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{May 4, 2010}   Umbrella Fashion ~ Let Kids do it their own way!

When we used to be kids we always wanted to have a trendy and unique umbrella so as to make a good impact on our friends. But unfortunately at that time there were not so much trendy umbrellas. But today, there are so many stores that offer very cool and eye catching kids umbrellas. Kids just love to purchase an umbrella or full rain collection that looks unique from everyone. This is the time of a year when summer season is over the head and after this summer season, rainy season would get us all wet. An umbrella is an accessory which must be carried alongfor these two seasons. An umbrella serves multi-purpose – protection from the hot sun during summers and of-course from the dazzling rain in rainy season.

Here are some trendy kids umbrellas from Macys store and matching to that one could also see a complete rain collection consisting kids raincoat, kids rain rubber shoes, and of-course an umbrella with that, which will protect your kid from rain and also make your kid popular with in his/her friends.

Kidorable Butterfly Rain CollectionKidorable Dinosaur Rain CollectionKidorable Ladybug Rain Collection

Kidorable “Butterfly” Rain Collection
Macys consists of wide range of trendy and elegant umbrellas which have really spectacular bright colors. Kidorable Butterfly Rain Collection boasts beautiful features of butterfly which will protect our child from sun in summers. Make her dance in rain in this beautiful collection of butterfly raincoat, rubber boots and butterfly umbrella which has wings and antennae. It is a well coordinated accessory which is mainly for girl child.

Kidorable “Dinosaur” Rain Collection
Kids aging between 5-10, like the creatures which are fiction for them like dinosaur, spiderman and many more. They want their things to relate to these creatures. So keeping this thought in mind Macys have a Kidorable “Dinosaur” Rain Collection which could be a good fun for kids. This collection is mainly boyish. It features everything your kid will need for rainy days from boots to backpacks. It is a more friendly, colorful dinosaur motifs collection.

Kidorable “Ladybug” Rain Collection
It is one of the amazing collection with raincoat and rubber boots. It is a whimsical ladybug collection which is a trendy collection in red with black spots on it. It could also serve as a great surprise gift on one’s kids birthday which will be used for summers and rainy season both. Girls would definitely like it.

So, let your kids do the umbrella fashion their own way. This summer season and rainy season go trendy with unique and colorful umbrellas and collections. One could even gift them to their children if their birthday lie in between this season. One could easily purchase them from Macys online stores. Don’t forget to use Macys coupons at checkout for maximum savings.


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