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{June 6, 2009}   Hats to make you look all the more charming and gracious

Hats are one of the astonishing accessories for women and are being used from several years. They not only serve a beauteous look but also shield your delicate face skin from vibrant rays of sun. Spring is definitely here, so it’s right time to shop for a perfect hat!

Beach Hat

Beach Hat

Ladies cowboy hats give that extra something gals are looking for. Whether women know it or not, they do look sexy in a cowboy hat. Even big name designers are putting essence together stuff this look. Straw type hats are light in weight and color. They will keep you cool by letting out heat trapped in them through the woven material. The light color reflects the sun’s heat and shades your eyes. Women’s derby hat is a wide brim hat embellished with feathers, ribbons, bows, beads, butterflies, birds, and flowers usually in spring colors.

These hats are available in a wide designer range. Kangol hats are famous for its Sweetcorn Collection having wonderful texture, tone on tone grosgrain trim and small metal pin.

You should follow some guidelines while selecting a hat. If you are of petite frame, then look for slightly smaller hats without a large brim; while taller frames should try hats with a wider or floppier brim. Softer brims that curl upwards will suit long faces. Women with round face must avoid round hats and wear more angular shapes, while women with oval face should try hats with colors and styles matching their facial structure.



Trendy Cowboy Hat

Trendy Cowboy Hat

Ravishing Swagger Hat

Ravishing Swagger Hat


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