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{June 9, 2009}   Get ready for “Lavishing Lips” in Summer

Lips lend an invigorating look to your face and lipstick adds grace to your lips. Applying lipstick is an art and requires a specific technique, which most women are unaware of. There is a proper way for applying it.

Summer cool colors

Summer cool colors

Remember the golden rule, matte colors for thinner look, while shimmery, glossy colors for fuller look.

Lip liner is used to define look of your lips which should be applied first. It should be neutral in color or match the shade of lipstick and not darker than that.

Use luscious lipsticks for daily use to keep lips moisturized. Applying lip-gloss helps to add more shine and volume to your lips and make them look fuller and highlight them on the face. Thus, women with thick lips are advised to use it with frugality.

Choose lip color according to your lip types. For full lips, choose shades of purple, brown and bronze color which would definitely complement your complexion. It is suggested not to pick bright colors from the stores. If you have thin lips, then go for light shades and strictly avoid dark colors.

Lip color must suit your skin complexion too. If your skin belongs to the category of fair complexion, then you should opt shades of pink, dark berry and cherry red and avoid brown color. If you have a dark complexion, then go for plum, brown and purple shades, crimson red, wine color, and brownish red. The colors perfectly suited for brownish skin are all shades of brown, deep plum shade, red wine color, soft pink and red berries color.

If you decide to go with the bright vibrant color, be sure to stay neutral with other makeup colors such as eyeliners and mascara of your choice to avoid looking like a clown.



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