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Beach weddings are gaining popularity for their short duration arrangement, less decorations and comparatively less informal dressups than traditional ones. Beach wedding dresses can be absolutely simple, to fabulously stunning but are less expensive than their church wedding counterparts. There are some considerations to be preferred while choosing a beach bridal dress.

  • A tea length dress is always a best choice for beach wedding, or you can choose one that falls a few inches short of the ground. If it doesn’t suits then go for formal bridal wear.
  • A sleek style or a bohemian style empire waist are both considerable for beach wedding dresses. It’s your choice that you’ll prefer a modern stylish look or soft and romantic femininity of empire style.
  • You should go for a strapless or spaghetti straps which look very beautiful on beach.
  • These dresses should not be puffy and much layered as beaches tends to be warmer than an air conditioned church. Avoid bead-work and heavy embroidery. Prefer to wear natural fabrics like cotton which will allow to pass air through the dress.
  • Beware while choosing accessories. It’s obvious that if you have chosen simple beach dress than the accessories will also be simple. A flowery hair band, shell or pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, with a white and red flower bouquet in hands will go perfect with  dress.
  • No need to wear high heels. A pair of flip flop or strappy sandals sounds best for beach bridal wear. Some brides prefer to go barefooted, which is also a good option.

Keep these considerations in mind and make your beach wedding a romantic day of your life…

Beach Bridal Dress

Beach Bridal Dress

Bonny Beach Bridal Gown

Bonny Beach Bridal Gown

The latest jargon of today’s corporate world is “power dressing” which not only makes employees look professional, but also gives them young and sophisticated look. Today’s corporate world demands such kind of formal dressing which leaves gender and cultural differences way behind.

Women are very choosy especially when it comes to their office wear. As a sharp and standard office wear increases their confidence level and gives a sense of authority and empowerment which lifts up their image at  workplace and maintains high professional standards. It’s a fact!!

City Style Two Button Jacket

City Style Two Button Jacket office wear

Here are some advantageous Corporate Dressing tips for women which will help you to choose them wisely:

  1. Choose colors like red, navy, grey, whites, and black. Red signifies aggressiveness, navy represents trustworthiness, grey- conservativeness, and black represents chic. These colors can be teamed with skirts, pantsuits and shoes of pastel colors like pink, ivory, lilac, and icy blue which bring out the feminine touch that you wish your corporate wear should have. Avoid wild prints, loud and shiny colors.
  2. You can accessorize your business outfit with pearl-drop earrings and bracelets, simple and pretty gold jewelery, and scarves. Do avoid chandelier earrings and chunky bracelets.
  3. The structured handbags will make you look more organized. Leather handbags adds a classy look to your formal wear. Remember your handbag should always complement your shoes color. It means black shoes, black handbag.
  4. If you have a plus size structure then, it is always advisable to wear pant suits rather than skirt suits. Vertical lined suits will help you to look slightly slimmer and taller.
  5. Slim shaped women can choose skirt or pant suits, anything which suits their body structure; making sure that the necklines are not too revealing.

These tips will surely help to choose a perfect corporate wear for you…

Fully Corporate Wear

Corporate Pant suit wear

Want to look a stunning beauty in your prom night and shine your way with an everlasting impression on spectators in a dress which speaks about your style, and shower elegance beyond limits.

In order to make this event more special, girls often search for a unique dress. Choose a style and silhouette that adulate your curves. Important red carpet looks for proms this year include strapless short length attires, outfits with low back, spaghetti strap prom dresses with tie on backs, elegant prom dresses with slits, and empire waist dresses with metallic and bright colors. Be comfortable and confident with your dress, and remember to buy shoes and bags complementing it.

Be picky on color of dress you choose. Black, white and silver are classic colors; but if you are scrimping on modesty, try with lemon-lime, fuchsia, emerald green, red, blue and purple themed prom gowns. If you want to catch attention, then some of the pink, silver, and retro dresses can offer vibrancies that are sure to be memorable…

Look HOTTY Black Beauty!

Look HOT Black Beauty!

This gown is of chiffon, featuring Black charmeuse satin banding along waistline and on bustline, with a deep V-neckline and halter strap which ties in the back. The tiered skirt falls to a T-length with a high-low cut, and brooch detail with bow on the dropped waist makes it a perfect bold dress for Prom event.

Mori Lee Short Prom Dress

Mori Lee Short Prom Dress

Taffeta short, fun prom dress with pleated skirt by Mori Lee, provides you a look which suits your fun and fearless style.

Go! Get the right one for you…

Clutch-handbag are pursued for their size and neatness. Typically used as an accessory to compliment evening-wear, clutches are quickly becoming popular for any occasion and is considered as a fashion tool.

Depending on your needs and desires, clutches are now there with different styles to accentuate anything from blue jeans to evening gowns. Popular among celebs, these handbags are hot topic of discussion among all fashion loving women. With their popularity on rise, you will just want to start a collection of these purses to have on hand for any occasion.

Available in endless variety of colors, shapes and sizes, clutch bags can be taken for every occasion. Shopping online can provide you with the largest selection to choose from with any type of budget you expect.

For a casual look, an oversized clutch that can hold your wallet, sunglasses, lipstick and cell phone will be the perfect choice. Casual clutches are generally made of genuine leather, patent leather, suede or satin in pleasurable colors and designs. For an elegant clutch, a smaller version is preferred, with space for cash, credit cards, ID and a slim cell phone. Clutch bags look best with a pair of high heels. Once you start carrying a clutch bag, you will love its handy character, and will like grab it and go.

And yeah…, who will not love to carry a small handy purse in summers, instead of large ones…


Louis Vuitton Monogram Limelight Clutch

Louis Vuitton Monogram Limelight Clutch


Warm days and balmy nights are here and it’s time to slip into your favorite summer sundress. One of the main reasons for abiding popularity of sun dress is that, it’s very simple and easy to wear and possess a feminine quality. This summer dress will not burn a hole in your pocket and are ideal for an evening out with friends.

Ruffled-Bodice Sundress

Ruffled-Bodice Sundress

Sundresses come in an exciting range of styles like spaghetti straps, daring necklines, baring backs, cap sleeves and strapless versions. It’s right wear for women who prefer to wear a single garment for various occasions.

Outfits covering the shoulder can be easily worn for a casual work environment while off-shoulder ones can be combined with a wrap for evening outs. The versatility of this dress makes it everyone’s favorite. Cardigans, jackets, wraps, sandals, heels, flats, hats or clutch bags all work as good accessories with a simple sundress.

Strapless dresses are ideal for women with slimmer front and a smaller back, while an imperial style dress will suit women with bigger front. If you are a shorter gal, use Mini sundresses that come above knees, this way, you can appear a little taller.

Crispy whites, pinks, yellows, blues and greens are most in-season look this summer. The prints range from fresh florals, ethnic batik, and cool stripes prints. Weather friendly cottons and poplins are popular for sundresses as they are easy to maintain and are free-flowing fabrics.

What are you waiting for..Go Get Them..

Print Cotton Sundress

Print Cotton Sundress

Spaghetti Strap Sundress

Spaghetti Strap Sundress


Mirror aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are the most popular and one of the oldest designs of sunglasses among all. These sunglasses have an oversized teardrop-shaped lens and thin metal frame.

Earlier these were used only by military persons and NASA astronauts only but now they are liked and worn by every kind of person. Infact, it has become a symbol of style statement today.

There are so many styles and shapes of aviator sunglasses in the market, that it’s difficult to find the suitable for oneself. The classic range, have a dark metal frame with reflective lenses while the modern sunglasses offers square lenses, with funky colors in a very wide range. One of the very popular sunglass is the mirrored lens which many film stars prefer to wear. These are best with point of view, protection and style.

Heine Silver Sunglasses

Heine Silver Sunglasses

Typical of their job, these sunglasses are hardy and designed to keep strong wind, sunlight and dust out of the wearer’s eyes. The aviator sunglasses are dark colored to give the wearer abundant protection from flashy light.

Aviators are androgynous, meaning that these are wearable by both men and women. They are Usually preferred in black and brown tinged lenses, other popular shades are green, blue, gray, and violet coming in a variety of frames, among which gold plated frames are the most favored.

Protect your eyes with harmful ultraviolet radiation of sun with these cool looking sunglasses.

Strapless Ruched Dress

Strapless Ruched Evening Dress

Off-The-Shoulder Gown

Off-The-Shoulder Evening Gown

Every woman wants to look beautiful and charming when going for a special occasion like parties, date or wedding. Women spend a lot of time in selecting the perfect dress for a particular occasion.

Evening gowns are one of those dresses which suits perfect for evening events and grooms your physical appearance. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin and many more… Fabric quality of gown should be such, which catches others’ eyes. Not only fabric the design, color and pattern also defines your evening gown.

During the day time, it’s wise to wear soft pastel colors. For evenings, women with dark hair and dark eyes should go for true reds, off-whites and dark purple while women with light-cored hairs should opt pale blue, light purple & lavender.

Your gown color should also complement your complexion. Women with fair complexion will look gorgeous in bold colors mainly black, magenta, chocolate, blood red and natural greens while teals will look fabulous on those with darker complexions.

Prefer to wear high heels matching with your gown’s color with a single color clutch and small earrings.

Empire Waist Dress

Empire Waist Evening Dress

Get ready for that pretty WOW look!!

There is an old saying; If we eat to live, there’s no problem; but if we live to eat then that’s when the problem starts.

Hunger is an incurable illness right from the day we are born till the day we die. We all need the food to stay alive and to prevent illness that could arise from malnutrition. But eating the food in a huge quantity at lower intervals, without hunger is one of the major problems of the world leading to a number of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and other irritations such as greed, hatred, delusion, attachment, envy, etc.

Therefore, we need to understand the concept of eating which says, “Eating just what the body requires”. We can maintain a healthy life by knowing our own moderation in eating, learning why we have to eat and what to eat. There are some suggestions which can help you to overcome your unnecessary diet.

*Chop up your eating into smaller portions, rather than eating gigantic meals throughout the day.

*Replace your sugared soft drinks with water or fruit juices.

*Don’t eat just right before going to bed.

*Keep yourself engaged in some work. It will not remind of hunger again and again.

*Take in fresh vegetables and fruits salad as a meal for atleast once a day.

*Eat your food slowly and chew it until it becomes softer. It will also make you feel satisfied.

*Deduct starchy and oily snacks from your snack-list.

*Drink lots of water as it keeps you hydrated and definitely helps you in fighting hunger.

* Last but not least, don’t let the hunger overpower you. Only your strong determination and will-power can fight against this devil. Remember, if you’ll yourselves overwhelmed by it, then it will bring hindrances to the progress in your life.


Stop Hunger!

{June 21, 2009}   “Happy Father’s Day”

Gifting a father’s day gift with this beautiful poem can enhance and speak your feelings more clearly.

And often he knows what you have in your mind.

He’s someone who listens,

suggests and defends.

A dad can be one of your very best friends!

He’s proud of your triumphs,

but when things go wrong,

A dad can be patient, helpful and strong.

And each year that passes,

you are even more glad,

More grateful and proud just to call him

Your DAD!

Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day!

One cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a Father’s protection! Make him realize that he is the most precious gift of God to you and make this Father’s Day one of the unforgettable memories of his and your life…

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Father’s Day gift idea #7

Nothing can be so simple and beautiful like Flowers!

Nothing can be so simple and beautiful like Flowers!

The most popular gift for all occasions all over the world is the gift of flowers. Flowers have the power to verbalize your sentiments and emotions without uttering a single word. You can see the indescribable joy on the face of your father while gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers to him this Father’s Day.

You might be confused for what flowers would be ideal for a Father’s Day Bouquet. There are some suggestions to be kept in mind while choosing the right type of flowers for him:~

If your father likes Roses, then it will be ideal to gift him a bouquet of different colored roses. A bouquet of red and white roses is said to be the official flowers of Father’s Day.

If you want to gift him something different from traditional flowers, then try for bold colored tropical flowers. These flowers have a long lasting quality in them.

The colors suggested for fathers are red, orange, yellow, or violet. These colors reflect the boldness symbolizing a father’s role in family.

A bouquet with contemporary arrangement is quiet trendy. Mixture of different flowers gives a very eye-pleasing look and avoids solidarity among flowers. You can mix variety of flowers with a color theme too.

You can present them to your Dad with lots of candies, balloons and a beautiful hand-made card. This would a great idea to realize, how much you love him!!


Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Heritage Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Four Piece BBQ Grill Apron Set

Four Piece BBQ Grill Apron Set

Father’s Day gift idea #6

Father’s day is a very special day celebrated especially to commemorate our fathers and their parenthood putting them into highlight. Personalization is one of the best ways to add a privy touch to the gift showing love and respect to one’s father. You can gift him something which are related to his interest and hobbies.

Grilling is one of the most favorite hobbies of fathers. Every man loves to BBQ, loves to eat and share his master BBQ creations with his family. If your Dad is one of them then let your dad do this with his new Stainless Steel BBQ tool set this Father’s Day. A grill light, 3-in-1 waiter’s corkscrew, spatula, tongs, fork, knife, basting brush, two skewers, cleaning brush with scraper, and Super-Bright Chef’s Fork, all it comes in a beautiful molded case which will help him to keep them in a better way.

Cooking aprons can complement your toolset gift, to rise his level of interest in cooking and grilling. Grill Master BBQ Apron with his signature or a message by you gives a personalized effect to it. More than an apron, this comprehensive set keeps the chef’s tools within easy reach…especially, his favorite frosty beverage in an insulated cooler pocket!

So, pair a great looking cooking apron with a set of barbeque toolset for the perfect Father’s Day present.

Remember, Dads have a nature that they will accept each and everything which reflects love of their children to them. So, whatever you purchase for him this father’s day, it should mirror your emotions and his importance in your life.

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Harrison Leather Laptop Briefcase

Harrison Leather Laptop Briefcase

Father’s Day gift idea# 5

With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking of a gift that’ll make him actualize your sentiments in a better way. Leather products can be a great choice for Dads, who want something that grooms his personage.

Croton 4-piece Crocodile Brown Mens Wallet Set

Croton 4-piece Crocodile Brown Mens Wallet Set

Well, leather is considered as a symbol of royalty as it feels and looks classy. They are available in a huge variety, colors, designs and patterns. Leather products have a long-lasting feature too. A good leather can last for a number of years.

A leather briefcase as a Father’s Day gift can impress your dad in a second. Fathers actually look for something which is durable, simple and reflects his style. You can make your gift more special to him by personalizing it with a beautiful message for him.

One more accessory your Dad will definitely like to have it with him, is a leather wallet. How many times you have seen him with a new wallet? I’m sure not more than 3-4 times. So, its time to gift him something which he will really admire. Gift him a stylish and trendy leather wallet and see the reactions on his face.

So, gift him pure leather products which will be slightly costly but not more than your Father’s Smile!

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Father’s Day gift idea # 4

A Designer Necktie can be a superb gift for your father who is deeply engrossed into corportae world. Men in corporate world want everything perfect and so do their clothes and accessories. Every father likes a formal wear as it enhances their personality and necktie is an accessory which grooms their conventional look. And do you know, according to U.S. Census Bureau, neckties are ranked as the top gift for Father’s Day!

Dashing Tonal Paisley Woven Italian Silk Neckwear

Tonal Paisley Woven Italian Silk Neckwear

Croft and barrow- Dotted Grid tie

Croft and barrow- Dotted Grid tie

A necktie symbolizes how fathers work hard to earn a living in order to provide for the family. As a symbol of a Father’s role in the family and as a fashion symbol for men, neckties became a basic present for Father’s Day. Even your Grandfather will like to have a beautiful necktie with him.

Neckties are available in a huge range and variety with lovely designs and patterns. Just make sure that the design and style you pick must go with your Dad’s charm.

You can also add a tie tack or tie bar complementing your gift. For more personalized touch you may gift him a gold or silver tie tack with the initial letter of his name.

Rope Accent Tie tack

Rope Accent Tie tack

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Father’s Day gift idea# 3

Father’s are generally fond of electronic gadgets and sports. Laser engraved gifts can be a special and unique personalized Father’s Day gift for him Have a look at some interesting gift ideas for the techie and sports lover dads out there.

Blue Devils Basketball

Blue Devils Basketball

Laser engraved Apple iPods

Laser engraved Apple iPods

You can never go wrong with an iPod as a gift. Apple is offering a free laser engraving for any new iPod which will make your gift more personalized. Just add a free laser engraved messages of your choice, to any new iPod and choose signature gift wrapping to make it even more special. For engraving, consider something warm, heartfelt, generic and clever messages throwing the light of love between you two. Not only iPod, laser engraving can be done on laptops, mobiles, cameras, games, crystals and many a things.

Coming to sporty Dads; you should gift him something which reflects his passion for games. “It’s the thought that counts”, keeping this thing in mind you can create wonderful ideas. Laser engraved autographs and monograms of his favorite player and team, on different sport items can be a great gift surprise for him. Not only is this, writing a beautiful message for your father on a baseball bat, with laser engraving also a great idea to wish him “Happy Father’s Day”.

Other laser engraved gifts may include personalized photo frames, photo albums, pens, rings, bracelets, coffee mugs and many more…

So, personalize your gift in a more personalized manner!!

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Father’s Day gift idea# 2

Sterling silver cufflinks, Javanese Clouds

Sterling silver cufflinks, 'Javanese Clouds'

Gold Claddah Cufflinks

Gold Claddah Cufflinks

Cufflinks are made to gratify the different styles and personalities of men. It’s a good choice for Father’s day gift as it gives both the giver and the receiver choices to match their specific needs. One main thing about this gift is that it fits for your high or low budget.

Cufflinks are available in wide variety, so you can definitely choose one that will match the style and personality of your Dad. You can choose elegant pieces, colorful and youthful designs, and cool and humorous styles from both the traditional and contemporary sets.

It polishes his look and adds a touch of elegance and style to everyday formal outfit and makes him shine throughout the day.

You can even personalize your gift with a beautiful message on it like “My Daddy Best“, or gift him a cufflink with his name’s initial letter on it. Monogramic or sporty cufflinks are also a good choice.

If your budget allows, verbalize your respectful feelings by gifting gold, silver or diamond cufflinks and get him impressed. You can also gift a weekly cufflinks box with seven different cufflinks, one pair for each day.

So, let your father look his very best this Father’s Day!!

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Impress your father with this luxury bathrobe!

Polo Ralph Lauren Velour Robe

Father’s Day gift idea# 01

This Father’s Day gift him something which makes him feel ROYAL and ethnic.

Luxury Bathrobes italicize men’s masculinity and indicate men’s thoughtfulness of their style. It will be a perfect gift for a father, who works for a long time in office and best method to provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy them without being concerned if their tie is straight.

Bathrobes come in a huge variety including luxury, hooded, striped, kimono, terry robe and many more…

The Polo Ralph Lauren Velour Robe, featured here, is very comfortable, well designed, smooth velour with a contrast collar and the classic Polo Ralph Lauren logo on the chest which will definitely give a baronial look to your father. It can be worn over any style of casual wear without sacrificing comfort. What’s more, you can even personalize gift with your Dad’s name on it.

A luxury bathrobe is generally found in high-end fabrics like organic Turkish cotton, soft to the touch and makes them perfect for after-shower.

You can also gift soft and classic Houston slipper, complementing the color and contrast of the bathrobe. It will make and symbolize your gift as a “Complete Relaxing Package” to him.

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Picture yourself in this Hotty Red cardigan!

Picture yourself in this "Hotty Red" cardigan!

Feel White Beauty

Feel White Beauty

“Pull away from boring solid style of wearing plain tees and tops”

Stock up! with summer cardigans with V-neck and three quarter sleeves which provide a more modern look to you. It’s a superfine and cute addition to layer with most of your outfits and perfect item to keep warm on a summer night.

Summer cardigans come in multiple shapes, silhouettes, colors and patterns to fit your personality, chic and event. It’s becoming a wardrobe essential for even the most stylish trendsetters. These are available in various categories such as  Puff sleeve, Lattice sleeve, Crochet cutout, Bead time, Dolman 3/4 sleeve crewneck, layered look and many more…

The perfect little, light-weight, trendysummer cardigan can become one of your best friends when morning hours offers brisk coolness and nights bring unavoidable chill in beach areas.

The surplice-style light jersey cardigan in white here, is perfect for transitioning seasons and the city-style long net airy cardigan below is an ideal layering piece for summer workdays. No matter you are plus sized or slim shaped, these cardigans will always suit your frame. So, just try a new look for yourself!

Get your amazing summer look!

“He didn’t tell us how to live; he is a symbol of living for us”

"Happy Father's Day"

"Happy Father's Day"

All it takes is from-the-heart sentiment to show your affection towards your father. Let’s use the Father’s Day to convey him what place he have in our lives and what influence he have on us. As we all know Father’s Day will be celebrated on 21st June 2009, so let’s not forget to make this special day more special!

"The greatest gift I ever had from God; is my Dad!"

"The greatest gift I ever had from God; is my Dad!"

Fathers are associated with guidance and protection, as the person who can be loved, respected and looked up to. Gift him something which reflect his personality or which shows your love. Here are some impressive tips for father’s day gift.

If your dad loves to carry a style statement then gift him a pair of cool Sunglasses, Perfumes and Deodorants. Trendy, latest watches like kinetic watches can also be offered to enhance his style statement.

Sporty dads love Father’s Day gifts that heighten their passion for sports. Gift him golf, cricket or tennis set or couple of sports magazines.

There are a lot of options in the market for dads who love to adopt latest technology. If you have a good budget then, sleek new mobile set, iPod, camera, camcorders, electronic shavers, massager, of recent technology, will be an appreciable choice for your Dad’s gift.

Some other gift ideas include, buying a formal shirt, a casual T-Shirt or various accessories such as belts, wallets, portfolio bags, cuff-links and of course ties!

You can celebrate this day by giving him flowers which he likes most and a cake with “Happy Fathers Day” written on it.

Fathers Day Cake

Father's Day Cake

Lips lend an invigorating look to your face and lipstick adds grace to your lips. Applying lipstick is an art and requires a specific technique, which most women are unaware of. There is a proper way for applying it.

Summer cool colors

Summer cool colors

Remember the golden rule, matte colors for thinner look, while shimmery, glossy colors for fuller look.

Lip liner is used to define look of your lips which should be applied first. It should be neutral in color or match the shade of lipstick and not darker than that.

Use luscious lipsticks for daily use to keep lips moisturized. Applying lip-gloss helps to add more shine and volume to your lips and make them look fuller and highlight them on the face. Thus, women with thick lips are advised to use it with frugality.

Choose lip color according to your lip types. For full lips, choose shades of purple, brown and bronze color which would definitely complement your complexion. It is suggested not to pick bright colors from the stores. If you have thin lips, then go for light shades and strictly avoid dark colors.

Lip color must suit your skin complexion too. If your skin belongs to the category of fair complexion, then you should opt shades of pink, dark berry and cherry red and avoid brown color. If you have a dark complexion, then go for plum, brown and purple shades, crimson red, wine color, and brownish red. The colors perfectly suited for brownish skin are all shades of brown, deep plum shade, red wine color, soft pink and red berries color.

If you decide to go with the bright vibrant color, be sure to stay neutral with other makeup colors such as eyeliners and mascara of your choice to avoid looking like a clown.


et cetera