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Thierry Wasser the perfumer, has created a very new fragrance for Guerlain, it’s called Idylle. Idylle means love or a dream of it. It generally refers to a poetic genre that in Greek Antiquity sang amours and erotic encounters of a shepherd boy and girl in an archaic setting.

Olfactorily, Idylle is a perfume that unfolds it’s notes slowly, as if it were a nymph stretching by a pond in the forest in spring. Scent starts with wet, dewy rose/floral notes followed by civet-y notes. The crystalline notes in beginning are accompanied by contrast between a pink rose and a green jasmine. Read More>>

Guerlain Idylle Perfume

Guerlain Idylle Perfume

Giorgio Armani looked in future and explored the world of ‘plastic fantastic’ in his younger, Emporio Armani collection at Milan Fashion Week. Armani exploded colors like fireworks on graphic PVC catwalk, sending a clear signal that he is back once again, working at full creative power after battling with hepatitis over summer.

It was designer’s second show in Milan, but this collection delivered an equally vibrant Giorgio Armani main line for spring/summer 2010. Bikinis and swimsuits were bedecked with Plexiglas brooches and necklaces as bright as molten lava, while sandals featured crimson Perspex heels and ankle-straps. Short, party dresses in Vesuvian shades of fuchsia and bright orange, were cinched with shiny, shocking-pink, and patent-leather belts. Continue>>

Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 1Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 2Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 3

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana took us on a sexy and wild gambol through the American West for Spring. With wagon-loads of faded denim snap-front shirts and holey boyfriend jeans, the line-up included creamy lace blouses and tiered maxi skirts, a saddle-leather bustier dress, laser-cut suede bloomers and minis, and eyelet for just about everything.

The D&G Women’s collection for Summer 2010 was inspired by British woman, elaborating the classic cowboy wardrobe in order to dress urban cowgirls. The duo used suede and perforated leather with sobby white lace, chiffon and Mickey or Minnie Mouse printed on it. till, But there were a few surprises as well, notably in the form of boxy pinstripe suits with western lapels and cropped, cuffed pants. Continue>>

DandG Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 1DandG Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 2DandG Spring/Summer 2010 Collection 3

Wanna gift something special to kids this Halloween? Don’t worry! We are here with some really good and mouth watering gift for kids that it would be difficult for them to resist. It’s Halloween themed Chocolate Gift Baskets. Check it out!

Sweets in Bloom Halloween Boo-quet: It’s a fun-filled holiday dream bouquet blooming with all of their Halloween favorites! Arriving in a plastic pumpkin head container, the basket is an assortment of candy and chocolate favorites, beautifully displayed to bring an extra source of sweetness for their Halloween celebrations. Read More>>

Sweets in Bloom Halloween Boo-quetMrs. Fields Boo Crate of GoodiesMrs. Fields Grinning Pumpkin

Biker Jacket with mini skirt

Biker Jacket with mini skirt

Biker Jacket with a Micro Mini

Biker Jacket with a Micro Mini

Biker jackets are fantastic if you’re looking to gain a dash for flair to your looks, with a touch of toughness. These days, women’s biker jackets have taken on a shape which in itself are distinctively feminine.

This fall designers went hog wild for ahem, zipped, and shrunken toppers. Jacket’s waist tapers in an almost hour glass way, so that it accords nicely to the torso. Check out some classy biker chic looks for the season!

Aqua Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Tory Burch Satchel and Aqua Fingerless Gloves: Toughen up your look with Aqua’s leather motorcycle jacket. Match it up with a diaphanous silk dress for work or with boyfriend jeans on weekends. A refined satchel in luxe glazed leather gets a rocker update with glamorous studded detailing. The latest craze for cooler weather are fingerless gloves. Get amped up in vibrant colors, or go classic and stay warm at same time.

Aqua Leather Biker Jacket, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Blouse, and Free People Skirt: Get a sweet and tough look with Aqua’s cropped leather motorcycle jacket, combined with Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Blouse and Free People mini skirt. Keep this look minimal with short and sassy skirt in crisp cotton sateen and monochromatic accessories, and up your glitz factor with a sparky clutch and bold heels.

The new styles in vogue have designs with usual zipper fronts with interior satin liner. If you wanna grab some trendy biker jackets for fall and winter just keep venturing online at stores like Nordstrom, Bebe, and BloomingDales.

Three years back, Christopher Kane brought skin-tight, body-conscious’ trend at London Fashion Week. But now, he’s back with his more sweeter, and more feminine collection for spring/summer 2010, shown under Topshop NewGen umbrella yesterday at LFW.Kane, 27, dropped thigh-high trend he once favored, and which was predominated at New York Fashion Week last week, by lowering hemlines to a refined, on-the-knee level.

Gone were the days when sprayed-on, lingerie-looks in fluorescent lace; rock-chick velvets and snake-skins were in. But, American-gingham dresses, in pink, navy and chocolate, spruced-up as Sunday Best, has covered them all, while gospel music played on soundtrack. Continue>>

Dining room is heart of every home, that provides a pleasant experience for entire family to enjoy delicious meal, share thoughts and keep conversations going on. It’s one of those prominent places in house that transforms one’s stressful mood to a relaxing one, thus creating a calm feeling of comfort and joy.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture plays an important role in making dining room look truly magnificent, spectacular and just like a place of dreams. Dining room furniture should be extremely comfortable and stylish. But it doesn’t mean that older ones should be thrown out. All we need is to decorate our dining room and maintain furniture in a pleasurable way. As the main spot, where we spend quality time and share food with our friends and family, dining room plays a significant role in describing our personality and standard.

Dining room furniture usually consists a dining table with some chairs around it. Size of dining table is major factor to consider. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. It’s size should be perfect in terms of height and width to make our dining room look spacious, airy and attractive.

Chairs must be soft, and proportionate in height with table to provide enough comfort and ease to persons enjoying food. Certain coordinated furniture pieces can be used as an addition to dining room, such as showcase cabinet, barstools, chest, drawers and more. It enhances overall appearance and provides a complete look to dining room.

We can not deny the fact, that greenery provides a complete look to any room decoration. Greenery provides a sort of relaxation and happiness that can’t be explained. So, adding flower pots with beautiful and broad leaf plants is a good idea to embellish the dining room. Additional accessories like area rugs, flower vases, chandeliers, and proper lightning surely set mood; enhances overall ambiance and makes dining room look fascinating.

Let your imagination flow in full swing to turn your dining room to a perfectly lively place!

If you’re looking for a perfect little white dress for next summer, then there’s officially only one place to head, and that’s Osman. His latest Spring/Summer Collection for 2010 was produced entirely in pure white, with a few highlights of gold here and there.

The collection looked influenced by North Africa and Japan clothing styles.Injecting a breath of summer cool to the day’s proceedings, Osman’s every summer staple was awesome. Cotton shirts with pleated chiffon panels across front, cropped cigarette pants, beautifully draped take on polo shirt, full mini-skirts and short tailored jackets, all his white dresses were beautifully incarnated. Continue>>

Osman Spring/Summer Collection 1Osman Spring/Summer Collection 2Osman Spring/Summer Collection 3

Red themed creations were highlighted at the sensual sounds of samba, in Caroline Charles’s collection for Spring/Summer 2010 at London Fashion Week. ‘Girls from Ipanema’ were seen in cute frilled bikinis and one-pieces in large and small polka dot, and spot motifs.

The ‘tequila sunset’ patterns continued in empire-line dresses with ruffled sleeves and necks. The dresses were featured with drawstring details at side to display more tanned thigh. Ooh la la!! Continue>>

It seems like the entire animal kingdom is hot right now for the chilly weather. They are not just acquiring the apparel world, but are also making their appearances on handbags, shoes, accessories and even beddings too.It’s always fun to decorate a room in your favorite animal print. Recent fashion trends have coined animal prints as the hottest thing for Fall and Winter seasons. Designer luxury bedding sets have always been an ever-increasing desire for many of today’s consumers.So, if you’re thinking to change the look of your room, just kick off your plain or floral print bedsheets and pillows, and switch on to Hot & Luxurious Animal Print Bedding Sets. Read More>>

Tuscon 7-piece Animal Patchwork Comforter Set

Tuscon 7-piece Animal Patchwork Comforter Set

Michael Kors had a clear vision for his new RTW Spring 2010 Collection. The key features of his collection were strategically placed pieces of colorless acrylic material, adding lightness and sex appeal to a season of “urbane renewal.”

The show was kicked off by Noah Mills and Carmen Kass. Carmen was wearing white leather shift dress with a zigzag of zippers down the front. A bleach-splatter fitted dress, silver crimple lame sheath and black “cage” dress with an abbreviated bodice and checkerboard of black patent leather as its back all looped back to Kors’ interest in graphics and architecture. Continue>>

Michael Kors Spring 2010

Michael Kors Spring 2010

In place of polo fields or tony stomping grounds, this time Ralph Lauren took us back to 30’s and 40’s fashion trends. The collection was inspired by character of worker, farmer, cowboy, and pioneer women of prairies, as he wrote in his program notes.Models were seen in newsboy caps wearing faded and torn oversize jeans with blue work shirts, patchwork overalls, and nightshirts in mattress-ticking stripes. The line was cinematic like most of Lauren’s collections. After some white cotton organdy dresses and some thirties suits, pinstriped three-pieces with cropped and gathered pants were seen on the ramp.Continue>>

Ralph Lauren Collection

Ralph Lauren Collection

Well! The upcoming season is all about wearing warmth, style and comfort together. No compromises for any of these three. With 40’s and 80’s trends coming back, trench coats are gaining popularity this season. So, why not take that versatile and naive looks for the day in modern trench coats with classic seasonal palette and runway trends!

Trench coats have enjoyed a renaissance since it became popular on TV and movies. Most famous ones are the coats worn by characters in Matrix movies. These long leather coats were a defining characteristic and made each individual look confident, smart, and well put together.

Now, they are literally worn as a street chic. As it gives a more tough and stylish look and provides protection against harsh weather. If you’re looking for perfect fitting trench coats, then check out some of these here.

Betsey Johnson Fit & Flare Trench Coat: This glossy coat has contrast buttons and faux-patent cuffs pop against a darling double-breasted trench. Fashioned with a wide lapel collar balanced by a flared, pleated skirt it has a removable tie belt to accent the waist fit. Read More>>

Betsey Johnson Fit & Flare Trench Coat

Betsey Johnson Fit & Flare Trench Coat

Marc Jacobs seems to be on mission to keep the funky outfits in fashion. For his Marc by Marc Jacobs line there were bright, mismatching colors, clashing prints, or color-block jumpsuits in emerald green and a prom dress in peacock blue.All topped off with enormous Fergie bows on heads for a distinct touch of the 80s. His spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection at New York’s fashion week brought somewhat jarringly bright colors and patterns to runway, impressing many and surprising some. Continue>>

MARC-BY-MARC-Jacobs Collection

MARC-BY-MARC-Jacobs Collection

If space comes at a premium in your house, then you need a few smart ideas for small spaces. There are several compromises and adjustments to be made, in case of small spaces, in order to ensure comfortable living. This is the reason why decoration for these type of places at home can  be a rather hard job, as wrong choices can make a home look and feel cramped.

Here are a few ideas that can help you design big in a small space. These ideas can transform the looks of your house offering a new concept and new space which was hidden before. Bringing style and illusion of additional free space is not that hard if you try a few ideas suggested here.

Distinctive DetailsBuilt-in bench seatingReclaim wasted space under a staircase as storage

Fabulous Hang-Ups: Turn a closet or corner of your room into a work zone. Slide along a curtain rod with drapery panels to make it easy to conceal the clutter. You can duplicate this effect even without an architectural niche or bay, by curtaining off an area across the width of a room. Just hang drapes from a rod or thin wire suspended from ceiling.

Distinctive Details: Add storage as well as architectural heft with a built-in. Incorporate a recessed daybed into cabinet’s design to maximize limited floor space and eliminate the need to buy a sofa. With this built-in add storage as well as architectural heft to your room. Add cushions covered with fabric remnants to make this alcove cushy and inviting.

Landing Zone: Transform often-unused space at the top of stairs into a hot spot destination. Built-in bench seating capitalizes on sunny window on this second-floor landing (see pic in middle), which is creating a cozy reading retreat. Flip-up lids under bench cushions provide access to an intelligent hidden storage as well.

Step It Up: Utilize waste space under a staircase as storage. You can make cabinets or shelves under staircase and turn it into a strong architectural feature. As seen in picture above, baskets are adding eye-pleasing texture to the space. They’re very helpful in keeping linens and other kitchen odds and ends corralled.

Great Proportions: An oversize mirror can balance the heft of sofa in a living area. Add a large patterned pillow as a strong focal point on main sofa. Use floor to ceiling decors, like wispy tree branches at corners, which subtly pull all elements together.

There’s no need of a professional interior designer to create spaces in home. Just use wide imaginations and you can add space marvels to your home sweet home!!

Inspired by the Mediterranean, christian siriano opts for neutrals to showcase his first several pieces for Spring 2010. The collection was paired with grand floppy hats, to present the feel of seaside relaxation and high class.The prolific line included fun, lady-like cocktail dresses evoking 80s trend in the softest possible way. Colors ranged from peaches, creams and champagne tones to blue lagoon watercolor splash to an orange-red that were virtually setting dresses ablaze. Continue>>

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

For an array of designs packed with silks, sequins, and suedes, the Cynthia Steffe Spring 2010 collection was surprisingly boyish. The creative director, Shaun Kearney, hit his stride with a Spring collection that brilliantly unites Steffe girl’s propensity for sweetly feminine looks and modern mix-up sensibility favored by cool chicks like Alexa Chung.

Cynthia Steffe brand, known for its great wear-to-work basics, are mostly designed with an eye toward minimalism, including color and prints when necessary. And they have maintained their trend in this show as well. Continue>>

BCBG MAXAZRIA, the brand that most often graces US Weekly, and is sold in over 550 stores worldwide, served it’s slim collection of 31 looks in New York. For the first time, designer Max Azria is putting lots of floral prints and patterns, in his BCBG runway show, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010.

The looks forbear of t-shirt dressing, painterly abstract expression prints, asymmetry and draped jersey. Several looks played with contrasting textures, like a minidress with smooth puzzle-shaped crepe panel mixed with gracefully ruched printed fabric. Continue>>

BCBG Max Azria Collection1BCBG Max Azria Collection 2

Debuting at CHANEL’s Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 fashion show, Peter Philips, Chanel’s Global Creative Director, created a limited edition collection of two mineral-inspired colors. These rare colors are “Jade” and “Jade Rose” (pale dusty pink) that promise to transform your nails into an accessory themselves.

The ramps have been inundated with some gorgeous pale/mint greens this year. But this shimmering collection satisfies desire for Jade. Check out collection after jump.

Jade Nail Collection by Chanel

Jade Nail Collection by Chanel

Jade lives up to all expectations in terms of color. It’s soft yet vivid, like a melted mint on a caffeine rush. It’s not entirely green, there are some blue undertones also. Jade Rose is slightly indiscernible in natural light and is perfect for those who want to give a sober look to their nails.

The Jade Nail Collection goes on sale Friday, September 11th for $25/ea. But will only be available online at and at Chanel Boutiques and Makeup Studios.

But NYC Fanatics you’re in luck! During Fashion’s Night Out today the Chanel SoHo Boutique will be offering this Jade Nail Collection at Champagne Nail Bar. So’ if you’ll be in the city for Fashion Week, stop by the store to make this collection yours.

Gwendolynne’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection was caught there on Saturday at High Fashion High Tea during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Models looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous in white and pastel colored gowns and short dresses with Richard Nylon’s stylish head-wares.

As one of Australia’s fashion purists, Gwendolynne Burkin has established herself working with intuitions, avoiding fashion trends and creating her own sense of style and unique designs. Continue>>

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