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{July 2, 2009}   July 4th Fabby Home-decor ideas…

As 4th July is approaching near, everyone feels a need to decorate homes with red, blue and white. At this time when economy is struggling with downs, you will definitely prefer to celebrate the day with relatives and friends at home. So get ready to give a patriotic flair decoration to your house with these fabulous ideas..

Flags: On independence day, flags are the favorite piece of decorations. You can do a lot with flags as they are available in different sizes. You can place them with decorative lights, dinnerware, flower bouquets, hanging flower baskets, paintings and many more..A flag with rotating pole will be a perfect choice for the Porch.

Tangle Free Flag Pole With Flag

Tangle Free Flag Pole With Flag

Stars: Stars in red, blue and white colors add a sparkling beauty to the house. You can hang them from the ceiling, porch, doorways, or paste them on walls, or create cascading designs. Like flags, they can be decorated in versatile ways and are at hand with different patterns and styles. It’s very easy to prepare them at home also.

Mini home decors: Small decorable items like cartoons, showpieces, and holy fairies look very sweet in kitchen, bedrooms and on dining table. On this festive occasion decorate your dining and kitchen with lovely and funny collectibles, like this below, to show your love for country.

Freedom Collectible

Freedom Collectible

Balloons & Streamers: From children to adults, everyone like balloons and streamers to decorate the house on any occasion. On this holiday, get them in red, blue and white colors and hang them with windows, doors, ceiling fans. Flag balloons will also look great. Streamers rolled around stair, railings, and tables, will provide a better ambiance.

Hanging shade lamps: Illuminate outdoors with festive porch decorations. All you have to do is to glue assorted blue and red ribbons on plane white hanging lanterns or you can hang blue, red and white colored lanterns in a pattern in your living area or porch.

Festive Lanterns

Festive Lanterns

These decoration ideas will surely make your house liven up with patriotic aura. Just relax and you can think more of ideas. Don’t forget to stick with basic color theme of red, white and blue.

To check more July 4th decoration ideas keep looking this blog. For other suggestions click HERE.


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