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{December 19, 2009}   J Brand Jeans ~ A New Platform for Skinny Jeans Fashion

J Brand Jeans, the tag to have for the tightest of tight, a celebrity favorite, and worn by denim aficionados across the world, wants to stick around this season too. In its first look, the J Brand designer Jeans, would probably compel you to buy one and be a high profile fashionista. And why not!! J. Brand designer jeans consist a complete bundle of features you would like to have in a perfect jeans. It has an wide and excellent line of jeans of different types like stretch jeans, denim leggings, cropped, bell bottom, boot leg, skinny, pencil, cigarette, straight, and boyfriend jeans, that look really superb. Apart from these, J Brand line also includes, shorts & skirts, jackets and maternity jeans.

The perfect fit of a pair of J Brand Jeans can be directly ascribed to the influence of this denim brand’s founders, Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen. Its a brand that have concentrated on clean, classic washes and cuts without any gimmicks from its first make and the result has led to a product which is not only stylish, but innovative too. Recently, Rudes is focusing on engaging his customers with some special pieces. This fall, the brand partnered with Hussein Chalayan to produce a collection with prices around $250. And we are going to see designs from this collaboration for Spring 2010 too. They’re also planning to make a collection with Henry Duarte by the end of this year.

J Brand Jeans Pencil Leg InJ Brand Jeans LeggingsJ Brand Jeans Scarlet Curvy Fit

There’s no doubt that you’ll find a pair of J. Brand jeans that suits you. But sometimes a need arises to know what to look for, when buying a pair of jeans. Quite often individuals buy the wrong style and type of jeans for them and then blame it on the make of the jean. Surely, if you want something which is going to make you look slim, then you would certainly not like to go for a baggy jean. On contrary, if you find that your buts are sightly heavier, and you really like to wear the stretch leggings of J. Brand then simply buy a long nice top to go with them.

Of all types skinny jeans has gained much popularity these days. And skinny jeans by J Brand are favorite among celebrities and models. In one of our previous articles, we talked about skinny jeans with the biker trend. A skinny jeans looks very sexy on wearer and though skinny they are very comfortable to wear, because they are made from stretchable cloth.

Many individuals really prefer to wear skinny jeans but are self-conscious about wearing them. The best thing to look at the entire J. Brand line of jeans, take your time and pick some pieces that you find appealing and then from these pick out ones that give you the best look. That’s for sure, once you make your purchase for a J. Brand jeans you’re going to be happy with them as they will stay for a very long time with you. You can also catch them from their online shop and many famous online stores like ShopBop, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

As the holiday shopping season is at its boom, the market for premium denim is gaining heights with a particular interest. According to an article in The New York Times by Eric Wilson, “The $300 pair of designer jeans is now, courtesy of the recession, the $200 pair of designer jeans.” And with this “market correction,” Los Angeles-based J Brand has become one of the hottest denim labels for holiday shoppers.

So, what are you going to wear this Christmas!


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