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{February 12, 2010}   Unforgettable Treats and Gifts for Parents Wedding Anniversary

Parents are most important persons in everybody’s life. They’re just like two pillars without whom it becomes difficult to imagine an enjoyable and stress-free life. They’re one who guide us in taking some important decisions of our life and shower their blessings on us. But we often forget to pay back the unconditional love and affection. Occasions like Parents wedding anniversaries, and their birthdays are best time to prove them that you do love and care about them.

Celebrating 25th or 50th wedding anniversary of parents, is really a great fun for every child. These occasions are so special for the honored couple which can’t be expressed in words. So, this is the time to celebrate the ups and downs of life they have faced happily together. On these occasions, one should consider giving a gift, treat or something else that marks a milestone in their lives. After all, it’s a big achievement to build a successful partnership for such a long time. Isn’t it!!

surprise party planningPersonalized Glass Frame50th wedding anniversary

So, you can plan some unforgettable treats and gifts for your parents wedding anniversary, which would make them happy, and make this special day evergreen in their life. Choosing these gifts may be a daunting task. Here are some mind-blowing ideas that can help you choose a perfect gift for them.

Surprise Party: If your parents are going to celebrate 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary, it would be a great plan to organize a surprise dinner party for them which include all their old and close friends, family members. It would be sure a big surprise for them. If you want to do in small scale then you can plan a nice, romantic evening for the couple, at home.

Organize a Trip: If your parents love to travel around or are nature lovers then you can plan a trip or second honeymoon on the occasion of their silver or golden-jubilee anniversary. You can even plan for a family trip for a day or couples of days. Movie tickets is also a good idea.

Decorative Gifts: If you’re a teenager or unemployed then you can go for some decorative pieces like a crystal photo frame, which consists of your parents photo or family photo. On a crystal frame you can get engraved some lines direct from your heart which carry your feelings to them. You can even gift a photo album containing old memories of your parents, or even prepare a slide PPT.

Electronic Gadgets: Electronic gadgets can also serve as a great gift to your parents which may include mobile phones, laptop, eBook Reader, camcorders, DVD or VCD player. You can also gift some special kitchen appliances to your mother like microwave-oven, food processor, designer kitchen-ware. And, if your father love to do Barbecue at weekends then a brand new BBQ set will be a great gift idea.

Personalized Jewelry: Choose an anniversary gift that suits your pocket also. Don’t buy too much expensive gift which will make your parents uncomfortable and worried because they know the financial status of their child. But, if you’re well established person, then simply go for expensive, unique or exotic gifts like something in diamond or platinum personalized jewelry for both.

There can be many other gifts that can be presented to your parents on their anniversary to make this occasion even more memorable and special. Make it a family affair, to share ideas. Even the smallest member of your family can give some fantastic ideas. You can also take help of your friends for sharing some ideas for this occasion. Spend a little time in searching cool ideas on Internet and let your mind do wonders for this day. Have Fun!!


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