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{July 7, 2009}   Meditation keeps you miles away from stress…

What do you do when overstressed, tensed and tired?? Not able to find a reliable solution??  Well! there’s a perfect remedy for these problems. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes and sit down and start a Meditation…



Researches have proved that there is no medicine in comparison to Meditation that can overcome stress. Stress occurs in our mind, and slowly and steadily starts interfering in our life. Meditation is the only key to remove it in a far better way, to lend us with relaxed, calm, focused, sensible, and peaceful mind and soul.

The practice of Spiritual meditation regularly helps a person to dig deep into the inner self in order to achieve peace and tranquility that lies within us all. Many meditation techniques and practices have been developed since ancient times to help people experience a transcendental meditation which have a goal to clear the mind of distractions and focusing mainly on self, and to be one with all things around you in nature and in your lives.

Meditate frequently and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the observation of what occurs in your mind and who you really are!

Lord Buddha has very well said “Meditation brings wisdom; and its lack leads ignorance. Know well what leads you ahead and what holds you back, and choose path that leads to wisdom.”

Plant the seed of meditation, and reap the fruit of peaceful mind and spirit!


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