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{February 25, 2010}   Rolling Bags: The best travel-counterparts for a Happy Journey!!

Traveling bags are the most important and essential part of any journey, rather than handbags, wallets, and other accessories. Whether you are going for a business trip, a romantic holiday, or a trip with family, travel bags are considered as the best travel-counterparts for a Happy Journey. Without them you’ll be unable to carry your luggage or nick-knacks in an organized way.

Whether you’re traveling across country, or going only for an overnight stay, you’ll most likely to carry some kind of luggage with you. With luggage we not only mean by traditional luggage like clothing, it can be something like outdoor sport accessories or any kind of recreation. For this you’ll need a travel bag set in which you can easily put your things in a proper way.

American Tourister Nested Set

American Tourister Nested Set

There are variety of bags available for carrying different types of luggage like, laptop bags, sports bags, garment bags, garment carriers, kids luggage, totes, backpacks, duffel bags, motorcycle luggage and handbags. Each piece of above mentioned bags offers its own unique features and uses, which are available in many materials, sizes, colors, shapes and prices.

Making journey comfortable, is not all about travel bags. The type of travel bag one chooses defines his/her personal style and taste. So, a traveling bag should not only meet your tastes aesthetically, but at same time it should be something that is functional and easy to use. One such type of travel bag, which is really comfortable in use and looks very stylish are the Rolling Bags or Rolling Backpacks. They are also known as Wheeled Bags.

Some types of rolling bags which you can use for carrying luggage are Duffel rolling bags, Rolling messengers, rolling backpacks for use in schools and colleges and many more. Main advantage of rolling bags is, they are very easy to carry your luggage and also give a sophisticated look to your personality. Another important feature that make these bags different from others is the facility provided to pull it along like a suitcase. Rolling traveling bags are available in varieties of shapes, size and color. Have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of these bags:~


  • Can be carried for longer distances.
  • It makes journey comfortable than carry-all, with its pulling feature.
  • Easy to carry heavy and bulky luggage.
  • Rollers can available on both, bags and suitcases.


  • It is suggested that roller bags or suitcases are not good over rough ground.
  • No facility for hiking on a trip.

Roller style or wheeled travel bags are comparable to either small suitcases or luggage sets. These bags have an extendable handle and allows to tote bag on wheels. Structured style of these bags works well for many travelers. Exterior zip pockets, interior open pockets, and elastic straps are some of the features to secure your belongings.

Many types of rollers are designed so as to look which is streamlined and professional. With so many advantages and features, these bags are gaining popularity very fast and now many designers are designing these rolling bags with some innovative techniques. You can buy a variety of designer bags and luggage sets online from and


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