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Candle Lanterns are gaining much more popularity from past few years. They are serving as one of the best decorative pieces for outdoors and indoors. Candle lanterns are best substitute for electric bulbs throughout your home, wall decor, and even for outdoor lighting. One could purchase these at very less prices and have a genuine unique touch to ones house whether indoor or outdoor. Candle lanterns were the main form of lighting in homes many years ago. Now also the purpose is same but one could see them in more decorative way today in lightening outdoor dining areas or parties.

Lanterns for candle lighting come in huge array of colors, shapes, styles that suit any type of home decor one currently has. A lantern mainly protects candle and allows candle to display maximum form of light. With that it also act as a candle holder. Candle lanterns are easily available in market and at online stores. Finding stylish lanterns matching up with surroundings is not a difficult task these days. Here are some of the candle lanterns from Pottery Barn which could be used as a amazing decorative pieces at one’s home.

Grayson LanternBristol candle LanternBristol Lantern

Grayson Lantern
As said before there are various styles which one could coordinate with their home decorative theme whether indoor or outdoor. Similarly, Grayson Lanterns from Pottery Barn are beautiful pieces crafted with bronze-finished iron. It comes in various shapes like hexagonal lantern, square lantern, medium lantern, rectangular lantern. These lanterns have clear glass panes with hinged doors open and closed easily. They will add grace to indoors and outdoors, giving you a light mood in evening.

Bristol Lantern
There is no limit to one’s imagination in exploring various types of candle lanterns. Outdoor candle lanterns come with self made candle holders and wall sconce which help them to hung over gutter, a pillar, a tree branch. These Bristol Lanterns at Pottery Barn can be used indoor and outdoor which has a circular top that helps in heat escape and also in protecting dramatic glow of candle. These lanterns are crafted from white painted pine wood with a nickel-plated metal at the top. It is available in various square, medium and large sizes.

These lanterns will give a unique and elegant look to your house. To make lanterns more life lasting, clear the dust with a soft dry cloth and never leave a lantern with a burning candle unattended. Make your shopping at Pottery Barn more pleasing affair with Pottery Barn coupons.

Normally, women prefer to wear fashionable shoes that are high on heels as well as on style. It’s true, that these high heel shoes look really awesome and add good appeal to the wearer, but ‘comfort and ease’ stand as a big question mark. Everyone look for nice footwear that can provide style as well as comfort to walk casually. To fulfill these requirements in summers, casual footwear is essential and one such footwear that fulfills all these basic requirements is Flat Sandals.

flat sandals

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are one of the staple accessories of summer fashion. They are comfortable and appropriate footwear for a plethora of events from July 4th barbecues to a beach party or an evening of salsa dancing. Flat sandals have been in trend since years but some women don’t like wearing them for their simple and sober appearance. Mostly women like wearing those sandals that can make them appear sexy and stylish, and flats don’t give that sexy appeal which they want. But for this spring and summer, flats have emerged as the must-have footwear trend. These sandals are best alternative and sure-fire footwear for hot summers and spring fashion.

Flat sandals, as their name suggests, are preferable to wear because of their soft foot bed on which feet rest to move without pressure and pain. Thongs, flip-flops are types of flat sandals that offer style, elegance and ecstasy. High heel shoes or sandals provide minimal comfort and support to walk on all surfaces. On other hand, shoes with flat heel are always safe to walk. Strap or thong of the sandal, joining front part of toe, give snug fit to feet and enables comfortable walk. One can even find these sandals with zippered back strap or jeweled ankle strap that not only ensure style, but also provide a secured fit to feet. Some flat sandals are specifically designed with grippe out-soles and cushioned mid sole to enable hassle free walk on beach sand or in a nearby park. Continue>>

Designer clothing is very eclectic. It ranges widely from classy evening gowns to latest fashions in jewelry, shoes, purses and sunglasses. The amount of versatility in women’s clothing stimulates many designers to produce exquisite outfits. Normally, designer evening gowns are considered as highly embellished dresses created for special occasion wear. Designer gowns are opulent pieces of art, which are one of their kinds, fit perfectly and make wearer feel really good. There some things to be considered while shopping for a designer gown.

Marchesa embroidered chiffon gownMarc Bouwer Glamit gown

Top Designer Brands:
There are many designer labels who are well known and have given some of the best and glamorous evening gowns to fashion industry. Top in this list are – Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Carmen Marc Valvo, Valentino, Chanel, Elie Saab and Badgley Mischka. Every designer ensures high craftsmanship and attention to detail while designing evening gowns.

Fabrics Used and Embellishments:
The fabrics used in designer evening gowns are rich, elegant and sophisticated. Silk is the common fiber used in gowns and is often mixed with others like satin and rayon to give an elegant detail. Beadwork and other embellishments in the form of appliqués are normally added to give a unique look.

Detailing and Silhouette:
The gowns can vary from those with plunging necklines and flowing skirts to carpet gowns full of beading and sequins. Typical silhouettes for designer evening gowns include knee-length cocktail dress, calf- to full-length gown or a grander maxi-length with or without a train. Gowns may be sleeveless, strapless, sleeved, or backless with skirt cuts ranging from asymmetrical to a full bell cut. With matching evening clutches, jewelry, wraps and footwear, the outfit that comes out looks amazingly stunning. Continue>>

Shirt dress

Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are getting popular these days. From plaid to chambray to print patterns, shirt dresses are available in many styles. This simple style that borrowed details from men’s shirt has evolved to more than just a button-down shirt dress with a collar.

Nowadays you can walk down the street and see girls parading in beautiful shirt dresses. If you can manage to creatively change styles of one shirt dress by using bold and chic accessories, then you could probably wear the same one all week through and no one would be the wiser. Shirt dresses are very classy and chic and is a must-have for spring-summer 2010.

Shirt dresses look gorgeous on girls as well as working women whether tall or with short height. Girls wear it all with their own personal styles. Teenage girls love creativity and uniqueness in everything and everywhere, and same is the case with their dresses. So, a shirt dress will be a perfect choice for them.

Not only for teenage girls, shirt dresses make a perfect ensemble for working women as well as pregnant ladies. Available in different lengths, colors and styles, shirt dresses can be worn on any occasion, as they exhibit elegance in a refined manner. Some shirt dresses may have a belt tyeing across the waist with a buttoned closure while some may have smocking at the waist for a flattering shape. Continue>>

Every season brings something new with it. After cold winters, now the time is moving towards hot summers, which is going to bring new trends of clothing, accessories and footwear for summer fashion. Here, we are going to talk about some spring summer blazer trends for men which were seen on 2010 men’s runway shows. If you’re thinking that blazers are not meant for summers, then you’re wrong. Because, it is said that it is never a wrong time to wear a blazer in any season and these beautiful summer blazers are going to prove one of the hottest fashion trend that will survive year-round.

Designers have worked very hard to give a cool and cozy look to all blazers specially meant for summers. Summer is a great time to have cotton suits, which look great at work, or any formal occasion like wedding. Trendy blazers are one of the top and fun to pick up for spring/summer ensemble for any age of men. Every man will love to wear a designer blazer as it adds grace and charm to their personality. Men are usually confused about their outfit on their date. A blazer with nice jeans and shirt is surely a great way to impress your lady in life. So this summer, one could take opportunity to incorporate his wardrobe with new trends of blazers. Check out some hot blazer trends from runway shows of Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani.

dandg blazerdandg mens blazer1dandg mens blazer

As we all know that spring and summer brings range of bright colors with it. Similarly with influence to that one could go for range of bright colors while choosing a blazer. Many designers has also experimented with different colors in their 2010 Spring/Summer collection which defines street culture with flashy accents on a scenery of faded monochromes. Designers have come up with new men’s contemporary styles for youngsters.

So one should go for beautiful blazers for this summer and choose what’s right and adopt couple of them while looking at your favorite designer collection. There are various trends of blazers for this summer like Absinthe Blazer, Glam Sequined Blazers, Nocturnal Fashion, Rusted Blazers, or Stenciled White Trenches. If you want to go trendy on this summer, then opt for runway style D&G blazers of your choice and make your own look more glamorous and stunning.

Men’s hottest summer blazers are available at Overstock and Saks Fifth Avenue. So, what are you waiting for? Make a statement with this hottest trend. You can order men’s blazers at discounted prices by using Overstock coupons and Saks Fifth Avenue coupons.

{April 24, 2010}   Setting-up an Office Interior

Interior decoration is a trend these days. Earlier interior decoration was mainly used for decorating homes only. But, now the concept has changed and improved and these days interior decoration has become a must for offices also.

An individual mostly spends a long time in office. So, the office must have a good environment to make an employee relax and calm. Here are some points while planning for office interiors –

office furniture

office furniture

Furniture: Office furniture should be comfortable to sit and to work on. Enough space should be there in office for movement of furniture and other equipments. Office chairs should be comfortable enough so that one can sit with ease for long hours. Desktop should be of good quality and according to employee’s use. There should be at-least two or three drawers in it, so that one can put important documents separately.

Electrical requirements: Plugging and wiring should be properly done and these things should not mess up with each other. Electrical equipments that meet quality standards should be used in an office.

Reception and Conference room: The main two focus points of offices are – Reception and Conference room. One must take care of both areas. Reception area should be spacey and well furnished as it is “face of an office or a company”. It gives first impression of the office. Now, coming to Conference room decoration; it must be spacey with well ventilation. Proper lightening system must be there. It must be quite and sound proof and should be situated near to the entrance so that outsiders can find it easily. The necessities of a conference room are T.V, projectors, charts, two or three screens if required, cameras etc.

Working area: Working area should be properly maintained and with open space. Curtains should be used to cover windows. Beautiful and simple shades or blinds can also be used. It should be well furnished and well maintained.

Flooring: Carpets should be used on floors. Flooring of office can be wooden, marble or cemented to avoid walk noisiness and for easy maintenance.

Washroom: Washrooms should be in adequate numbers, according to number of staff members. An exhaust fan must be there in washroom. Washrooms should be separate for men and women both.

Storage area: Almira and office cabinets are important part of office furniture. They are used storing important files and documents. It will help in providing messy free space.

By applying these points you can get a well furnished office. Various office supplies are available at many online stores like Office Max and Office Depot. You can order products from these stores at discounted prices by using Office Max coupons and Office Depot coupons.

Hello Kitty Dining Set

Hello Kitty Dining Set

Thomas the Tank Dinnerware Set

Thomas the Tank Dinnerware Set

Kids are most precious and special for us. Everyone wants to do every thing different and special for their kids. One usually does as much as he or she could do for kids. When kids are born we try to provide them special atmosphere and the things that they love and that to with their choice. Choices of kids is basically colorful, things with lot of characters like their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, Disney characters and many more.

If this time you want to gift something special to your kid, and that also some useful item on his/her birthday or any other occasion, then you could gift a cute dinnerware set. Dinnerware sets come in variety of shapes, designs and patterns. One could also opt for kid’s favorite character. There are some hand picked dining sets for kids from Target store, available at very affordable prices.

Hello Kitty Dining Set:
Hello Kitty is loved by kids of small ages between 3 to 7. They behave as if they are the real fans of Hello Kitty, specially the girls. So gift your child with special Children’s Dinnerware Set of Hello Kitty, which comes in six pieces. It includes polypropylene tumbler, bowl, plate, fork, polypropylene sports bottle, and spoon. This exciting dining set is made of Casual Melamine and is dishwasher safe. Dimensions of Salad/Dessert Plate and bowl is 8″ and 5.5″ in dia. respectively. In addition to that cup capacity of a dining set is 14-oz., 9-oz. So this serves a perfect dining set for your children in which they’ll surly enjoy their meal. Continue>>

Earth Day is celebrated to inspire awareness and appreciation for Earth’s environment. And today, on April 22, 2010, Earth Day is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year on the same day.

Earth Day 2010 is a global referendum on climatic changes. This day can be a turning point to advance climate policy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and green jobs. Earth Day 2010 is pivotal opportunity for people, corporations, and governments to join together to create a global green economy.

Earth Day

Earth Day

Join people and participate in Earth Day and take action to help your Earth. Check with your local city to see how you can participate. If you’re not sure about reality of climate change science, simply celebrate the Earth and think about ways you can make adjustments in your lifestyle so future generations can enjoy clean water, air, safe food plus overall health and well-being.

There are some ways to get involved in Earth Day.

  • Get neighbors and friends together for an Earth Day party. Everyone should bring a sustainable, organic dish to pass. You may supply non-throwaway dinnerware and glasses. If you can’t have party without paper plates, plastic utensils, etc., consider biodegradable single-use dinnerware. Or you can ask everyone to bring their own non-disposable place setting!
  • Unplug everything and listen to birds in morning, play board games by candlelight, choose eco-friendly candles, talk about what earth means to you. Ride your bike or take a walk in nature. Take note of what you see, hear or smell. Just be yourself keeping moma earth in view.
  • Join official Earth Day 2010 Campaign, galvanizing million others who make personal commitments to sustainability. You’ll learn about ways to take action for earth and can sign up for a campaign in your area–or submit an event of your own.
  • Give much importance to organic products. Stores like Linens n Things, Dicks Sporting Goods,, eBags are offering special discounts for every purchase on Earth Day.
  • Take action for Earth throughout the year and pledge that you’ll do your best to save Earth.

However you choose to spend and celebrate Earth Day, thank you for reading this far. Ending this post with a cute poem by Lynn A. Hasselberger.
Earth Day Poem

After clear heels, cage shoes, lace-up shoes and cutout shoes, now its time to reveal our next category of hot new footwear trend for spring – Chain Embellished Sandals. Jackets to jewelry and handbags to hats, chain details made their rocking opulence during Spring 2010 runway shows. Many designer brands including Lanvin, Chanel, Michael Kors, D&G, and Gucci included chain detailing in their designs to reveal the rocker chic in an elegant way. Check out some hot picks for spring/summer 2010.

Lanvin Suede chain-detail pumps: If you want something really eye-popping, then Lanvin’s black suede chain detail pumps will just play the game for you. These shoes will bring an element of timeless glamor to your look. Wear them with or without detachable gold-tone ankle chain to luxe up your look. Continue>>

Lanvin Suede chain-detail pumpsRoberto Cavalli Chain-detailed leather sandals

Shu Uemura introduces puRENovate Total Solution, its first purifying program to answer combination and oily skin concerns. Inspired by mystic blooming power of Water Lily and its long time appreciated medical use; this total solution package contains three products — Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer, Intense Pore Perfecting Solution, and Clarifying Refreshing Lotion.

These skincare products are designed to fight against external skin stresses such as UV/pollution and internal hormonal stresses that create excess oil. The skin looks clean and matte with less visible appearance of pores. Here’s a quick preview of puRENovate total solution range.

puRENovate Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer:
Its a gel-like moisturizer that instantly mattifies skin while maintaining its delicate moisture balance. Special polyamide microspheres absorb excess oil to refine skin, while water lily extract purifies, for a matte yet radiant complexion. Continue>>

Shu Uemura Purenovate Skincare Solution

Shu Uemura Purenovate Skincare Solution

Oscar de la Renta Bridal Collection Spring 2011 was beautiful. Oscar de la Renta Bridal gowns are known for their exquisiteness. For Spring 2011, Oscar de la Renta presented dresses in a lot of styles, keeping in mind everybody’s taste. Just like Reem Acra Spring 2011 Bridal Show and Douglas Hannant Spring 2011 Bridal Collection, ritzy designer fashion was exhibited.

It is must to see collection for every bride to be. There are stylish ball gowns with frills and pleats, very ritzy, simple and classy dresses. Strapless Bridal gowns are very much in fashion and desired by every bride to be as it accentuate one’s personality and make bride look like a princess on the most special day of her life. Oscar de la Renta ball gowns presented in show were breathtakingly beautiful. Continue>>

Oscar de la Renta wedding gownsOscar de la Renta Bridal Collection 2011

Airbrush Makeup is perfect to create a flawless face and most of top celebrities love it. It is very effective and easy to apply. All you need to get a perfect look, is an airbrushing kit, applying it properly and you are ready to rock every party. It is best for busy people who don’t have much time for full face makeup.


Airbase Airbrush Makeup

Airbase Airbrush Makeup at Home kit is a great way to get a diva look, every day without need of a professional makeup artist. Airbase Home use Airbrushing Kit helps one to enjoy a flawless spray makeup at home everyday. It consist of all equipments needed for airbrush makeup. It comes with four shade sets for every skin complexion along with two blushers, a bronzer and a primer. Continue>>

Panasonic added many new camcorders to its line of Hi-Definition camcorders for 2010. But one camcorder that caught our attention is Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder. Here we are letting you know the feature details of HDC-HS700. HDC-HS700 uses progressive method to record twice the image data as interlace method. This camcorder is becoming popular as it is using 3MOS System and Full-HD technology, along with Leica Dicomar lenses, which are renowned and used for their ability to render sharp images and excellent shading. In addition to that, these lenses are also used to suppress ghosting, flare, and distortion at image edges.

panasonic camcorders  HDC-HS700K

Panasonic HDC-HS700 Camcorder

Beyond the features mentioned above, Panasonic HDC-HS700K camcorder also supports many other features which are listed as below —

  • This camcorder supports 3MOS System and have a Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 60 Progressive Recording Produce.
  • It has a 240 GB HDD and SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card.
  • HDC-HS700K has All-New Color-Bright Image Quality which is featured such that it can capture crisp, clear images even in dim light.
  • With this camcorder we can have beautiful zoom shots of distant subjects, as it supports 18x intelligent zoom with 12x optical zoom.
  • The specifications include Focal Length of 3.45-41.4mm, Filter Diameter 46mm, and 35mm Camera Film.
  • This camcorder records 20-102 hours of high-definition video and supports video formatting.
  • It has built-in stereo zoom microphone with wind noise canceller also.
  • Maximum video resolution: 1920 x 1080.

Now you are having the details of Panasonic HDC-HS700K Camcorder. This amazing camcorder is currently available for $1399.95 at and So, what are you waiting for, grab this hot camcorder deal now. And yeah! don’t forget to use Abt Electronics coupons or Amazon coupons available at while ordering products from respective stores. Check out for detailed information regarding speciafications and technologies.

Hillary Duff hoop earrings

Hillary Duff wearing hoop earrings

hoop earrings

Beyonce wearing hoop earrings

If you are searching for top most trends of earrings this season, then this is the right place you have reached. One of the trendiest trend and guidelines of this season are big, bright and bold. This year jewelry sold in retail stores will be colorful, beautiful, and of course large. There will be big & bulky necklaces, big earrings – notably hoop/circular earrings, big cocktail rings, and cuff bracelets with large gemstones to chose from this season.

For earrings trend, Hoop earrings have made a come back again and there are another traditional approaches that is being accepted nowadays. Hoops can be classified into different resources such as gold, silver, crystal or even hard synthetic which are available in wonderful colors and big hoop earrings will remain hot for 2010.

There are different type of jewelry available according to jewels that would be small or delicate jewels, big or bold jewels and high or thicker jewels. There are also many variety available to you in accordance to shape, one could go for accurate circles, or with more oval shaped, square shaped rectangular or any irregular shape choices for chics.

These hoop earrings are so in demand that you could see celebrities wearing them more frequently. They look simple, clean, and pretty which darn hot with any type of ensemble. These hoops are a nice complementary piece of jewelry and you really can’t go wrong with gold hoop earrings, or sterling silver hoop earrings for that matter. You could also see celebrities at a teen-age in music videos, television programs or movie screens are largely responsible for dictating trends in teen jewelry fashion and hoop earrings are one of them.

gold plated hoop plus drop earringspave hoop earringsblack jade hoop earrings

Every season trends come and go. Love beads and mood rings from sixties and seventies aren’t popular today, as they used to be in that period of time. So like wise one of the popular trends that is taken from a past decade is of colorful eighties style jewelry that include jelly bracelets, giant earrings, cocktail rings and even wrist cuffs with vibrant shades and patterns. Such type of jewelry promises you to garnished your beauty on any formal or casual occasion. Saks Fifth Avenue and Zales have a broad range of hoop earrings at really affordable prices. So, move on with this hot earring trend, just like celebrities!!

2010 prom season is at its peak. If you’re a teenager, then you might have started preparations a month ago. Your dress, accessory would be ready, but have you planned for a lovely hairstyle which suits you and go with your prom dress. If not, then this time try something different from routine spring/summer hairstyle. If you have long hairs, then try various hairstyles as there is long list of hairstyles for long hairs. Now here are some long wavy curls styling for long hairs for prom 2010. Many celebrities have been spotted with curly and wavy hairstyles. You can try one out of them and be special on your prom night.

megan fox long Wavy curlsmegan fox long Wavy curls with puff

If you’re looking for a sultry-sexy hairstyle for prom night, then Megan Fox is a best reference for you all. Her beauty, mysterious edges and her sultry style is different from all and captivates attention. Her gorgeous hairstyles on red carpet always leaves us guessing what she will do next. From her elegant long curls to sleek updo, Megan has done it all. Check out some of Megan Fox hairstyles for your 2010 prom.

Girls who have long curly blonde hair or girls who want to experiment something different with long wavy curls, then Taylor Swift could be a perfect example for these hairstyles. She has been noticed on red carpet for many of her formal hairstyles. You can see her in her luxurious curls which may be sometime side parted, glamorous updo or her long side swept curls which gave a radiant and sophisticated look. One could also accessorize their long curls with perfectly dainty headband like Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift long curly hairstyleTaylor Swift Side Swept hairstyle1

So girls, get ready for your prom night with celebrity hairstyles and add charm to your personality. Whether you want to try Megan Fox Hairstyle or Taylor Swift hairstyle, just go for it! You can go for free long wavy hairstyle, or wavy curls, as they look very elegant on any occasion and are very much popular and easy to have. If you want to enhance this look then go for a puff with long wavy curls or even opt long side swept curls which add glam to to your attitude.

Oakley is famous for its dashing and sporty sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses have made their mark in many popular movies like X-Men series, Mission Impossible 2, Blade II, Black Hawk Down, Spider Man and many more. Complement to that, essence of this brand is communicated through hundreds of professional athletes who depend on Oakley products to provide them with the best quality.

Oakley SunglassesOakley Sunglasses2Oakley Sunglasses2

Now, Oakley is recognized as a brand that provides most coveted performance in technology and fashion. Oakley sunglasses are compared with comfort, protection and performance, which are most remarkable characteristics of these sunglasses. They provide sunglasses for both men and women. Each pair of sunglasses for women has a story to tell and uniquely reveals the individual spirit behind each one and shows the power of her soul. Whereas, Oakley sunglasses for men start with sculptural physics and provide comfort with unique three-point fit.

Oakley Sunglasses3Oakley Sunglasses5Oakley Sunglasses4

Oakley sunglasses accord with ANSI Z87.1 requirements for high impact protection. They feature Oakley’s High Definition Optics which provides clarity and also protects eyes. Every pair of Oakley sunglasses are passed from two tests before being produced for sale. First test consist of firing 1/4 inch steel ball at the eyewear at 102 mph, and second test consists of dropping of a 500 gram steel spike on the lens from 130 cm or 51 inches. During both tests, the lens must not crack, or shatter. Oakley sunglasses has a amazing fan following as they provide protection and comfort that too in favorable prices. So enjoy shopping Oakley sunglasses at discounted prices by using Oakley coupons.

Vostro 3700 is a new launched model of Dell Vostro 3000 series, with high quality features specially meant for small business entrepreneurs. Dell Vostro 3700 is the first Dell business notebook which includes options for Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors. It’s a fast desktop replacement laptop that is perfect for office work, and with that it is also capable of undertaking CPU intensive tasks such as media encoding and even gaming.

Dell Vostro 3700 Laptops

Dell Vostro 3700 Laptops

Lets have some brief overview on Vostro 3700 features:-

  • Vostro 3700 is installed with Windows 7 Home or Professional operating system.
  • It is available in 17.3 inch High Definition, plus it has a wide LED-backlight anti-glare display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.
  • It has up to 6GB offered, 8GB supported, DDR3 RAM and up to 500GB of Hard Disk.
  • 3700 also features a 2MP web camera with digital array microphones and integrated stereo speakers.
  • This business notebook also includes options for Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors.
  • Includes a DVD burner.
  • These laptops has wireless 365 Bluetooth 2.1.
  • It has a LAN port, 4 USB port, 1 HDMI and VGA outputs, 34 mm Express Card slot, IEEE 1394 connector and 8-in-1 media card reader.
  • Dell Vostro 3700 has a good battery life with 6-cell Lithium Ion battery and considering its large dimensions it’s reasonably lightweight of 2.70 kg.

Vostro 3700 laptops are available in three colors- Lucerne red, Aberdeen silver, and Brisbane bronze. It is also available with optional fingerprint reader, that can be used in conjunction with Dell’s DigitalPersona software. There’s a set of dedicated media controls, which seem to be out of place for a business notebook. Keyboard has a large touchpad (9.5x5cm) and it is a spill-resistant with numeric pad.

Vostro 3700 notebook is made by keeping your small business in mind, for which Dell has offered comprehensive services and support designed for your business. Dell has specifically created tools and services which will help you with installation, maintenance and repairing. You can be confident with this laptop that your business will be running smoothly with 6-cell battery and of 5.95 pounds in weight.

Dell laptops combine elegant design with technology, and Dell Vostro 3700 combines design and technology with security, service & support options found only on corporate-class notebooks.Dell Vostro 3700 is available at Dell Small Business online store. You can buy this business oriented notebook at discounted prices by using Dell Small Business coupons available at

As a date has been set and a special prom night is waiting for you. But you are waiting for what, Yes I guessed, that would be a perfect prom dress for such a memorable occasion. To choose the best prom dress among numerous prom dresses needs one’s special focused attention. As on prom night, every one wants to look most beautiful and pretty from others. Everyone wants to be envy for others and a perfect prom dress can just do that!

Emilio Pucci collectiongiorgio-armani-springburberry collection

Most important consideration to select a prom dress is to choose the dress like the way you want to be dressed up on this special occasion. For example, if you are up to short dresses, then simply go for it. Every year new prom season has its own stars, with most prom dresses styles that stay for a long time and other prom dresses with a few minor changes. Here are some trends which are hit for 2010 prom season- Beaded Work, Serious Shine, Sleek Chic, Golden Girl, Bold Print, White On, Pink Beauty. Considering these trends you can choose your dream prom dress from 2010 designer collection shown on runway shows.

Versace Spring-Summer CollectionArmani Spring-Summer CollectionVersace Spring-Summer Collection1

Now a days chicks focus is on short prom dresses rather than long ground-touching gowns. Short dresses help to look more attractive, appealing and add extra charm to personality. And if your prom dress is a designer dress than it would definitely add extra stars to your look. Shown above are the prom dresses from designer collections of spring 2010 fashion week held in London, Milan, New York and Paris. You can have one of these designer dresses for your prom night. Get one of these beautiful prom dresses for self and complete your look with stylish prom hairstyle and designer cocktail rings and you are ready to Rock and Roll!!

Spring is now here, and sun is at its full bloom. Surely for this heat we need a pair of hats to protect us from harm rays of sun. But in addition to that these hats should be trendy and provide a unique look. After a long wait of an year Eugenia Kim gave a first look of Eugenia Kim for Target hat collection. This spring 2010 hat collection is really very crazy, cute and affordable.

Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-4Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-1Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-3

This warm whether is a perfect time to wear these limited-edition hats. Hat is a perfect accessory, like handbags, and which is accessible to all. “Everyone can wear a hat — you just have to find the right one,” says Kim. Her inspiration for this new line collection is Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Kim’s so loved and who, incidentally, now wears her hats. This collection features a very on trendy hats that are inspired by Havana, Cuba. These trendy hats will be your perfect accessory for your upcoming trip and will make you look more charming and gracious.

This hat collection includes fedora, sun hat, bucket hat, cloche, newsboy caps and pillbox silhouettes using woven and printed fabrics. These are superb spring 2010 hats. sEugenia Kim is launching this limited edition collection which will be available from April 18th through June 20, 2010 at Target stores and target website And prices range from $14.99 to $19.99 which I think is not too bad. Don’t forget to use Target coupon code at checkout for additional online savings.

<p style=”text-align: center;”><img class=”size-full wp-image-2950″ title=”Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-1″ src=”; alt=”Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-1″ width=”362″ height=”240″ /><img class=”size-full wp-image-2952″ title=”Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-3″ src=”; alt=”Eugenia Kim Target Hat Collection-3″ width=”359″ height=”242″ /></p>

It may not be a shock to the people to know that now a days men also give much pride to their appearances. Earlier, more emphasis were given on women’s style, clothing, haircuts etc, but as the world has changed, things also changed. These days stress is also laid on men’s styles, hairstyle, accessories and clothing. So now guys have also become more particular and concerned about their looks and especially haircut, as it deeply affects appearance.

Every man needs a regular haircut. Weather he has long or short hairstyle or even if one prefers to keep a seasonal hairstyle, each hairstyle requires much maintenance and care. In our previous section, we have discussed about Womens Spring 2010 Hairstyles. And now, we are discussing about some trendy, popular and classy Men’s Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2010.

In spring/summer 2010, the most popular trend of men’s hairstyle is short hairs. Many men including celebrities like Ricky Martin, Pierce Brosnan, Matt Lanter, Antonio Sabato, and Tobey Maguire prefer short hairs because it helps them to look more masculine, sexy, strong, stylish. It gives them a cleaner look and girls like this clean and clear look. For short length hair, keep one thing in mind that hairs must be equal on the top. And exciting feature of short hair is that it can suit any face-cut except the square-cut face.

mens short hairstyle trend

Mens Short Hairstyle Trend

There was an era when short haircuts were the standard for men, but this style statement has been changed from couples of years, and long hairs are very much into trend in 2010. Newest way to wear long hair is with lots of texture and long layers. Long hairs look very appealing if they are carried out with right attitude and right hair texture and complement to your personality. Many styles with long hairs could be seen on various websites, magazines or on TV. Johnny Depp, Keith Urban, Lenny Kravitz are some of the celebs who look very hot in long haircuts. And guys, if you have kept long hairs, you can also opt Braided Hairstyle.

mens long hairstyle trends

Mens Long Hairstyle Trends

Everyone like changes, and changes are admired. Many women believe that style makes a man look more sexy and trendy. Gone are the days when men usually preferred a short haircut or no haircut at all. But now men usually like to change their hairstyles according to the fashion and trend which is recently going on. This season classy hairstyles are also in a trend, they can go with both short and long hairs. Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are some of the celebs who were caught with this hairstyle in 2010. This hair style look best on formal occasions.

mens classic hairstyles trend

Mens Classic Hairstyles Trend

Your hairstyle is certainly not in a scene, if you have not changed your hairstyle according to new trend, which is playing this season. For 2010, many hairstyles are available for men to adopt. But one thing should be kept in mind the haircut should be such that, it suits your personality and face-cut. It should not be such that it look like a mesh on your head. So guys, get in the hottest hairstyle for spring 2010!!

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