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{February 17, 2010}   Amazing types of Orchestral String Instruments to Rock On!!

As you all know musical instruments are constructed or used for purpose of making sounds and sound produced is in form of music. Music is a universal language having multiple dialects and history of musical instruments begin with human culture itself. Study of musical instruments is called organology. There are different types of musical instruments which can be classified which are available at different corners of world that are wind instruments, percussion instruments, bass instruments, string instruments and electronic instruments.

In this section you will come to know about STRING INSTRUMENTS. These are instruments which produce sound when strummed, plucked or slapped. String instruments work on basis of sound wave vibrations, that are created with help of strings. Pitch of sound depends on length of air column and thickness of string involved. String musical instruments include wide variety of instruments, and some of them originated thousands of years ago.

violinFlorea Moldavia Violacello

double bassacoustic guitarelectric guitar

Some famous string instruments that are used in orchestral performances are:~

Violin: Violin, most commonly used member of string family, is highest-sounding instrument of this group. Its four strings are stretched over high arched bridge that permits player to play on one or two strings at a time. Overall length of violin averages about 60 cm (23.5 in), whereas sounding length of strings, from bridge to nut is about 32 cm (12.75 in). Now-a-days electric violins and violins with five strings are also available to increase the tempo of violinists.

Viola: Viola is a successor of violin family. It looks very similar to violin, however it has a larger size. It is played in a similar manner to the violin, but its a deeper sounding instrument, so it holds responsibility of playing tenor part in string quartet. It has four strings, named as the C, G, D, and A strings. Most orchestras have one viola section and the person who plays viola is called a violist.

Cello: Cello or violoncello, is second largest member of violin family of string musical instruments. It is largest than both violin and viola. It serves as melodic and bass instrument in chamber and orchestra. Body of cello is 76 cm (30 in) long and is much deeper than violin and viola. Similar to violin and viola, cello is also played by drawing a bow across the strings. Cellist is the name given to the person who plays a cello.

Double Bass: Double bass musical instrument is also famous as bass viol or contrabass. It is the largest and lowest-pitched member of orchestral string instruments. Standard double bass has four strings, while some instruments may have five strings in order to extend range downward. The strings on double bass are E, A, D, and G and the person who plays double bass in an orchestra is called bassist.

Guitar: Guitar referred as Acoustic guitar, is a hollow-bodied instrument, without electric amplification. Even they may have nylon or steel strings. Strings of a guitar, allow to control pitch and harmonic content of sound produced. Pitch is determined by length, mass and tension of strings. Where as frequencies are resonant frequencies of strings, which inversely depend on length.

Electric Guitars: Electric guitars are made with solid bodies. They depend upon electromagnetic pickups and amplifiers to produce sound as they are not dependent upon resonance of hollow body. This guitar is noted for its high pitched screams which is produced with help of its body shape and its single coil pickups, giving a rocking performances.

String instruments has by far most popular instruments among youth. Similarity between all string instruments is that they all are made of wood and have similar curve shape, and difference between them is their sizes and number of strings that produce various notions of music. The combination of different pitches and sounds played on various string instruments create music that has been enjoyed by many people throughout years. So, if you’re are a music lover or have passion for musical instruments and want to buy a string instrument, then and are among best places online to shop for best musical instruments.


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