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{March 5, 2010}   Transcend Ski Goggles: Stepping into new era of Eyewear

In this new era of technology, people are trying to implement various electronic devices onto simple devices. Among them the best examples are goggles that has already been extended to spy goggles. The latest invention in this category are the Transcend Goggles, which is a result of partnership between two companies, Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. This new invention is also known as Transcend Ski Goggles or Zeal Optics Transcend goggles. These pair of goggles are said to have world’s first direct-to-eye-communications display.

Now you might be wondering what’s that! Have patience, we’ll be telling you all about it! These goggles are packed with vast array of features, that are normally founded in GPS. These goggles contain hardware which is used to measure speed, altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates. Here information is displayed through a HUD (Head-up display) and charging of data and data transfer occurs over USB. Transcend goggles have some promising functions, including trail maps, cellphone display integration and video recording. But these goggles are specially meant for use in skiing.

transcend ski goggles

Let’s see the use of Transcend goggles in skiing as a Transcend Ski Goggles

Zeal Optics is, a company aiming to change technology, which is involved in skiing, with the idea of these goggles. Transcend Ski Goggles are the first ski goggles to have an integrated GPS system, which help skiers to navigate slopes in a way that is more efficient and accurate. Anyone who has seen Robo Cop or Terminator 2 can have some ideas of its display.

Buttons on side of goggles will allow to scan information on ski lift. Recon promises six hours of battery life for these goggles which are enough for a whole day skiing. These pair of goggles are easily compatible with helmets. Other features include stopwatch with chronos mode, time, permanent anti-fog coatings and a vertical odometer to ensure accurate feedback of how much rider went down. This technology can also be applied in other fields, such as producing head-mounted displays for mountain bikers, motocross riders and motorcycle helmets.

One can shop new and innovative technology products by Zeal Optics at and


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