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{May 30, 2009}   Look all the more beautiful with those lovely print dress :)
Print Dress
Print Dress

A fresh, whimsical print refreshes a timeless silhouette. Solid black piping outlines the scooped neckline while a gross grain ribbon tie defines the waist.

This might be a typical description of a print dress, but all know that we love print dresses. Aren’t they cool ?? Yes they always are 🙂

A fresh flowery print dress is perfect for any occasion; let it be a daytime party like wedding, bridal shower or even a special lunch with your loved one.

Print dresses are cool, but some points always need to be kept in mind when adoring one. Like print dress patterns should be chosen depending on self figure.  Small women should chose prints far apart with more of background space, while larger women should chose prints which are closer together and hence giving less background space.

When wearing floral prints, don’t be tempted to accessorize with a silk flower or buds on your shoes. A more sophisticated approach is to pair with metallic or bright sandals and an oversized bead necklace (pearl or gold) to counter the cuteness factor of a flower print dress.


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