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A-line wedding gown

A-line wedding gown

Shopping for wedding gown is always very exciting, memorable and overwhelming experience. Wedding gowns are available in many different styles, shapes, lengths, fabrics, and designer labels, that sometimes it becomes so difficult for a to-be-bride to choose the perfect one for her most precious moment of life. While selecting the dress, a bride looks, at several photos of models dressed in beautiful wedding gowns, and often selection is made based on the look of gown. But the selection of wedding gown should be made by taking in some considerations such as

* Latest Bridal Fashion
* Time and even season for wedding
* Color to be chosen
* Type of wedding (Formal, semi-formal or informal)
* Body Shape and Height
* Neckline of Wedding Gown

Some popular wedding gown styles are briefly described below:~

A-Line/Princess Wedding Gowns: A-line is most popular and classy contour. This type of gowns implies its name, that is, it resembles letter ‘A’ in a context that it has tapered top, sloped waist with flared skirt. A-line wedding gowns come in variety of styles with delicate lace trim and beading, and these gowns are recommended for women who have heavier hips and waist. In this type of gowns, top of the dress gracefully hugs natural curves of upper body and then it flares out into ‘A’ shape. Continue>>

Milan Fashion Week is back with a Bang for its Fall 2010 season. As Italy is a home of fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Prada and Giorgio Armani, so Milan is welcoming the International Fashion Week which is laid by a tight schedule of catwalk, aimed at meeting needs of foreign press. Thousands of journalists and buyers have descended on Italian fashion capital to see designers and their next winter collection.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2010 calender is scheduled from February 24th to March 2nd. The tight schedule of Milan Fashion week says have made designers to scramble, so as to fit 88 runway shows into about 70 hours, that is a period of over six days to accommodate. That’s pretty interesting!! American Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, reportedly shortened her attendance and plans to stay just four days in Milan instead of a full week.

Elena Miro fall 2010 collection

Milan Fashion Week was opened by designer Elena Miro Fall 2010 collection. The show kicked off by sending voluptuous, frankly, and normal looking women on runway. The main aim behind this catwalk by plus-size models is to help real women to feel confident and at peace with themselves. Continue>>

Decorating nursery for your new born baby can be a fun and exciting experience. As it will be a first place for a baby to dream, to experience, and to grow, so there are many things to be considered while designing a room for your baby. Thinking a decorating theme for baby nursery would be a great way to start. Mostly, parents start thinking about this, before the baby arrival, which is really very sweet of them. It shows that they are waiting anxiously for their baby to come in this world! And this can really help them to create wonders for their little angel’s room.

While deciding a baby nursery theme, there would be countless questions in your mind. First thing to be considered is whether you’re decorating room for a baby boy or a baby girl. An issue that often occurs in case of doubles or triplets, is sharing a room with different gender or an older sibling. Another important question is – will your child be happy at age of three or four with same nursery theme which you have picked for him or her? Some questions like these often comes in mind while decorating a baby room. So, its necessary to find right answers to these questions.

spring-bouquet-nurseryABC NurseryMorgan Nursery

To start with decoration there are many things which should kept in mind and these are mentioned below:~

Selection Of Room: While selecting a room for your baby, it is necessary to choose a room that can provide your baby with calm surroundings. So you should avoid that room which is close to a busy street, and where there is enough noise to disturb the baby. It will be more convenient for you to monitor baby if his or her room is on same floor as your bedroom.

Theme Selection: Now it’s time to run your imagination wild. While choosing a theme and design, for your baby room depends on its gender, but if you don’t know, then take neutral colors like green, white, purple. Theme selection also depends on how much you want to spend on decor and how much space is available to you. There are many stores from where you can get different idea and check out different styles. Some of the styles idea are given here:-)

* Animal theme: It can be a common theme but mostly liked by kids in their grown up age. This could include jungle scenes, farm scenes, puppies, kitten or teddy bears. It can be shown by using wall stickers, which are less expensive than wall papers and even easy to remove.

* Cartoon/TV Characters: As in age of 3 to 7, kids like various cartoon characters depending on their gender. Girls mainly like Barbie, Tweety, Tinker Bell, Power Puff Girls and boys favorite cartoon characters are Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Aladdin, Curious George, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, and not to mention Tom & Jerry. Tom & Jerry is a good idea if your baby has to share a room with older sibling of different gender.

* Crayons: With use of crayons you can give a different look to a room by spending a lesser amount of money from your pocket. It is really fun using crayons which makes room colorful. You can also create different ideas and could make the theme more creative. You can even use paint colors to make it more lively.

Decide Necessary Item: Item which are necessary for kids room are:-

  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Wall Stickers or Wallpapers
  • Baby Swings
  • Baby Toys
  • Baby Books

Some tips to decorate a baby room:~

  1. Flooring should be stain resistant. Carpet or hardwood floors should be used.
  2. Baby room should be properly ventilated with windows coverings the nursery.
  3. You should make use of washable fabrics.

Remember, heart of your child’s room is not what is physically held or seen within four walls. Rather it is a relationship of parent and child. You can shop verious baby nursery items depending upon your chosen theme, from Pottery Barn Kids and Childrens Place.

Traveling bags are the most important and essential part of any journey, rather than handbags, wallets, and other accessories. Whether you are going for a business trip, a romantic holiday, or a trip with family, travel bags are considered as the best travel-counterparts for a Happy Journey. Without them you’ll be unable to carry your luggage or nick-knacks in an organized way.

Whether you’re traveling across country, or going only for an overnight stay, you’ll most likely to carry some kind of luggage with you. With luggage we not only mean by traditional luggage like clothing, it can be something like outdoor sport accessories or any kind of recreation. For this you’ll need a travel bag set in which you can easily put your things in a proper way.

American Tourister Nested Set

American Tourister Nested Set

There are variety of bags available for carrying different types of luggage like, laptop bags, sports bags, garment bags, garment carriers, kids luggage, totes, backpacks, duffel bags, motorcycle luggage and handbags. Each piece of above mentioned bags offers its own unique features and uses, which are available in many materials, sizes, colors, shapes and prices.

Making journey comfortable, is not all about travel bags. The type of travel bag one chooses defines his/her personal style and taste. So, a traveling bag should not only meet your tastes aesthetically, but at same time it should be something that is functional and easy to use. One such type of travel bag, which is really comfortable in use and looks very stylish are the Rolling Bags or Rolling Backpacks. They are also known as Wheeled Bags.

Some types of rolling bags which you can use for carrying luggage are Duffel rolling bags, Rolling messengers, rolling backpacks for use in schools and colleges and many more. Main advantage of rolling bags is, they are very easy to carry your luggage and also give a sophisticated look to your personality. Another important feature that make these bags different from others is the facility provided to pull it along like a suitcase. Rolling traveling bags are available in varieties of shapes, size and color. Have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of these bags:~


  • Can be carried for longer distances.
  • It makes journey comfortable than carry-all, with its pulling feature.
  • Easy to carry heavy and bulky luggage.
  • Rollers can available on both, bags and suitcases.


  • It is suggested that roller bags or suitcases are not good over rough ground.
  • No facility for hiking on a trip.

Roller style or wheeled travel bags are comparable to either small suitcases or luggage sets. These bags have an extendable handle and allows to tote bag on wheels. Structured style of these bags works well for many travelers. Exterior zip pockets, interior open pockets, and elastic straps are some of the features to secure your belongings.

Many types of rollers are designed so as to look which is streamlined and professional. With so many advantages and features, these bags are gaining popularity very fast and now many designers are designing these rolling bags with some innovative techniques. You can buy a variety of designer bags and luggage sets online from and

With economic ups and downs, many people have to adjust at what their pocket allows. They may have to reside in small spaces, especially in big cities, where finding a place to live in is a challenging task. And over to that, finding enough space for adjusting furniture and that too in economical price is a big problem in decorating your house. As time passes, family grows, and need for storage also increases. Best way of finding solution to space dilemmas is by choosing furniture that doubles a storage space.

Making a choice of using great designer furniture that save huge amount of precious space and making a far more usable and viable living area out of a small apartment will be a smart move. Here are some space saving tips and ideas for smaller living spaces and that too in economical prices. Have a look!!

space saving 1

Shoe-Under 12-Pair Shoe Drawer

space saving 2

Custom-Closet System

Shoe-Under 12-Pair Shoe Drawer
As weather changes you often take out your outfits, footwear, accessories according to that season. But big problem which you face is, where to adjust those outfits, or footwear which are not in use for particular period of time. So store those seasonal footwear’s under the bed in a space-saving canvas.

Shoes-Under Drawer is a fabulous option for you to choose which is divided into 12-section for holding dozen pairs. It is also provided with a zip around plastic cover which helps footwear to be dust free and insect free. For easy handling and assembling, side handles are provided. Shoes-Under Drawer can be available in less price in compare with wooden shoe rack, that consumes a lot of space.

Custom-Closet System
Wide variety of containers are designed for under-bed storage for off-season clothes and seldom used accessories. But creating a closet of your dreams, which is much economical and used to customize your clothes , shoes and accessories in one closet and that too in proper way. Customizing closet includes just a right amount of hanging space, open storage and slide-out drawers for all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Custom-Closet System is a best way out for your requirements of a closet. Benefit of this closet over others is that, it is very affordable. Its components feature, with tubular metal frames and durable non-woven covers keeps the dust away. This Custom-Closet system helps to keep your bedroom in a well organized manner.

These and more space saving furniture can be shopped through Brylane Home and Target. So, bring that smart space saving recommendations to your home and let the room take sigh-of relief!!

kitchen garden refrigerator

kitchen garden refrigerator

You may wish to grow fresh and lovely green vegetables in your kitchen, but you may fail to do so because of lack of proper light and fresh air, increasing and decreasing temperature of kitchen, space, moisture, and nutrition. Now this wish of yours can be fulfilled by growing green vegetables in your kitchen itself, and that wouldn’t be in your kitchen pots. That’s True!! Now, you can grow your kitchen plants within your refrigerator. In a refrigerator? Yes it’s right in a refrigerator.

This had been made possible with great effort of Ms Hanna Sandstrom who has been working with Green Fortune & Whirlpool and has come up with a refrigerator that will nurture a seed to a plant. But this refrigerator is restricted to herbs and green vegetables only. It can also be known as Kitchen Garden.

Having green plants and herbs in your own house will provide fresh and good flavor in your meal, or in salad, which will help in maintaining your health. Now to have a refrigerator dealing with this concept, does almost all the work for you. Takes seeds and turns them into full grown plants. Not to worry about temperature or watering. It’ll even do watering for you automatically and will set light and temperature as per required by the plant. Plus the window on front of your refrigerator will give your kitchen a more lively look. Isn’t It!!

Growing organic fresh greens herbs and vegetables could be a hit idea! This ideal kitchen appliance will be loved by those who are concerned about their health and prefer green food or those who simply love growing plants.

It seems that these “GO GREEN” refrigerators will lead to a new genre of home appliances that will more than what you want from them!! What do you think?

Every time misplaced documents take up good amount of your time. Even filed papers can mesh-up, if they aren’t stored properly and neatly. Office cabinets are simple and perfect way to increase your storage space and arrange documents in a sequenced manner. Office cabinets can help to hold everything from file folders to laptops, and computer gadgets when they are not in use. They are available as per the need of user in wide range of styles and sizes.

Cabinets for office can be available in good designs and in wide range of shapes which will suit your interiors.

Simple Office Cabinet: These cabinets can be categorized according to shapes and styles. Such cabinets can be in wider side but short length, which consists of huge cupboards and can be used to store things of some what bigger in size like your computer accessories when not in use. It can also have drawers above the cupboard which can used for contemporary storage.

HON 1600 Series Pull-File Pedestal Cabinet

HON 1600 Series Pull-File Pedestal Cabinet

Another range of style in this category are cabinets with long height and short width. These cabinets are best choice for offices where accommodation is a problem. It has spacious interiors and versatile storage space. This tall beauty offers you space for placing your coats jackets, drawers for holding files.

Cabinet joint with book Shelves: Joint wall book shelves serve as a library bookcase with a glass door which can be available in different sizes and shapes to fit your interior. If you want office storage cabinet, in this type of cabinets you can explore with opaque doors as well. And if you are looking of both, then you can mix up the functionality of both and can obtain office storage cabinets with bookcases containing for instance your books and other collectibles. These pieces can used for home office cabinets, office wall storage cabinets and as stand alone pieces. You can even go for joint metallic cabinet supported with sliding doors of glass.

Empire Computer Desk With Hutch and Cabinets

Empire Computer Desk With Hutch and Cabinets

Office cabinets are available in wide variety of material, configuration and styles. Here are some rules to be followed so that office cabinets can be be used for longer period of time with any danger.

Location: An important thing to look at is that office cabinets should never be placed in high-traffic areas. Many times it cause injury to somebody and a chance of tripping hazards.

Styles: While choosing your office cabinets that tie into the decor of your workspace, go through some important considerations like whether cabinets are closed properly set with the lock or not. Is its size enough that your home office will look organized and is it capable of fulfilling your filing storage needs.

Loading: Loading heavy stuff on top drawers are not suggested. Placing lighter material at top and heavier one at bottom will minimize the chance of tripping, while opening the drawers.

Most office cabinets are either of lateral or vertical type and are designed for several years. They can be available in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal and composite. You can buy most affordable and high quality office cabinets and office supplies from OfficeDepot and OfficeMax.

After a suspenseful pause that was only heightened by rhythmic heartbeat soundtrack, Thakoon Panichgul’s fall 2010 show was, well worth the wait. The young star showed a stunning collection for New York Fashion Week Fall 2010, with rich textures that looked all the more lush juxtaposed against one another.

Each model descended from modernist archway, wearing his expert play with layers, proportions, and lots of textures, from fuzzy knitted wool to deco-printed silks. Continue>>

Thakoon Fall 2010Thakoon Fall 2010

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010/11 season, opened on Friday with remembrance of late designer Alexander McQueen. Sarah Brown opened London Fashion Week 2010 by praising designers, responsible for building Britain’s fashion industry.

The organizers of London Fashion Week paid tribute to McQueen, with a remembrance wall in mammoth fashion tent pitched in courtyard of Somerset House to leave messages for much-loved designer. Hundreds of messages posted will be collected in a book and given to McQueen’s family once fashion week is done.

London Fashion Week Fall 2010

London Fashion Week Fall 2010 Kicks Off!

Somerset House was packed with fashionistas from early morning with women wearing tight black mini-dresses and stiletto heel and leopard skin print dresses. Continue>>

With menswear trend already taking flight for fall 2010 at New York Fashion Week, it’s of little surprise that fashion’s fearless CFDA leader, Diane von Furstenburg is right on target. DVF fall 2010 runway show was a playfield for metallics.

“I always wanted to live a man’s life in a woman’s body,” said Diane von Furstenberg for her show notes. As the lady hasn’t explored mannish looks much in past, so it was surprising to see her new collection that revealed essence of masculine versus feminine. It made this collection one of the designer’s most satisfying shows in a while.

dvf fall 2010metallic look at dvf fall 2010

To start things off, von Furstenberg threw a bolero densely embroidered with chiffon rosettes over a heather gray felted wool double-breasted pantsuit with short, cuffed trousers. This novel concept was repeated later with an ivory silk cord cardigan worn over a satin black tuxedo jacket and matching evening jumpsuit. Fur hats and lace-up oxfords added a grace to all dresses on which they were worn. Continue>>

{February 18, 2010}   Makeup Tips for Spring/Summer 2010

Spring always comes with a wealth of new beauty trends, and 2010 is no exception! Try these new trends which will help you to be noticeable and spread sparks around you this spring. This year spring is all about shimmer and the look of shimmer on eyes and cheeks, especially on tanned skin add sparks to your personality. Now here are some makeup tips to be used during spring season and getting the glow.


Makeup by MAC at Blumarine Spring 2010 Milan Fashion Week


  • Dry lips make you look older than you are. Red lips continue to add flavor to spring. But remember to keep your eye makeup light with red lip gloss. If you want a bit of color but still have dry lips, choose a lip-gloss instead of lipstick.
  • Nude lip colors were also hot spot on runways this spring. You can get same look by using a soft lip shade that is close to your lip color, and if you don’t want to try nude lip color then try-on shimmery pink for a pretty spring look.
  • If your complexion is more on pink side, you can opt for plum shades which will really add spark on face, but if skin tone is yellow, you will look awesome in reds with a brown base.
  • Freshen look for Spring 2010 is peach lips, which is welcomed with open arms. Peach glosses looks light and feminine and so pretty and go with most skin tones.


  • Smokey eyes are not going anywhere and are always been popular, try pairing them with a neutral lip color for extra pop. Smokey eyes are achieved by black and gray shades but which aren’t apt for spring, so you can try smoky eyes using brown, gold, violet or green shadow.
  • Rock out with long and sexy eyelashes which are really noticeable and give your peepers a great lift. Apply a glossy coat to your lashes after your mascara dries giving a fabulous wet look.
  • Use bold eyeliner for a night out, you can go for different shades like green, blue or violet.
  • Using neutral shades of eye shadows with a deep color such as navy blue in this look will enhance eyes and make them more flattering.


  • Apply blush on to the cheek bones and blend. Prefer to keep it natural.

Nail color trends:

  • Your nail polish collection won’t have to go without the most watched nail colors on spring 2010 runway shows. Posh periwinkle, metallic shamrock, peach perfait, uniform blue, dusty rose, blue shimmer, matte metallic, snow white, lilacs and purples are some of the “It” nail color shades for spring 2010.


  • Loose buns are classy and timeless which are into the trend. Ponytails also gave a fabulous look. So check these fabulous ponytails and how to style them up this spring.
  • Long wavy look are still hot, while straightening irons are not. Ironed hair has been out of fashion from couple of seasons.

So your best makeup tips are on spot once you learn the basics, of applying makeup. After getting these basics, you’ll get perfect a daytime and night-time look.

An extraordinary amount of hype surrounded the runway show by Singapore-born, Nepalese newcomer, Prabal Gurung, who made his catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week. Whole atmosphere was heightened by arrival of Anna Wintour, who headed straight backstage for a pre-show chat, and presence of Avatar star, Zoe Saldana, who sat front-row in Gurung’s mini sweater dress and black over-the-knee boots.
White sheared mink zipper coat; deep crimson viscose gazar dress with peplum detail; black & white double silk satin dress with black belt; forest green gown with ruffle panels were among top looks of the show.

The newcomer has worked previously with famous Indian designer Manish Arora, in New Delhi, and studied at Parsons School for Design. Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey and Carey Mulligan are some of his fan followers. Continue>>

prabal gurung fall 2010 collection

Prabal Gurung Fall 2010 Collection

As you all know musical instruments are constructed or used for purpose of making sounds and sound produced is in form of music. Music is a universal language having multiple dialects and history of musical instruments begin with human culture itself. Study of musical instruments is called organology. There are different types of musical instruments which can be classified which are available at different corners of world that are wind instruments, percussion instruments, bass instruments, string instruments and electronic instruments.

In this section you will come to know about STRING INSTRUMENTS. These are instruments which produce sound when strummed, plucked or slapped. String instruments work on basis of sound wave vibrations, that are created with help of strings. Pitch of sound depends on length of air column and thickness of string involved. String musical instruments include wide variety of instruments, and some of them originated thousands of years ago.

violinFlorea Moldavia Violacello

double bassacoustic guitarelectric guitar

Some famous string instruments that are used in orchestral performances are:~

Violin: Violin, most commonly used member of string family, is highest-sounding instrument of this group. Its four strings are stretched over high arched bridge that permits player to play on one or two strings at a time. Overall length of violin averages about 60 cm (23.5 in), whereas sounding length of strings, from bridge to nut is about 32 cm (12.75 in). Now-a-days electric violins and violins with five strings are also available to increase the tempo of violinists.

Viola: Viola is a successor of violin family. It looks very similar to violin, however it has a larger size. It is played in a similar manner to the violin, but its a deeper sounding instrument, so it holds responsibility of playing tenor part in string quartet. It has four strings, named as the C, G, D, and A strings. Most orchestras have one viola section and the person who plays viola is called a violist.

Cello: Cello or violoncello, is second largest member of violin family of string musical instruments. It is largest than both violin and viola. It serves as melodic and bass instrument in chamber and orchestra. Body of cello is 76 cm (30 in) long and is much deeper than violin and viola. Similar to violin and viola, cello is also played by drawing a bow across the strings. Cellist is the name given to the person who plays a cello.

Double Bass: Double bass musical instrument is also famous as bass viol or contrabass. It is the largest and lowest-pitched member of orchestral string instruments. Standard double bass has four strings, while some instruments may have five strings in order to extend range downward. The strings on double bass are E, A, D, and G and the person who plays double bass in an orchestra is called bassist.

Guitar: Guitar referred as Acoustic guitar, is a hollow-bodied instrument, without electric amplification. Even they may have nylon or steel strings. Strings of a guitar, allow to control pitch and harmonic content of sound produced. Pitch is determined by length, mass and tension of strings. Where as frequencies are resonant frequencies of strings, which inversely depend on length.

Electric Guitars: Electric guitars are made with solid bodies. They depend upon electromagnetic pickups and amplifiers to produce sound as they are not dependent upon resonance of hollow body. This guitar is noted for its high pitched screams which is produced with help of its body shape and its single coil pickups, giving a rocking performances.

String instruments has by far most popular instruments among youth. Similarity between all string instruments is that they all are made of wood and have similar curve shape, and difference between them is their sizes and number of strings that produce various notions of music. The combination of different pitches and sounds played on various string instruments create music that has been enjoyed by many people throughout years. So, if you’re are a music lover or have passion for musical instruments and want to buy a string instrument, then and are among best places online to shop for best musical instruments.

Every Fashion Week, TV fans get the chance to enjoy another round of America’s favorite game show, Project Runway. This reality fashion-designer competition series has successfully reached its Season 7 Finale, separating the decoys from legit finalists.
Since the bi-annual fashion fest New York Fashion Week, usually falls a few weeks before “Project Runway’s final”, that’s why every designer wants to give a tough competition to each other to get that $100,000 prize money and debut a collection for the next fashion week in New York.

This year, “Project Runway” aired on Lifetime, leaving 11 designers fighting and clawing for those top spots as of last night. But, there were only 10 collections that were shown. The missing one was Maya Luz. Reasons behind why she didn’t displayed her collection is not yet revealed. So by process of elimination, you’ll learn who’s going home next week!!

More than doubling the designers who showed their collections in Bryant Park, this morning makes the betting man’s job infinitely harder, but also more fun. So let’s analyze the Project Runway collections, and a few extraneous factors to find out who’ll be season’s Final Four! Continue>>

Jay Nicolas Sario designJonathan Peters designAnthony Williams design

Sandals resorts are world famous for their sophisticated and luxurious looks and the lovely beaches. Your perfect family holiday planning awaits for you at Beaches Resort in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos. These group of hotels are altogether known as Sandal Resorts. These resorts are not only famous for their beaches but these are the most romantic places on earth. So it’s a perfect place to organize your wedding, or to go to a honeymoon.

Sandals resort destination are directly on stunning beaches, that is on four of the most gorgeous islands, famous for its endless white sand, exquisite turquoise water and romantic sunset with crystal-clear seas. Sandals provides the best beach resort experience for vacations of all types, whether its an adventurous trip, a romantic one, or simply a relaxing trip, they serve it all.

sandals resorts

Sandals Resorts

In Sandals resorts what all things are included for your luxury, few of them are as:~

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • All meals, restaurants per sandal
  • Scuba diving, water sports
  • Championship golf
  • Airport Transfer and taxes facilities
  • Unlimited branded drinks
  • Stay at one, play at all sandal resorts
  • Basic wedding and honeymoon package

Sandals resorts are really exotic place to visit and their beaches and greenery append natural flavor to that. At Sandals you get more than you dreamed of, not only in quantity, but also in quality, there are no compromises. You can enjoy a whole array of exciting and fun activities for kids or even for grown ups of every age. Truly, these resorts with beautiful beaches and spas are perfect for luxury included vacation, promising an unforgettable family fun beneath Caribbean sun.

May beaches advertise “everything’s included,” but Sandals often disclaim that many of their services and amenities are additional. This includes features such as beer, wine, branded liquor and tipping. Not to mention sports as water skiing, scuba diving and golf, even hotel taxes and airport transfers. These, among others resorts, when not budgeted, can double the cost of your so-called “all-inclusive” vacation. At Sandals, there are no surprises of this type, everything is included in one up-front price. You can get full information on

Sandals are perfect place, whether you’re getting married, renewing your vows, or going on your honeymoon. The moments you spend at these resorts will remain evergreen in your mind through out your life. Sandals Resorts offer a spectacular collection of weddings and vow renewals — including their incomparable free weddings. These resorts look at each and every detail of marriage, and help you in instead of thinking of your wedding day, couples can focus on each other. And best of all is that your honeymoon begins at same moment you say, “I do”. Whether your marriage is fresh or is an ageless passion sandals makes it easy for you to do it all over again.

And that’s for sure, if you visited once, you’ll want to visit here again and again!!

{February 13, 2010}   Happy Valentine’s Day

A life without love is like a year without summer -which is a true Swedish Proverb. As Valentine day is just around the clock. But from today itself LOVE can be seen everywhere as everyone would be planning something for their beloveds . Valentine can be turned into more romantic day by any one, even by unromantic person, for that you don’t have abundant to do, altogether use some quotes, or poems which will append glint into the eyes of your beloved. As poets has turned their hand, trying to put words, to those feeling that love inspires. These rhymes and quotes have really a mysterious, passionate and intense meaning.

My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We’ll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.

These romantic lyrics may give you new ideas for your own love poems for your sweetheart….

Someone has precisely said that ”Love – a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker”.

It is said that best way of expressing your love is by gifting something special which can supplement your love like flowers, chocolates, it is true that every day is day of love but Valentine’s day has special importance. So, don’t miss the chance and shower your love on your spouse.

MySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace Layouts

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MySpace LayoutsMySpace LayoutsMySpace Layouts

Decorating a garden by planting beautiful seasonal flowers, dressing it up with outdoor decors and patio furniture is really a thing that every garden lover wants. A garden not only increases the outlook beauty of your home, it also provides a clean and fresh environment to live. But maintaining a garden is just similar to taking care of kids. Just like kids, a garden needs lot of care and proper dress-up. Your garden and its maintenance, speaks a lot about your outlook on life. And this truth can’t be overlooked or forbidden!!

Adding graceful garden accessories to your landscape can add extra charm to the garden creating an overwhelming environment. Garden decors are actually vital ingredients to make a garden look good and feel complete. With help of beautiful garden decors, you can turn an open barren space into a special place where you would like to spend hours and hours with your family, friends and neighbors. It could be a place where you can relax and enjoy a good book when you come back from work, or even a place to entertain your guests.

There’s no doubt, that flowers are central attraction of any garden, however adding accessories to garden can give it some more character. Some gardens can often be improved with use of landscaping accessories. There are many types of garden accessories available to choose from. First you need to know what is available, so that it becomes easy to choose best fit for your garden. Online shopping is the best way to find all types of garden decors and accessories that may enhance beauty of your garden, without facing any problem.

There are many ways through which you can decor your landscaping, some of which are given below:-)

childhood pleasures statue3-ring ObeliskFollow the Leader Sculptures

1). Trellis or Arch: You can easily decorate your garden by giving support to climbing plants and vines with help of trellis or an arch. But to add decorative feel trellis or arch can be made of many materials from painted wood to intricate iron fan work. Putting these beautiful works of art in garden and adding flowers to it will look extremely feminine.

2). Garden Lights: Another important way is adding garden lights to your landscape area, as they will add classy touch and a sense of security to your outdoor area. Lights will really help to brighten up any dark spots in your yard. Lights also make easy to see at night, allow people to stay outside in warm months, and enjoy socializing or relaxing in garden. Lights help landscape to be much more impressive.

3). Fountains and Pond: Anytime favorite and fascinating accessory in any garden is, to add fountains and pond. A water fountain is fit for both, smaller or bigger spaces as running water adds charm to any place. A trickling waterfall with rocks, or a full-sized pond with gold fish or a small bridge will be unmatched by any other addition and brings a measure of satisfaction. To this you can even add birdbath which will invite birds in your garden, and it is always pleasant watching wildlife playing around you.

4). Rocks: When it comes to, landscaping your garden, rocks makes a great addition. They come in variety of different sizes, styles and colors according to your garden needs. To make landscaping look nice by adding stones is very durable. Stones look great for walkways, retaining walls, or to decorate a small pond or waterfall.

5). Lawn Ornaments: Garden accessories helps in adding character in your landscaping. There are many lawn ornaments available including things such as garden Gnomes and fairies. They are things which add little extra glamor to a garden making it look good. You can get lawn ornaments in different styles, shapes and sizes. Just be sure that it suits your garden theme.

The important thing to kept in mind while choosing garden accessories is to go according to theme of your landscape. Hope, that these points will help increase your gardens beauty, making it an exotic place to visit again and again!! You can find beautiful garden decors at Lillian Vernon.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, those who are in a relationship. This day remind us that we are being loved by someone who really cares. On every Valentine, we try to do something different. Traditionally, we buy gifts for our sweethearts to show how much we love and care about them. But planning a treat or buying a gift for a beloved is not that easy. One has to take care of even very small things in which may spoil the mood of this very romantic day.

Here are some important tips for guys, about some Do’s and Don’ts on this Valentine’s Day.


1. If your spouse is employed, then surprise her by sending valentine gift at her work place, which will show in front of her peers that she is being loved, giving her a wonderful feeling. And try to make a gift more special by writing a note to her with your own handwriting about how much you love her, how much she means to you that will add further romantic flavor.

2. To make her feel special on Valentine’s Day, you can even cook something for her. Supplement it with a wine tour; if you don’t know how to cook then you can even help her in kitchen. Watching a romantic movie together would be a great idea to make her happy and building up the mood.

3. You can even prefer giving number of small gifts during this day. May be one gift at breakfast, or another on the front seat of her car, rather giving one big gift. This will make her realize that how much she means to you.

4. On Valentine’s Day, if your partner needs pampering, then best gift could be buying spa gifts and then plan some secret spa bath with her favorite aromatherapy. Don’t forget to turn on spa music for creating real spa environment and you can start off with massage by relaxing neck and shoulders with essential oils.

5. Valentine’s Day is all about romance for lovers, so on this day adds some extra effort by dressing up properly, giving her more importance and showing her that you care for her and she means everything in your life. One way of making her feel the same is by turning off your electronic equipments. Continue>>

Parents are most important persons in everybody’s life. They’re just like two pillars without whom it becomes difficult to imagine an enjoyable and stress-free life. They’re one who guide us in taking some important decisions of our life and shower their blessings on us. But we often forget to pay back the unconditional love and affection. Occasions like Parents wedding anniversaries, and their birthdays are best time to prove them that you do love and care about them.

Celebrating 25th or 50th wedding anniversary of parents, is really a great fun for every child. These occasions are so special for the honored couple which can’t be expressed in words. So, this is the time to celebrate the ups and downs of life they have faced happily together. On these occasions, one should consider giving a gift, treat or something else that marks a milestone in their lives. After all, it’s a big achievement to build a successful partnership for such a long time. Isn’t it!!

surprise party planningPersonalized Glass Frame50th wedding anniversary

So, you can plan some unforgettable treats and gifts for your parents wedding anniversary, which would make them happy, and make this special day evergreen in their life. Choosing these gifts may be a daunting task. Here are some mind-blowing ideas that can help you choose a perfect gift for them.

Surprise Party: If your parents are going to celebrate 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary, it would be a great plan to organize a surprise dinner party for them which include all their old and close friends, family members. It would be sure a big surprise for them. If you want to do in small scale then you can plan a nice, romantic evening for the couple, at home.

Organize a Trip: If your parents love to travel around or are nature lovers then you can plan a trip or second honeymoon on the occasion of their silver or golden-jubilee anniversary. You can even plan for a family trip for a day or couples of days. Movie tickets is also a good idea.

Decorative Gifts: If you’re a teenager or unemployed then you can go for some decorative pieces like a crystal photo frame, which consists of your parents photo or family photo. On a crystal frame you can get engraved some lines direct from your heart which carry your feelings to them. You can even gift a photo album containing old memories of your parents, or even prepare a slide PPT.

Electronic Gadgets: Electronic gadgets can also serve as a great gift to your parents which may include mobile phones, laptop, eBook Reader, camcorders, DVD or VCD player. You can also gift some special kitchen appliances to your mother like microwave-oven, food processor, designer kitchen-ware. And, if your father love to do Barbecue at weekends then a brand new BBQ set will be a great gift idea.

Personalized Jewelry: Choose an anniversary gift that suits your pocket also. Don’t buy too much expensive gift which will make your parents uncomfortable and worried because they know the financial status of their child. But, if you’re well established person, then simply go for expensive, unique or exotic gifts like something in diamond or platinum personalized jewelry for both.

There can be many other gifts that can be presented to your parents on their anniversary to make this occasion even more memorable and special. Make it a family affair, to share ideas. Even the smallest member of your family can give some fantastic ideas. You can also take help of your friends for sharing some ideas for this occasion. Spend a little time in searching cool ideas on Internet and let your mind do wonders for this day. Have Fun!!

vacouver 2010 winter olympics logo

Vacouver 2010 Winter Olympics Logo

As Vancouver Olympics 2010 are getting closer so many people are planning to visit British Columbia to see actions live. People from all over the world are preparing themselves, to cheer up their own country.

XXI Olympic Winter Games, will be a huge and major international multi-sport event, which is going to be held on February 12, 2010 up to February 28, 2010, in Vancouver, with some events held in resort town of Whistler, and in Vancouver suburb. It would be third time Canada will be hosting Winter Olympics, but first by province of British Columbia. Both Olympic and Paralympic Games are being organized by Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC).

There will be many events which will be held during 2010 winter Olympics. Events include Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-country skiing, Figure skating, Freestyle skiing, Ice hockey, Luge, Nordic combined, Short track speed skating, Skeleton, Ski jumping, Snowboarding and Speed skating.

Some of the Highlights in 2010 Winter Olympic schedule include: Opening Ceremony which will begin at 6:00 pm on February 12, 2010. First Paralympic event will be men’s and ladies’ alpine skiing competitions, beginning at 9:30 am on March 13th, and final Paralympic sport event, for men’s and ladies’ will be held at 12:00 pm on March 21. Where as, final sport event of this Olympic Winter Games, is men’s gold medal hockey game which is scheduled for February 28, at 12:15 pm.

For international visitors, who are planning to attend Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, which is just around the corner. Following are some fun and interesting facts related to 2010 Olympic games.

  • This great and memorable event will be officially opened by Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean.
  • Number of countries, who are sending Olympic athletes to Vancouver for 2010 Winter Olympic will exceed 80 countries.
  • Torch relay which has held for 2010 Winter Olympics is set to be the longest relay in Olympic history.
  • Total estimate of cost for Vancouver Olympics 2010 is currently set at $1.76 Billion.
  • Average temperature of February in Vancouver is 13.4°C (56.1°F).

With all this happening in Vancouver, Winter Olympic Games has always promise to be an event not to be missed. Proper planning and money has been used in setting up these extraordinary events which makes it memorable for them who go there and watch this event live. Book your tickets now, to this fantastic series of sports events!!

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