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{April 24, 2009}   Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic
Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic

Silk-Blend Peasant Tunic

Come Summer and we start looking for cool dresses. Something which are comfortable and at same time pleasent too. One such is Silk-Blend Peasent Tunic by Spiegel. A must add to your wardrobe.


History of tunic :

Straight tubular garment, usually sleeveless, which may be tied around the waist or left loose.
Originally a short dress worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the tunic reappeared in the 19th century as part of Amelia Bloomer’s dress reform, worn over loose trousers with gathered ankles. In the early 20th century it helped create the long, slender lines fashionable before 1914 in the designs of Paul Poiret. Short tunic dresses worn over longer versions became popular again in the 1960s. Tunics are a common part of girls’ school uniform, and short, loose tunics are also worn for dancing.

But now it’s a part of every women wardrobe, and why it won’t be. After all tunics are comfortable, elegant and cool.


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