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{February 23, 2010}   Hanna Sandström Refrigerator That Grows Plant
kitchen garden refrigerator

kitchen garden refrigerator

You may wish to grow fresh and lovely green vegetables in your kitchen, but you may fail to do so because of lack of proper light and fresh air, increasing and decreasing temperature of kitchen, space, moisture, and nutrition. Now this wish of yours can be fulfilled by growing green vegetables in your kitchen itself, and that wouldn’t be in your kitchen pots. That’s True!! Now, you can grow your kitchen plants within your refrigerator. In a refrigerator? Yes it’s right in a refrigerator.

This had been made possible with great effort of Ms Hanna Sandstrom who has been working with Green Fortune & Whirlpool and has come up with a refrigerator that will nurture a seed to a plant. But this refrigerator is restricted to herbs and green vegetables only. It can also be known as Kitchen Garden.

Having green plants and herbs in your own house will provide fresh and good flavor in your meal, or in salad, which will help in maintaining your health. Now to have a refrigerator dealing with this concept, does almost all the work for you. Takes seeds and turns them into full grown plants. Not to worry about temperature or watering. It’ll even do watering for you automatically and will set light and temperature as per required by the plant. Plus the window on front of your refrigerator will give your kitchen a more lively look. Isn’t It!!

Growing organic fresh greens herbs and vegetables could be a hit idea! This ideal kitchen appliance will be loved by those who are concerned about their health and prefer green food or those who simply love growing plants.

It seems that these “GO GREEN” refrigerators will lead to a new genre of home appliances that will more than what you want from them!! What do you think?


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