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{March 22, 2010}   Unique Easter Gift Baskets For Creative Kids

Easter is celebrated with great joy and happiness in many countries. On Easter day, family relatives and friends meet and exchange their gifts showing their love and care for each other. Gift baskets for children are a great idea of presenting gift on this Easter. Tradition of carrying Easter basket came into existence in 17th century. There are many different types of Easter gift baskets available at many online stores.

Traditionally, Easter gift baskets are made to carry Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter candies, chocolates, jellybeans and goodies. These are very common gifts on Easter of your kids. But if your child is an art lover or he/she is very creative then gifting a special Easter Basket will make his/her day more special. You can gift a basket which contain articles that your child is fond of. Examples of such Baskets are Easter jig saw puzzles basket, Cross word Easter book, Easter cards gift basket, Sports gift basket or Crayons gift basket.

Here are some ideas for budgeted, unique, friendly and creative gift baskets for children on this Easter.

Crayons Gift Basket :-

If you want some personal, inexpensive and creative gift basket for your kid then Crayons Gift Basket is a perfect idea for gifting if your child is an art lover and it will be a fun idea for young children. These gift baskets can be filled with coloring books featuring your child’s favorite cartoon characters, animals or themes. Don’t forget to add box of crayons in the basket. You can add more than one box of crayons of different types, which will definitely bring a smile on your child’s face. For accessorizing, add some chocolates or toys and this would be a great gift for kids of all ages.

Crayola Kids Gift Box

Crayola Kids Gift Box

Stationary Gift Basket :-

People who want to gift stationary articles, then a stationary Easter gift basket surely will satisfy this need. You can add articles into basket like stylish paper, envelopes, greeting cards, pens, markers, books etc on which the symbols of Easter is engraved. This can be a perfect gift for a studious kid. Children who are book worms, for them, gifting Easter baskets filled with variety of books with Easter message or books of their favorite author is a great idea. You can even add Easter joke books or story books.

Kids Stop Activity Gift Basket

Kids Stop Activity Gift Basket

Sports Gift Basket :-

Sports gift basket is an ideal choice for kids of any age, specially for boys. Choose a basket filled with all sporty stuff from your kid’s favorite sport. You can even gift your rock star with Easter Basket that features all kind of sports like selecting from golf, fishing, basketball, hockey, or football. If that costs you huge, then gifting a baseball bat with baseball ball would be a better option. In addition to sports goodies you can complement it with a nice t-shirt or a cap with their favorite players name on it.

Football fanatic sports gift basket

Football fanatic sports gift basket

Toys Gift Basket :-

Parents know wonderful benefits of educational toys for their children. So on this Easter you can present your child of age between 4-10 with educational toys like Jigsaw puzzles which have timeless appeal for kid or already in your adult years. For older boys who like to make models, for them you can consider gift baskets devoted to model cars, bikes, airplanes, trains, etc. These educational toys will surely bring delight and joy, especially from their boring life and make them relax. Puzzles and Lacing toys are a great way to develop fine motor skills and develop a sense of creativity with arts and crafts. and has a broad range of Easter gift baskets for kids. You can shop any type of gift basket that you think would be a wise gift for your little bunny on this Easter! Don’t forget to use Gourmet Gift Basket coupons and Gift Baskets coupon codes available at while shopping from these stores.


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