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{May 12, 2009}   10 Blubber-Busting Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

In a culture that idolizes and promotes food as instant gratification, it’s no surprise that obesity is out of control. We swim upstream against an overwhelming current of continuous media messages that implore us to, “eat, eat, and eat!” – and then to eat some more. No wonder so many dieters fail, or fail to maintain their weight after losing pounds. If you’re one of those frustrated dieters, it’s time to stop “dieting” and start “diet-sizing.”

“Diet-sizing” is what I call the simple habits that enable you to lose weight gradually and keep it off. It’s about developing a routine of sensible eating and moderate exercise tailored to fit you – one you can comfortably live with for the rest of your life.

Here are ten tips for helping to develop a diet-sizing plan right for you. I implemented and refined these ideas while losing 40 pounds in five months – and most importantly, while maintaining my target weight of 155 to 160 pounds for the past five years. Not only do I look and feel younger, I’ve also significantly reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure to the point that I’ve been able to discontinue medications.  >> read more


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