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{July 18, 2009}   Brighten your home with luxurious chandeliers!

Home is the place where your heart resides and every home owner’s mission is to decorate it with artifacts that pleases everyone. Nobody likes an austere interior which have bulbs lit up with nothing covering them. Various types of light decors can be used to embellish and complement the style of home’s interior. Among them chandeliers are most liked and are known for their elegancy.

Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier

Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier

Callista Seven-Light Chandelier

Callista Seven-Light Chandelier

Whether it’s a traditional design or fanciful glass-art creation, rustic wood or a contemporary design, a Chandelier’s beauty can be seen even in the most modern interiors.

Available in various designs, shapes, colors and sizes, they add ambiance and elevates beauty of any room of a house. While selecting them remember that glass or crystal chandeliers will go with contemporary houses and metal chandeliers with traditional houses.

This organic transitional design by Kichler’s Callista (right), fits with a casual lifestyle or a soft contemporary home. The inverted glass cones have soft swirls and veins, inside etching and a rich light amber tint with a blend of silver, gold and copper finishing, all melded into different sections of forged steel frame creating soft metallic hues. Carry your home with this beautiful leafy look of Callista. It’s awesome!

And if you want a simple, beautiful light decor for your traditional or modern interior, nothing will match the decency of this Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier (left).

What can compare to that cozy, warming glow that chandeliers so welcomely offers! If you’re working in an office with harsh halogen or fluorescent lighting and feeling stressed out, it would come as no surprise if you needed that extra bit of pampering to ensure recharging your batteries when you’re back at home for the evening.


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