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{February 24, 2010}   Great Space Saving Furniture at Brylane Home

With economic ups and downs, many people have to adjust at what their pocket allows. They may have to reside in small spaces, especially in big cities, where finding a place to live in is a challenging task. And over to that, finding enough space for adjusting furniture and that too in economical price is a big problem in decorating your house. As time passes, family grows, and need for storage also increases. Best way of finding solution to space dilemmas is by choosing furniture that doubles a storage space.

Making a choice of using great designer furniture that save huge amount of precious space and making a far more usable and viable living area out of a small apartment will be a smart move. Here are some space saving tips and ideas for smaller living spaces and that too in economical prices. Have a look!!

space saving 1

Shoe-Under 12-Pair Shoe Drawer

space saving 2

Custom-Closet System

Shoe-Under 12-Pair Shoe Drawer
As weather changes you often take out your outfits, footwear, accessories according to that season. But big problem which you face is, where to adjust those outfits, or footwear which are not in use for particular period of time. So store those seasonal footwear’s under the bed in a space-saving canvas.

Shoes-Under Drawer is a fabulous option for you to choose which is divided into 12-section for holding dozen pairs. It is also provided with a zip around plastic cover which helps footwear to be dust free and insect free. For easy handling and assembling, side handles are provided. Shoes-Under Drawer can be available in less price in compare with wooden shoe rack, that consumes a lot of space.

Custom-Closet System
Wide variety of containers are designed for under-bed storage for off-season clothes and seldom used accessories. But creating a closet of your dreams, which is much economical and used to customize your clothes , shoes and accessories in one closet and that too in proper way. Customizing closet includes just a right amount of hanging space, open storage and slide-out drawers for all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Custom-Closet System is a best way out for your requirements of a closet. Benefit of this closet over others is that, it is very affordable. Its components feature, with tubular metal frames and durable non-woven covers keeps the dust away. This Custom-Closet system helps to keep your bedroom in a well organized manner.

These and more space saving furniture can be shopped through Brylane Home and Target. So, bring that smart space saving recommendations to your home and let the room take sigh-of relief!!


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