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{March 2, 2010}   Colorful and Decorative Easter Gifts by Lenox

Easter is Christian Holiday and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in many countries around the world. This year Easter Day will be celebrated on 4th of April. You might have started thinking how to celebrate your Easter Day this time and what all gifts you should gift to your loved ones. There are thousands of products that can be gifted on Easter Day. If you haven’t started thinking for the gifts for your friends and family, then here are some great Easter Gift ideas by Lenox that may help you out.

Spirit of Easter BasketChicks & Butterflies

Jim Shore Spirit of Easter Basket
This Easter add some charm to children table by gifting them a Showcase with five Easter eggs Basket, which will really add fun to your children gift. It consists of a basket which can be complemented with Easter eggs or candies. It can also be considered as Charming Bunny Basket, you can even remove them to create your own display. This basket is a perfect combination for Easter ornaments like Easter eggs, and Ester Bunnies, as it is sculpted with bunnies holding a colorful Easter egg that makes basket’s handle whimsical.

Chicks & Butterflies
As Easter is celebrated in Spring, which is a season of bright colors like color of green grass, spring flowers, different color pallet on butterflies wings. THis sculpture features six freshly hatched chicks surrounding hydrangeas flowers and colorful butterflies over that add to a adorable addition to your Easter decor from Lenox collection. As this sculpture portrayed a Sweet Spring which make it a perfect gift for this Easter.

Spring Delivery by LenoxCollector Easter Egg

Spring Delivery
Celebrating Easter indoor with charming decorations inspired by one of springs most familiar offering. You can have an elegant and modern dinning table for adults or a fun kid-friendly tabletop for Easter celebrations this year. This beautiful a hand-painted sculpture at Lenox features a proud mama hen watching her chicks and is made from ivory fine china. You can even personalize this basket with any name up to 12 characters. It would definitely be a great gift to give your loved one which will add spark on dinner table or on any book shelf or cabinet.

Spring Rose Trellis Collector Easter Egg
There are many customs related to Easter and celebrations are also according to that, similarly there is a custom associated with Easter eggs. Easter Eggs came about in 13th century as there were abundance of eggs because people couldn’t eat eggs during Holy week. So chickens continued to lay eggs. As eggs were laid during Holy week, so they were painted and used as decoration. So from Lenox collection you can choose a collector Easter egg. It is a hand-painted ivory china accent sculpted with lavender flowers and mauve roses which create a lovely trellis design. Collector egg is designed to be personalized with lettering of your choice.

Aren’t these Easter gifts really cute? You can shop more Easter decorative accents and gift items from and don’t forget to use Lenox coupons for additional savings.


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