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{July 3, 2009}   Party tips for 4th July!

4th July is one of the biggest holidays of summer, and a great time to get friends and family together to celebrate. Many people may think to go out for celebration in hotels and restaurants but if you’re thinking to celebrate this great holiday at home with your nears, then this is the perfect article for you. Here, we’ll suggest some party tips for 4th July to make this day more special.

Have a rocking Party!

Have a rocking Party!

Place decision: Before you begin to think of giving an invitation for 4th of July party, firstly decide about location for that. It is important to pick a spot that will be convenient for everyone. Select place according to number of people invited. For a small gathering your house lawn will be a better option and for a big one you may go for local garden too.

Invitation: Once you have picked location, determine how many people will be invited. Prepare a list and send them invitations by hand or post with a beautiful patriotic design on invitation card. neighbors or office colleagues. Since its a great time, to know people a little better. So, don’t forget to call some neighbors and office colleagues.

Dress Code: Don’t forget to mention dress code in invitation card. The dress code for 4th July is definitely red, white and blue, and mention that if someone doesn’t obeys it, he/she will be charged at door.

Decoration: Decorate house with red, blue and white theme. Just use any item like small flags, balloons, stars and streamers and decorate tables with star shaped or stripped clothes and napkins. Buy flowers representing theme colors and dress them on tables, windows, railings, walls, etc. Don’t forget to hang a big flag on front wall or garden.

Food & Dessert: Food is the most important part of any party. It should  be very diversified and plentiful as it is difficult to assume how much each person is going to eat. Plan your food stuffings wisely. One best method is to ask some of your friends invited about their favorite dishes. This will surely help you to have something that they’ll enjoy. No matter which place is chosen, it should have a BBQ food! Include desserts like apple pie, ice-creams, cake frosted with white icing and topped with raspberries and blueberries to resemble American flag and many more..

Beverages: Including alcoholic beverages are OK for elders, but don’t forget about the kids. Juices, cold drinks and shakes may be a better option for all. It may be a warm weather holiday, so do have plenty of ice to keep beverages and desserts cool.

Games: Games are life-givers of any party. Everyone from 5’s to 50’s like to play games in a party. Plan games with different categories like games for males, games for kids, games for females, games for couples, etc.

Gifts: When party is at its end and people starts going then give them a healthy departure by gifting something that symbolize your thanks to them for coming in party.

To check more July 4th celebration ideas keep looking this blog. For other suggestions click HERE.



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