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{July 27, 2009}   Ouidad: Got an easy way to cure curls!
Ouidad curl cure

Ouidad curl cure

Got ringlets? Find difficulty in controlling and curing ’em? Ouidad (pronounced as wee-dad) has a wonderful and perfect solution to this curly-hair problem. Known in the beauty and hair industry for treating and styling curly hairs, Ouidad is like a haven for people who battle their ringlets every day.

Ouidad’s extensive haircare line offers a wide range of curl-specific haircare products, which is backed by years of research and expertise that aims to beautify the waves you were born with. From kinky waves to frizzy ringlets, it has perfect curly-hair solutions.

These curly hair products are exclusively available at Sephora only. Following are some of the Ouidad’s products you would like to choose:

  • Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel $22
  • New Curl Essentials Starter Kit $25
  • New 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Repair $50
  • New Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray $16
  • New Clear Control Pomade $26

Give definite shape and beautiful bounce to your curls with a luster. Let them express their naughtiness…


Ouidad says:

Thanks so much for mentioning our great line of products! We’re always looking to help people bring out the best in the hair! The blog looks great and if you have time, check ours out as well for some really informative posts by plenty of curly hair pros!
Linda for Ouidad

Hi Linda,

Thanks for appreciating our post. And YES we all love Ouidad a lot. Checked your blog too and was really impressed. Has some great tips for curl loving people.

Ouidad says:

Thanks and keep up the great blogging!
Linda for Ouidad

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