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{June 22, 2009}   Eat to Live, not Live to Eat!!

There is an old saying; If we eat to live, there’s no problem; but if we live to eat then that’s when the problem starts.

Hunger is an incurable illness right from the day we are born till the day we die. We all need the food to stay alive and to prevent illness that could arise from malnutrition. But eating the food in a huge quantity at lower intervals, without hunger is one of the major problems of the world leading to a number of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and other irritations such as greed, hatred, delusion, attachment, envy, etc.

Therefore, we need to understand the concept of eating which says, “Eating just what the body requires”. We can maintain a healthy life by knowing our own moderation in eating, learning why we have to eat and what to eat. There are some suggestions which can help you to overcome your unnecessary diet.

*Chop up your eating into smaller portions, rather than eating gigantic meals throughout the day.

*Replace your sugared soft drinks with water or fruit juices.

*Don’t eat just right before going to bed.

*Keep yourself engaged in some work. It will not remind of hunger again and again.

*Take in fresh vegetables and fruits salad as a meal for atleast once a day.

*Eat your food slowly and chew it until it becomes softer. It will also make you feel satisfied.

*Deduct starchy and oily snacks from your snack-list.

*Drink lots of water as it keeps you hydrated and definitely helps you in fighting hunger.

* Last but not least, don’t let the hunger overpower you. Only your strong determination and will-power can fight against this devil. Remember, if you’ll yourselves overwhelmed by it, then it will bring hindrances to the progress in your life.


Stop Hunger!


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