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{May 1, 2010}   Turquoise Necklaces: Beneficial for Wealth and Happiness
Pearl and agate flower necklace

Pearl and agate flower necklace

Beaded necklace

Beaded necklace

Turquoise necklaces are quite spectacular as they are combination of artful precious and non-precious stones. Beauty of these necklaces can’t be expressed in words as their beauty lies in their warm color tone. As turquoise is a light blue or blue green stone which is one of the finest and most expensive gemstone and is not readily available throughout the world. Its blue color is created by copper, and green color by bivalent iron with a certain amount of chrome. These amazing and versatile turquoise necklaces can accent any outfit of yours.

Other than wearing as jewelry pieces, there is one more feature of Turquoise Necklaces. Turquoise is considered as birthstone gem and beneficial for Sagittarians. It is also recommended as a anniversary gem for 5th year of marriage. Beyond all this, it is regarded as a highly protective stone when given as a gift. Turquoise is believed to shower wealth and happiness upon the receiver. Here are some Turquoise Necklaces from Novica store which will be a perfect jewelry piece to gift your beloved on any memorable occasion.

Pearl and agate flower necklace:-
Turquoise necklace design may be as simple or as complex depending entirely on the designs you imitate. The design, pearl and agate flower necklace conjures a maritime fantasy with an amazing shape and color of your turquoise nuggets. This necklace has been crafted by hand with reconstituted turquoise, bright agate and iridescent pearls. Its faceted glass accents sets a sparkling harmony for a person who sees it.

Beaded necklace:-
Besides the shape and color of your turquoise nuggets, other materials you can use with in these necklaces to make them more imitate are — beads, glass, stainless steel, crimps, head pins, and feathers. Beaded necklace from Novica collection of Turquoise necklace is a three-petal blossom accessorizes with energetic beauty. This shimmering accessory is crafted by hand, threading reconstituted turquoise and glass on stainless steel.

Topaz jewelry set:-
Topaz jewelry set from Turquoise necklace collection from Novica sets a bold and beautiful style and is perfect for a classy fire look, especially for a neat and put together look. This necklace gives a sophisticated sense of style. Sterling silver pendant with engraved accents as well as dangling motifs which give a complete look to it and encounter between turquoise, topaz and quartz.

Topaz jewerly set

Topaz jewerly set

Turquoise necklaces has also remained at heights since ancient times. Today also, these necklaces are popular choice in jewelry for women to give them an elegant look. Turquoise necklaces can be worn with a casual dress or evening wear piece. You can also gift a beautiful turquoise necklace to your mom on this Mother’s Day. Take advantage of Novica coupons and Mothers Day coupons for additional savings.


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