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{December 15, 2009}   Passionate Red Versus Serious Black
Herve Leger Banded Tank Dress

Herve Leger Banded Tank Dress

Confusion about choosing a color is not new. Whether it’s a family function, festivity, prom party, marriage or a serious business meeting, colors always play their distinct role. Red and black are the colors that always are in competition with each other. Different meanings are associated with different colors. Black is seen as the color of authority and seriousness while red is associated with passion, strength, desire, love and beauty. Black is the easiest color to choose for any occasion while red makes one standout in crowd.

Both colors play their part according to occasion. Be it apparels, jewelry, toys, cars or anything finding both of the colors is not a surprise. It is a well known fact that women look hot in red while men look most handsome in black. Let’s take this idea a little further, choosing a range of stuff where priority for these color varies.

For Apparels:

Red is the color which a female would love to wear, if she wants to look stunning and sizzling hot for a party; while a man will always go for a formal black suit to reveal his best personality. But it’s totally reverse in case of informal occasions. Women prefer to wear a black dress for a casual occasion while men like to feel free and enjoy in a red t-shirt or a hoodie which looks stylish and trendy.

Choosing Accessory:

Gone are the days when men were not bothered much by accessories. But today men are much concentrated towards accessories and love to wear hats, caps, scarves, watches, belts, wallets, bags, ties and sunglasses. May be red is not an everyday-wear color for men but they fill this vacuum by adding a pinch of red in their accessories. Hats, scarves and the most important ties, if in red, are the first preference for men. A black suit with red tie looks just perfect.

While on the other side female choose their accessory according to mood. Some prefer to tune up a black dress with red accessory or vice-versa, while some will go for all red. Continue>>


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