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{February 8, 2010}   Wall Stickers ~ Easier way to Liven-up your Room!

Wall stickers are an instant way to give life to any room. Gone are days, when wallpapers were used for wall textures. But now, modern wall stickers have taken their place. The main disadvantage of a wallpaper is that in humid conditions, the glue may loosen and can actually cause it to peel from wall. It is also easily soiled and damaged over time and its nearly impossible to match color or pattern of particular damaged wallpaper. And if we get one, then existing wallpaper will look faded in comparison to new ones. Also, it is too costly to replace a wallpaper.

But, such a problem doesn’t arises in case of wall stickers. Greatest advantage of wall stickers is that these can be easily removed and placed anywhere you like. So, take a break from wallpaper and say hello to wall decals or wall stickers. Wall stickers are also known as wall tattoos, wall art and wall graphics. The art we want at home is pretty much different from big art. But ‘Art is subjective’. So we can choose those wall stickers that reflect something of ourselves.

blik New Super Mario Brothers Wall Stickersblik Chandelier Wall StickersSilly Monkey Do Wall Stickers

Available in variety of designs, shapes and colors, stickers are widely used all over the world for all purposes. They are used by large corporations which helps them to advertise their name or product, schools and colleges to spread their mission statements widely and even in hospitals to create a healthy environment. Most commonly used stickers are kid stickers, decorative stickers, political stickers, educational stickers, football decals, round stickers, animal stickers, static clings, ovals stickers, and many more.

Wall stickers are one of the coolest ways to spice up any room. Beside of being relatively trendy and cost effective, these wall stickers are easy to install, remove and some can be reusable. Even kids can have their hands in choosing best stickers for their room. If some time you wish to change or redesign your room, then changes can be easily made with less time consumption, this is a big advantage of wall stickers over wallpapers.

Here are some guidelines to paste wall decals or wall stickers~

* First decide how and where you want to place wall stickers.

* Clean wall surface properly, wipe up wall surface where you plan to stick your wall sticker with a dry cloth.

* Cut sticker properly, use a masking tape first and tape the wall stickers on a surface where you want them to be placed.

* Slowly and carefully peel white backing of sticker at 45° angle starting at one corner. Once the wall stickers are placed, carefully smooth out with a dry cloth or hands, in case if any bubbles are found.

Wall stickers have many advantages on wallpapers and its a very modern way to decorate your walls while keeping in budget. Decorative wall stickers come in numerous designs, colors and styles, varying from plain colors to exotic dark shades with glittering variants. Small children will love wall stickers in form of alphabets, animals, cartoons characters, or other images of their choice. Using decorative wall stickers one can create unlimited designs and themes that gives a magical touch to home. Wall Sticker Shop and Fathead provides various types wall stickers and graphics at reasonable rates.

Try on Wall Stickers and Liven up your Room!


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