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{December 31, 2009}   The Countdown has begun!!

The countdown to say goodbye to year 2009 has begun, and soon we will welcome a brand new year, 2010, with hopeful optimism and cheer. When clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people around the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is nothing more than change in calendar, while for others, a New Year symbolizes beginning of a better tomorrow. A new year signifies a time for making positive changes in our lives and to achieve unaccomplished goals. Here’s a wonderful poem written by William Arthur Ward.

3...2...1...Happy New Year!!!

“Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”

We heartily thanks our readers for being with us all year round and sending beautiful comments. We appreciate your suggestions and always try our best to make you aware about latest happenings and discount shopping. Wishing all A Very Very Happy New Year 2010!!

Blowing up rivalry between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, poll conducted by Superdrug, named ‘Tomb Raider’ Star, ‘Beauty Icon of the Decade’. Her luscious lips and flawless skin has made her queen of every heart. Health and beauty retail chain, Superdrug, conducted survey on 3,000 people that clearly indicated that Jolie’s famous pout, thick hair and strong character has made her envy of women around the world. The top 20 list is packed with women of all ages, from ageless beauty Joanna Lumley to new national sweet heart Cheryl Cole.

Jennifer Aniston came second while Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue was third in the poll. Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones and Scarlett Johansson, Beauty Icon of 2008, grabbed sixth place this time. Beyonce was at eighth position while Armageddon star Liv Tyler was at ninth. Halle Berry, Oscar winning actress smoothly made her position in Top 10. Completing the list of top 20 were Titanic star Kate Winslet, Transformer beauty Megan Fox and ‘This Morning’ presenter Holly Willoughby. Continue>>

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Winter is the time to spice up life with new clothes such as jackets and warm clothes. It seems that winter is a season for dark colored attire but, with a small addition in wardrobe one can create a hot style statement. Silk scarves are the one that add color and style to every attire. Exquisiteness is the exact word to describe a silk scarf. It is a versatile fashion accessory which is apt for every party, be it, formal or informal.

Scarf has become synonymous with women’s fashion and a must have piece of fashion accessory as well. Due to softness, smoothness and shimmer quality, Silk scarves are called as a great year-round fashion accessory. One can get any pattern whether it is a bold animal print, tie and dye, delicate florals, paisleys or anything on the famous store Saks Fifth Avenue. Matching these colorful accessory with any attire, will lead to enhancement in elegance and beauty that is unmatched. Continue>>

Burberry Giant Check Silk Scarf

Burberry Giant Check Silk Scarf

Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a cultural and commercial phenomenon celebrated worldwide. For about two millennia, people around the world have been observing it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular in nature. Christians celebrate Christmas as the anniversary of birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion. Popular Christmas customs include exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, singing carols, sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

Christmas Nativity Set

Christmas Nativity Set

But do you know, there are many interesting facts related to Christmas, and it would be a fun for you to know some of these facts behind this most awaited holiday. With the help of these facts, you can even make your own Christmas quiz for holiday parties and add a unique touch with personal favorites. Here comes some interesting CHRISTMAS FACTS!!

1. It wasn’t until 440 AD that 25th December was first celebrated as the birthday of Christ.

2. It is believed that back in 4th Century AD, St Nicholas, who was very shy Christian leader from Myra, decided to help the poor people by giving them money but without them knowing. It is said that one day he climbed at the roof of a house and dropped a purse full of gold coins and money down the chimney, which landed in a stocking that a girl had hung up to dry by the fireplace, which is where the tradition of Santa coming down chimney and putting gifts into children’s stockings comes from.

3. You’ll be shocked to know that, according to an independent survey, Christmas holidays are the busiest time for American plastic surgeons.

4. Each year, 30-35 million real Christmas trees are sold in US alone. There are about 21,000 Christmas tree growers in US, and trees are usually grown 15 years before they are sold. But still, artificial trees are most popular with 40,694,463 on display in comparison to real trees at 34,335,809.

5. If you received all the gifts in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” you would receive 364 gifts.

6. The Holly is associated with Christmas because its sharply pointed leaves symbolizes the thorns in Christ’s crown while the red berries are taken as the drops of his blood. Although they are used in Christmas decoration, but these berries are poisonous and can’t be eaten. On the other hand, many parts of a real Christmas tree can actually be eaten, with the needles being a good source of Vitamin C.

7. “A Christmas Carol”, the famous novel, was written by Charles Dickens in just six weeks, in 1843.

8. In Greek, X means Christ, that is where the word “X-Mas” came from.

9. Father Christmas has two addresses, Edinburgh and The North Pole. During Christmas Holidays, letters addressed by the name ‘TOYLAND’ or ‘SNOWLAND’ go to Edinburgh, but letters addressed to ‘THE NORTH POLE’ have to be sent there because there’s actually a place with that name!

10. US scientists calculated that on Christmas Eve, Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all the world’s presents, traveling at 650 miles a second, obviously without any break!!!!!

And on that note of gluttony we wish you a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable festive season.

MySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace Layouts

MySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace Layouts

When it comes to top line beauty products, MAC Cosmetics or Make-up Art Cosmetics leads the pack. It has become one of the most popular makeup brand in the world today. The range of MAC are always overwhelming for someone who’s new to the brand, especially via their limited edition collections. They constantly release their new products lines with new colors. Downside of this, they are also constantly discontinuing products, which means that your favorite MAC blush might be here now, but gone tomorrow.  

Now, MAC is taking the “One World” idea further than ever, with a multi-culti color story intent on a universal focus. Their new collection with a credo ”All Ages, All Races, All Sexes”, has spectacularly shaded and shaped brows for all, because beautiful people come in colors! Miraculously matched to any individual, Impeccable Brow Pencil from the collection is the ultimate artist’s tool to fill, lengthen and shape, with a firm tip that sharpens application for high-performance precision.  

MAC Cosmetics All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection

MAC Cosmetics All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection


Penultimate Brow Marker, in one shade suits all, has a liquefied glide adept at all-important arch. But that’s not all! Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer shade extensions speak your language, and matches every international skin tone.  

The pigments are done with new packaging and each pigment contains 4.5 grams. The packaging is permanently going forward and prices are still same. MAC will be phasing out it’s old jar packaging. This new packaging will launch first in the All Ages, All Races, and All Sexes collection on January 7, 2010, in US.  

mac cosmetics collection

Mac Cosmetics Collection


The collection includes:  

Myself – Creamy pale yellow beige (Luster) (LE)
Equality – Light mid tone mauve with pearlized pigments (Luster) (LE)
Empowered – Creamy mid tone neutral brown (Satin) (LE)
5N – Sheer plum brown (Luster) (LE) (Repromote from N Collection)  

Glamour for all – Sheer pale baby pink with pearlized pigments (LE)
Spirit & Soul – Frosted dark cool brown (LE)
Liqueur – Frosted mid tone pink brown (LE) (Repromote from Cult of Cherry)
Naked Frost – Sheer taupe with silver pearlized pigments (LE) (Repromote)  

Eye Shadows:
All Races – Cool light mauve taupe (Matte) (LE)
Cross-Cultural – Dark yellow brown (Matte) (LE)
Banshee – Warm taupe with frost and sparkle (Luster) (Repromote from Rebel Rock)
Showstopper – Deep blackened brown (Matte) (Repromote from Icon: Diana Ross)  

Universal Mix – Sparkly white gold (LE)
Rich Life – Dark cool brown with silver pearlized pigments (LE)  

Impeccable Brow Pencil: (New and Permanent)
Blonde – Pale yellow brown
Dirty Blonde – Cool light brown
Taupe – Mid-tone taupe
Black – Blackened dark neutral brown  

Penultimate Brow Marker:
Universal – Sheer natural brown  

Brow Set:
Mink – (LE) (Repromote)
Clear – (Permanent)  

Lingering – Soft taupe brown (Permanent)
Spiked – Rich brunette (Permanent)  

Beauty Powder Blush:
Personal Style – Light mauve taupe (LE)
All’s Good – Cool deep rose (LE)  

Blot Powder/Pressed:
Available in light, medium, medium dark and deep dark shades.  

The browns and warmer shades of this collection really compel to buy them. Pretty impressed with the new style of pigments as well and collection looks like it’ll be universally flattering for a warm, elegant work look. What do you think?

Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii Fit

Enjoyment, fun, excitement and happiness are the ingredients for a prosperous life. But the most important word missing out from this list is Good health. It is an undeniable fact that health is the ultimate wealth. But in this hi-tech life of ours, we don’t pay much attention to this fact.

Each one of us loves enjoying ourselves. One of the most popular mean for this is video games. Through it, one can enjoy while sitting on his couch, eating popcorns and just concentrating on screen. Most beautiful fact about this is that whole family can participate in it. But, whatever type of game we are playing, whether it is boxing, tennis or chasing the monster, it’s played by sitting on our sofa for hours. Even getting some popcorn out of the microwave looks like a tedious task. This lifestyle is leading us to obesity, hyper-tension and diabetes.

Nintendo Wii Fit is the name which is a sheer solution to all these problems. It aims to encourage one to get active while still playing his favorite games. The well known gaming console Nintendo has came up with Wii Fit which is simply a board that player has to balance while playing the game. Idea behind this is that instead of sitting and playing games, player has to get up and actually move by using the board itself. It comes with a games pack, which has been especially designed to be played with the Nintendo Wii Fit board. It offers a variety of features: Continue>>

James Cameron‘s new blockbuster, Avatar is on its way of setting records as this technically ambitioned movie is the first one to indulge the true potential of IMAX 3D. With stunning and ground breaking visual effects, explosive action, dauntless heroes and dastardly villains colliding in a classic, albeit overused, storyline, Avatar is what a Blockbuster should be. Released on December 18, 2009, Avatar is the most expensive movie of all time, with a production budget of $387 million.

According to Box Office, Avatar has earned $73 million for an eye-popping weekend domestically, and a whopping $159.18 million internationally for a total worldwide weekend take of $232.18 million. The reported large budget for the film was obviously money well spent as the film is on its way to a potential of earning near billion dollars in global receipts.

James Cameron's Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar has also been nominated for the Best Motion Picture – Drama, for Golden Globe Awards to be held on January 17th, 2010. The movie has gained a lot of popularity over past couple of months. Directed by James Cameron, this movie is expected to be something along the lines of “the future of movies.””67th Annual Golden Globe Awards” Along with raising the bars of IMAX 3D graphics and animation, this movie has also set new standards for future animated movies. James Cameron has also been nominated for Best Director- Motion Picture for his role in Avatar. Get excited for the which will be Live telecasted on NBC at 5 PM PST and 8 PM EST.

For better or worse, Jmaes Cameron has been quiet since the release of Titanic in 1997. Although the film went on to become the biggest hit in box office history – with a global take of $1.8 billion, but it presented the director with the problem of surpassing it with something even bigger, which took the shape of Avatar.

Avatar is a computer-effects-heavy 3-D space fantasy, about a disabled US Marine, Jake Sully, who is sent to Pandora, a moon of the distant Centauri star system, to find supplies of an energy-rich mineral, “Unobtainium“. Upon arrival, Jake discovers a world of beauty and innocence, populated by 10-foot-tall, blue-skinned beings called the Na’vi, whose peaceful existence humans proceed to rock.

This eco-minded epic is like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s digitally created sylvan world, Pandora, is straight out of your trippiest, most phantasmagorical dreams. Here, city-sized rock formations hang miles above the ground supported only by vines; seeds pulsate through the air like jellyfish; and the underwater plants glow like giants’ irises. And the fact that you can see whole things in razor-sharp 3D means that these images by turn envelop you and dance before your eyes.

The starring cast include Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, CCH Pounder, Peter Mensah, Laz Alonso, Stephen Lang, Wes Studi, and Matt Gerald. The film enjoys a whopping 96% positive rating response among top critics on, a film review aggregator.

Above all, though, ‘Avatar’ is big-budget film of the most lovingly and imaginatively rendered kind. So, go and see it at the largest, loudest 3D cinema you can find, turn a blind eye to its shortcomings, and you’ll be in for a great holiday treat.

For Pre-Fall 2010, Christopher Bailey took Burberry Prorsum back to its roots with a strong showing in outerwear and an overall militaristic feeling. Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010 collection displayed a battalion of weatherproof wool felt coats cinched with chunky belts, leather and shearing aviator jackets, and classic trenches.

Just like Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009 collection, it was trench coats who ruled this Pre-Fall 2010 season too. The trench silhouettes were shown in a multitude of textures from wool to fur. Bailey did his best in creating a perfect juxtaposition of menswear with feminine silhouettes.

The palette of this collection is completely fall with rich olive tones as well as navy, burgundy, and black. Winter white and purple made a splashing appearance too. The collection is full of wardrobe staples with a fine tailored and best fit. Though militaristic, the collection is still supremely feminine with every piece being tailored to a woman’s every curve. Check out some pics from the collection! Continue>>

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010

J Brand Jeans, the tag to have for the tightest of tight, a celebrity favorite, and worn by denim aficionados across the world, wants to stick around this season too. In its first look, the J Brand designer Jeans, would probably compel you to buy one and be a high profile fashionista. And why not!! J. Brand designer jeans consist a complete bundle of features you would like to have in a perfect jeans. It has an wide and excellent line of jeans of different types like stretch jeans, denim leggings, cropped, bell bottom, boot leg, skinny, pencil, cigarette, straight, and boyfriend jeans, that look really superb. Apart from these, J Brand line also includes, shorts & skirts, jackets and maternity jeans.

The perfect fit of a pair of J Brand Jeans can be directly ascribed to the influence of this denim brand’s founders, Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen. Its a brand that have concentrated on clean, classic washes and cuts without any gimmicks from its first make and the result has led to a product which is not only stylish, but innovative too. Recently, Rudes is focusing on engaging his customers with some special pieces. This fall, the brand partnered with Hussein Chalayan to produce a collection with prices around $250. And we are going to see designs from this collaboration for Spring 2010 too. They’re also planning to make a collection with Henry Duarte by the end of this year.

J Brand Jeans Pencil Leg InJ Brand Jeans LeggingsJ Brand Jeans Scarlet Curvy Fit

There’s no doubt that you’ll find a pair of J. Brand jeans that suits you. But sometimes a need arises to know what to look for, when buying a pair of jeans. Quite often individuals buy the wrong style and type of jeans for them and then blame it on the make of the jean. Surely, if you want something which is going to make you look slim, then you would certainly not like to go for a baggy jean. On contrary, if you find that your buts are sightly heavier, and you really like to wear the stretch leggings of J. Brand then simply buy a long nice top to go with them.

Of all types skinny jeans has gained much popularity these days. And skinny jeans by J Brand are favorite among celebrities and models. In one of our previous articles, we talked about skinny jeans with the biker trend. A skinny jeans looks very sexy on wearer and though skinny they are very comfortable to wear, because they are made from stretchable cloth.

Many individuals really prefer to wear skinny jeans but are self-conscious about wearing them. The best thing to look at the entire J. Brand line of jeans, take your time and pick some pieces that you find appealing and then from these pick out ones that give you the best look. That’s for sure, once you make your purchase for a J. Brand jeans you’re going to be happy with them as they will stay for a very long time with you. You can also catch them from their online shop and many famous online stores like ShopBop, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

As the holiday shopping season is at its boom, the market for premium denim is gaining heights with a particular interest. According to an article in The New York Times by Eric Wilson, “The $300 pair of designer jeans is now, courtesy of the recession, the $200 pair of designer jeans.” And with this “market correction,” Los Angeles-based J Brand has become one of the hottest denim labels for holiday shoppers.

So, what are you going to wear this Christmas!

In this modern era, people love to wear a wrist watch as a fashion accessory. Although, a watch is essential thing with basic function to display time. Today, this useful thing has become a style statement and not just a necessity. Beautiful and trendy watches occupy a special place in fashion world and looks more attractive on wearer’s wrist.

Watches are made from different kinds of materials. Watches with rubber or plastic straps are usually designed for serious outdoor use. These kind of watches are available in many eye catching colors and looks very trendy. These are durable and have lightweight & water resistant qualities.

TKO Watches have high fashion quality and unique designs. These are perfect for the person who love to wear creative and trendy watches. Simplicity and functionality put together in TKO Watches. These watches are integrated with polycarbonate housings, silicon rubber straps and stainless steel accents. TKO ORLOGI creates the ultimate fashionable timepiece. It’s a perfect accessory for all seasons with vibrant colors for summer, to chic and elegant metallic leather straps for winter. Continue>>

TKO ORLOGI watches

TKO ORLOGI watches

{December 15, 2009}   Passionate Red Versus Serious Black
Herve Leger Banded Tank Dress

Herve Leger Banded Tank Dress

Confusion about choosing a color is not new. Whether it’s a family function, festivity, prom party, marriage or a serious business meeting, colors always play their distinct role. Red and black are the colors that always are in competition with each other. Different meanings are associated with different colors. Black is seen as the color of authority and seriousness while red is associated with passion, strength, desire, love and beauty. Black is the easiest color to choose for any occasion while red makes one standout in crowd.

Both colors play their part according to occasion. Be it apparels, jewelry, toys, cars or anything finding both of the colors is not a surprise. It is a well known fact that women look hot in red while men look most handsome in black. Let’s take this idea a little further, choosing a range of stuff where priority for these color varies.

For Apparels:

Red is the color which a female would love to wear, if she wants to look stunning and sizzling hot for a party; while a man will always go for a formal black suit to reveal his best personality. But it’s totally reverse in case of informal occasions. Women prefer to wear a black dress for a casual occasion while men like to feel free and enjoy in a red t-shirt or a hoodie which looks stylish and trendy.

Choosing Accessory:

Gone are the days when men were not bothered much by accessories. But today men are much concentrated towards accessories and love to wear hats, caps, scarves, watches, belts, wallets, bags, ties and sunglasses. May be red is not an everyday-wear color for men but they fill this vacuum by adding a pinch of red in their accessories. Hats, scarves and the most important ties, if in red, are the first preference for men. A black suit with red tie looks just perfect.

While on the other side female choose their accessory according to mood. Some prefer to tune up a black dress with red accessory or vice-versa, while some will go for all red. Continue>>

Country Club ProSport Gondola Ski Jacket

Country Club ProSport Gondola Ski Jacket

Rancher Shearling Jacket

Rancher Shearling Jacket

Coats and jackets are something that adds a unique style to a man’s personality. High quality winter jackets are an integral part of men’s wardrobe. Designer winter jackets have their own functionality, grace and usability. These are exclusively designed by considering regular and sporty activities.

A warm and cozy winter jacket helps in facing the bone cracking cold, without breaking the style rules. It’s really right time to do online shopping for best winter clothing. These days, online stores are flooded with winter jackets. Prefer to choose a light weight jacket which provide maximum warmth to body and give a stronger & handsome look.

Country Club ProSport Gondola Ski Jacket: This ski jacket made from two-layer polyester is best for winter sport time. Fabric wicks moisture away from the body while being waterproof. It has mechanical stretch and ergonomic seaming for comfort ability movement. Functional pocket details, removable hood, storm cuffs, taped seams and waterproof zippers make this jacket more functional. There’s a powder skirt on the interior of jacket to keep snow out after fall. It also includes a goggle chamois.

Rancher Shearling Jacket: This fantastic light brown 3/4 length jacket includes button-front and lay down collar and has suede shearling face with curly shearling interior with genuine horn buttons and leather stuff. It’ll add a stylish look in your personality in winters. Just pair it with right winter accessories.Continue>>

Do Online Christmas Shopping

Do Online Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping is something to which most of the families around the world look forward. But, during holiday season, the malls and shopping centers are jam-packed with last minute shoppers. And, the desire to avoid this unpleasant situation has increased the popularity of Internet shopping. Online shopping can help you find great deals, compare prices, and unique gifts for every person on your list.

Online Christmas shopping allows customer to take their time and pick perfect gifts for loved ones through easy to access categories. Once you have established a list for whom you will buy Christmas gifts, set a price limit for each individual. This approach for developing a Christmas budget is much better than first deciding on a gift for everyone. Here are some ideas to do a more budget-friendly online shopping for Christmas.

Research and Compare: One of the ways for a savvy Internet shopping is to compare prices of the same product across different stores. Simply search the items you are seeking, at Google, Yahoo, Bing or any search engine and view the variety of items, stores and prices for each. With the help of comparison shopping, you’ll get an idea of product’s lowest online price. Some of the famous price comparison sites are, Bizrate, PriceGrabber, and NexTag. Continue>>

{December 11, 2009}   Top 5 Kids Toys for Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is just around the corner and shopping for the holiday season is on full swing! It’s time to start buying for those on your Christmas shopping list, and for sure, your kids are at the top of this list, isn’t it! Many retail stores have already begun to stockpile their aisles full with action figures, dolls, play sets, board games and so many toys that it’s hard to select one among them.

The day you’ll feel that you have plenty of time to complete your Christmas shopping, December 24th will arrive lightning fast and leaving shopping malls overcrowded. In order to beat that crowd and traffic jams, its better to shop early via online shopping. There are bunch of new toys that kids would like to see in their Christmas Stockings or lying under Christmas tree. With lots of choices available its difficult to find which one to get. To resolve this dilemma, we are here again with a guide that will help you find the perfect gifts for your children of all ages. Don’t wait too long, because these toys are guaranteed to clear the shelves fast before Christmas!

Zhu Zhu Pets: Zhu Zhu Pets are the “it” toy of 2009 holiday season and more than 6 million of the fuzzy cuties have been sold so far. They are available as five different characters namely, Patches, Chunk, PipSqueak, Num Nums, and Mr. Squiggles. In addition to these five hamsters, multiple Zhu Zhu Pets accessories are also available, allowing kids to collect and connect them all to create their own cute and customized hamster habitats. They drive around in little cars, spin down slides and zip up ramps, run in their hamster wheels, and get into all sorts of crazy situations. Their artificial intelligence allows them to know which hamster habitat they are in, to make noises accordingly. Zhu Zhu Hamsters have already run out from shelves at many stores. Fortunately, if you’ll take a moment to shop online you can find them at some of the stores.

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters

Nintendo Wii: If you have a video gamer on your list than you have the power to make his/her Christmas very merry with a cool Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii has turned video game market on end, by introducing a new physically interactive experience that everyone can enjoy. It’s not just a gift for your kid, but you’ll quickly realize that it’s something the whole family will enjoy including mom and dad. According to a latest survey, most of kids want to buy a Wii this Christmas season as compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and are choosing Wii as their favorite game console. So, without any doubt, Nintendo Wii is absolutely the best choice for the gamer you want to please this season.

Nintendo Wii Console System with Wii Sports

Nintendo Wii Console System with Wii Sports

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle: Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is an awesome toy combined with a stationary exercise bike and console for video games that makes it a great learning tool. It easily plugs into your TV, and kids between age group 3 to 6 can exercise and learn at the same time. This Smart Cycle sneaks in a bit of schooling, teaching ABC’s, spelling, numbers, problem solving, and other pre-school skills. It has a rumble feature, and joystick to keep your child engaged in an exciting way. The video game also helps parents to teach children to learn while playing the game.

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Leapfrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System: Leapster game is considered as one of the top education games and has won the No.1 toys award 2009. New Leapster 2 Learning Game System is the next generation of learn-everywhere gaming from LeapFrog. Leapster2 handheld offers a robust learning experience through its built-in tutorials and learning levels that got adapted to your child’s pace. Its touch screen and stylus help to develop motor skills used in writing, while its compact design makes it easy for kids to play on the go. It’s compatible with all 30+ Leapster learning games, so kids can practice a wide variety of schooling skills as they play and learn with their favorite characters. Also, Leapster2 is the only handheld preschool gaming system that connects to the LeapFrog Learning Path, an online, interactive tool which allows you to see what your child is learning.

Leapfrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

Leapfrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore: Created to help celebrate Sesame Street’s 40th birthday, New Elmo Live Encore by Fisher-Price is an update to the popular Elmo Live. This almost life-like furry friend still has all of the magic of original Elmo Live with lots of new surprises! Just activate Elmo Live Encore with a squeeze or a tickle and he’ll play some songs, stories, jokes and will even try some funny tongue twisters. This new Elmo is very durable and will put a smile on your kids face!

Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore

Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore

We hope that any one of these top 5 Christmas toys for 2009 will make a great gift for your little champs. There just isn’t a better feeling all year than to see children’s faces light up. You’ll be delighted to see their shrieks of joy when they’ll open up their gifts. Don’t forget to use Christmas Coupons to get these toys at more discounted prices. Happy Shopping!!!

Christmas is a special time where love & laughter seems to fill in air, and every place of the world lies under major celebration. This prosperous festival brings lot of happiness as well as the blessings of God. Family and friends come together to express their love through kind gestures. Unlike adults, children also experience joy and excitement during the holidays. They’re filled with lots of positive energy and love to receive their favorite gifts.

Every kid expects a special gift from his/her parents and no one likes to let them down the very special day of the year. So, it’s better for you to start Christmas gift shopping early. Think about choosing something unique and useful for your kids. In winters, you may be planning for a family vacation with your kids. A backpack is a handy accessory for a toddler or young kid which can carry necessary items for trip, like toys, books and others. Have a look on some beautiful backpacks from Nordstrom for your sweet little toddlers.

Popatu ‘Trolley’ Rolling Backpack for Little Girls: Pink is best choice for little girl. A soft and cute animal friend straps to the front of plush wearable or wheel bag. Just perfect choice for small travelers. It has top zip closure, polyester lining, telescoping handle and top handle. It measures 10W x 13H x 6D dimensions approximately. Continue>>

Popatu 'Trolley' Rolling Backpack for Little Girls

Popatu 'Trolley' Rolling Backpack for Little Girls

Everyone wants to bring a big smile on his or her child’s face and the easiest way is to give him a toy. Toys are one of the best gifts for a child. Be it any occasion, birthday, or Christmas, a child always wants to have a toy in his hand. Shopping for kids stuff is always enjoyable, especially when it comes to Christmas gift. Whenever parents are planning to buy a gift for their little one, they should always keep in mind that the toys they pick should be age appropriate.

Children go through different phases of development at different ages. Toys should be able to stimulate the child’s mind during play. So let’s go through a journey that a child makes from being a cute infant to a bubbling teenager, and have a sneak peek into what kind of toy your child need this Christmas. Continue>>

Toys for Toddlers

Toys for Toddlers

With ’80s and ‘70s style revival, it seems that fashion industry is making the way back to its roots. The latest spring runway shows are the exact examples which indicated a move toward easier sixties styles with dazzling colors. The groovy and organic mix of colors were seen almost every foot walked in streets back in the ’60s; was pushed forward to spring 2010 runway shows. With a combination of Tie-Dye, the runway also marked a return to the free spirit of 60’s, patchwork denim, braiding and floral prints.

tie dye fashion trend-1tie dye fashion trend-3

Tory Burch, Blumarine, Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough gave the dyeing technique a new life by applying it to sleek and of-the-moment active-sports styles. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, pieced together ragged, post-apocalyptic looks using fabric usually associated with long-haired flower children. Continue>>

Beauty of snow and excitement of skiing attract the hearts of everyone. It’s a beacon for emotional, physical, and even spiritual renewal. This form of winter sports is favorite among intellectuals also, because it is helpful in improving the skill of quick decision making. This fun loving and exciting sport has become famous all over the world.

Every year, millions of people set off for fun on slopes. The allure of racing down slopes, or relaxing next to a fire in lodge, has made ski vacation popular destination for winter getaways. If you’re planning a ski trip this winter, then prepare yourself with quality ski gear. You need to carry ski set, boots, jacket, gloves and many more. Each piece of ski equipment has own importance. Continue>>

Holiday Fun with Skiing

Holiday Fun with Skiing

christian louboutin leapord bootie

christian louboutin leapord bootie

There are many brands of women’s designer shoes available in the market today. With rising fashion trends and holiday season approaching, designer shoes are surely going to be there on many Christmas Wish lists. Wearing gorgeous designer shoes with names like Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo is every women’s dream that she always want to be true. But prices of designer shoes have suddenly climbed to such outrageous heights that nearly everyone is looking for smart discounts on them.

Even with these hard economic times, one can find designer shoes at the prices which are pocket-friendly. Online shopping has always been a better way to buy designer shoes at discounted prices. There are many online stores where people can find fashion footwear of various designer brands and labels at the price and budget which can fit in their pockets.

Some popular online stores to browse for best designer shoes at rebated prices are, 6PM, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, BlueFly, and Continue>>

Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year that helps you to collect happy memories with your loved ones. It’s a special occasion that brings families together. But when it comes to shopping for Holiday gifts, it is advisable to do the shopping online to avail discounts provided by various retail stores during this peak period. Online shopping is a growing and wonderful facility provided by the internet and its proving good for everyone. It’s quite easy and convenient for people who lead busy lives. By using special coupon codes, one can find great discounts on products at different stores.

Home Depot, World’s largest home improvement retailer, operates more than 1500 stores across North America. Home Depot sports an impressive and huge range of over 40,000 products including building and landscaping materials, appliances, faucets, decor, doors, windows, electrical, flooring & rugs, kitchen, lighting & fans, outdoors, paint, storage, tools & hardware and much, much more! In short one can find everything related to indoor and outdoor projects required for a home. Continue>>

Bermuda Bed

Bermuda Bed

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