower is a way for relaxation. Try taking shorter showers or make use of timers while you shower as this can greatly help in saving water. Get low-flow showerheads installed in your bathroom for lowering water bills. Keep your taps and showers off when not in use.  Thus, a little care on water usage can help save gallons of water a day.

– Save gas and fuel:  The best way to save gas and thus money is to minimize the use of fuel and prefer walking or riding. Less driving will definitely save fuel and reduces traffic and air pollution. Switch off engine of your vehicle at traffic lights or when not in use. Make use of public transport whenever possible and use fuel efficient vehicles as a way for saving gas and fuel.

– Recycle:  Recycling is process of reusing items as a way to ensure and preserve nature. Make minimum use of paper; recycle your plastic bags, bottles, cans, paper etc. Energy can be conserved in industrial and commercial sector by recycling waste material. Even a trash can, cell phones or bins can be recycled. Try to focus more on the items that can be recycled and make efficient use of them such as grocery bags made of cloth must be used instead of opting plastic bags.

– Avoid using Bottled water:  Bottled water is a way that produces great amount of waste. Water purifiers or using reusable bottles are the solution for bottled water. Tap water must be preferred for drinking. This will help to reduce waste and save energy.

These few tips can make a huge difference in saving earth.  By going green, we are preserving earth and saving our planet. 

Encourage healthier atmosphere by going green!


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