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{February 5, 2010}   Elliptical Trainers- A revolutionary way to Total Fitness
Schwinn 420A Elliptical

Schwinn 420A Elliptical

Elliptical trainers first entered into market in 1990’s and were re-patterned in 2004. Elliptical trainer was invented by Larry D. Miller with an idea to put less stress on joints. You might be wondering that if you already have a treadmill, then why to use elliptical trainers. There’s no doubt that treadmills and elliptical trainers are popular exercising equipments and excellent tools for getting an aerobic workout to be done indoors. But, as you start comparing treadmills and elliptical trainers, you’ll quickly realize that elliptical trainers are recently arrived fitness equipments with more modernity than treadmills, which have been around for much longer time. Even if elliptical trainers are new but still their benefits over other equipments contributes to its outstanding growth.


1. Low Impact: The first and foremost benefit which comes in mind is that, fitness equipments has very low impact. With low impact we mean that there’s no risk of injuring back, knee, ankle and other joints during workout. So it is a perfect equipment for old people, or people which are on recovery phase from some injury and helps to get in shape and maintain current level of fitness.

2. Cardiovascular Benefits: Elliptical equipment works on both upper and lower part of body simultaneously, which helps in increase of heart rate quickly, allowing cardiovascular workout, which helps in strengthening muscles of heart therefore reducing risk of heart attack, heart diseases, diabetics and various other diseases, leading towards a fit and fine body.

3. Weight-loss Rate Increases: As heart rate is increased during elliptical workout, metabolic rate of body also increases which results in burning calories and shed extra fat and inches. This training also helps to tone-up and strengthen muscles of legs, arms, back and abdomen, which makes you feel happy, beautiful and toned.

4. Consume Less Space: One benefit of elliptical trainer over treadmill is that elliptical trainers consume less space than treadmill and are easily movable when some guest arrive at your home.

5. Low Maintenance: Elliptical machines requires very low maintenance. The person who owns it does not need to worry about replacing or repairing belts, motors, bearings, rollers, etc.

So these are some most prevalent benefits of using elliptical trainer which offers great workout features. If you’re in search of a good elliptical trainer then Sports Authority deals will help you find the perfect one!


Thanks for sharing this information. Very well written article.

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