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{February 26, 2010}   Tips on decorating Baby Nursery for angel’s first step in world!

Decorating nursery for your new born baby can be a fun and exciting experience. As it will be a first place for a baby to dream, to experience, and to grow, so there are many things to be considered while designing a room for your baby. Thinking a decorating theme for baby nursery would be a great way to start. Mostly, parents start thinking about this, before the baby arrival, which is really very sweet of them. It shows that they are waiting anxiously for their baby to come in this world! And this can really help them to create wonders for their little angel’s room.

While deciding a baby nursery theme, there would be countless questions in your mind. First thing to be considered is whether you’re decorating room for a baby boy or a baby girl. An issue that often occurs in case of doubles or triplets, is sharing a room with different gender or an older sibling. Another important question is – will your child be happy at age of three or four with same nursery theme which you have picked for him or her? Some questions like these often comes in mind while decorating a baby room. So, its necessary to find right answers to these questions.

spring-bouquet-nurseryABC NurseryMorgan Nursery

To start with decoration there are many things which should kept in mind and these are mentioned below:~

Selection Of Room: While selecting a room for your baby, it is necessary to choose a room that can provide your baby with calm surroundings. So you should avoid that room which is close to a busy street, and where there is enough noise to disturb the baby. It will be more convenient for you to monitor baby if his or her room is on same floor as your bedroom.

Theme Selection: Now it’s time to run your imagination wild. While choosing a theme and design, for your baby room depends on its gender, but if you don’t know, then take neutral colors like green, white, purple. Theme selection also depends on how much you want to spend on decor and how much space is available to you. There are many stores from where you can get different idea and check out different styles. Some of the styles idea are given here:-)

* Animal theme: It can be a common theme but mostly liked by kids in their grown up age. This could include jungle scenes, farm scenes, puppies, kitten or teddy bears. It can be shown by using wall stickers, which are less expensive than wall papers and even easy to remove.

* Cartoon/TV Characters: As in age of 3 to 7, kids like various cartoon characters depending on their gender. Girls mainly like Barbie, Tweety, Tinker Bell, Power Puff Girls and boys favorite cartoon characters are Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Aladdin, Curious George, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, and not to mention Tom & Jerry. Tom & Jerry is a good idea if your baby has to share a room with older sibling of different gender.

* Crayons: With use of crayons you can give a different look to a room by spending a lesser amount of money from your pocket. It is really fun using crayons which makes room colorful. You can also create different ideas and could make the theme more creative. You can even use paint colors to make it more lively.

Decide Necessary Item: Item which are necessary for kids room are:-

  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Wall Stickers or Wallpapers
  • Baby Swings
  • Baby Toys
  • Baby Books

Some tips to decorate a baby room:~

  1. Flooring should be stain resistant. Carpet or hardwood floors should be used.
  2. Baby room should be properly ventilated with windows coverings the nursery.
  3. You should make use of washable fabrics.

Remember, heart of your child’s room is not what is physically held or seen within four walls. Rather it is a relationship of parent and child. You can shop verious baby nursery items depending upon your chosen theme, from Pottery Barn Kids and Childrens Place.


Tracy says:

Great tips I like to use wall stickers for my children’s wall decor, just because they are easy to put up and more important when my boys change there mind I can take them down or change them to a different theme.
Some sites I would suggest are. for older children and Presto Chango
Of course there are 1000 of websites that sell wall decor to choose from so shop around.

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