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{April 30, 2010}   Lighten Up Home with Beautiful Candle Lanterns

Candle Lanterns are gaining much more popularity from past few years. They are serving as one of the best decorative pieces for outdoors and indoors. Candle lanterns are best substitute for electric bulbs throughout your home, wall decor, and even for outdoor lighting. One could purchase these at very less prices and have a genuine unique touch to ones house whether indoor or outdoor. Candle lanterns were the main form of lighting in homes many years ago. Now also the purpose is same but one could see them in more decorative way today in lightening outdoor dining areas or parties.

Lanterns for candle lighting come in huge array of colors, shapes, styles that suit any type of home decor one currently has. A lantern mainly protects candle and allows candle to display maximum form of light. With that it also act as a candle holder. Candle lanterns are easily available in market and at online stores. Finding stylish lanterns matching up with surroundings is not a difficult task these days. Here are some of the candle lanterns from Pottery Barn which could be used as a amazing decorative pieces at one’s home.

Grayson LanternBristol candle LanternBristol Lantern

Grayson Lantern
As said before there are various styles which one could coordinate with their home decorative theme whether indoor or outdoor. Similarly, Grayson Lanterns from Pottery Barn are beautiful pieces crafted with bronze-finished iron. It comes in various shapes like hexagonal lantern, square lantern, medium lantern, rectangular lantern. These lanterns have clear glass panes with hinged doors open and closed easily. They will add grace to indoors and outdoors, giving you a light mood in evening.

Bristol Lantern
There is no limit to one’s imagination in exploring various types of candle lanterns. Outdoor candle lanterns come with self made candle holders and wall sconce which help them to hung over gutter, a pillar, a tree branch. These Bristol Lanterns at Pottery Barn can be used indoor and outdoor which has a circular top that helps in heat escape and also in protecting dramatic glow of candle. These lanterns are crafted from white painted pine wood with a nickel-plated metal at the top. It is available in various square, medium and large sizes.

These lanterns will give a unique and elegant look to your house. To make lanterns more life lasting, clear the dust with a soft dry cloth and never leave a lantern with a burning candle unattended. Make your shopping at Pottery Barn more pleasing affair with Pottery Barn coupons.


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