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{March 4, 2010}   Eye Makeup Types and Tips – Perfect for every season!!

Everyone likes to look beautiful and just perfect. Whether it is a woman or man, all like to look fashionable and trendy, wherever they go. Today, designer clothing, shoes, bags and watches are high on demand but one thing without which a look can’t complete is Makeup. Makeup trends keep on changing and fashion loving women love to follow it by adopting latest style of doing make up. But one thing, that should be done with utmost precision is Eye Makeup. We all know eyes are regarded as one of the best feature in women. So, all you ladies out there, get acknowledged with latest trends in eye makeup along with tips on how to do it.

Eye Makeup Tips

Types and Tips on Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup
Smokey eye makeup is very much in trend today, as it look fabulous on everyone. Getting smokey eye make up is not at all difficult, you can even do it yourself. All you have to do is perfect blending of colors and to choose perfect makeup brush. It is like a key to smokey eye makeup. While choosing eye shadow or eyeliner for it, try to avoid blue hues, and go for black, gray, brown or dark green shadows and liners, instead. One more important point to remember is to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Some of nice mixes are soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue. Black is regarded perfect for creating smokey effect, but if you’re going for prom party then choose purple, greens, browns and golds which are great eyeshadow colors for creating smokey eyes. Apply darker color on about half of the eyelid and then go for lighter color to receive a smooth, uniform transition. Continue>>


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