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{May 5, 2010}   Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Summers

Every girl wants to look fabulous on her special date, prom night or on her wedding day. Updo hairstyles look great on any occasion. One of the hottest trend in summer hairstyles for 2010 is — Updo Hairstyle. To create a perfect hair updo for your face shape, hair color and length of hair must be considered. When one creates perfect hair updo for a special occasion, choose one that nicely frames your face, hair color, length of hair, and suits your outfit, and also hold well till the end of the event. Updo hairstyles are difficult to get but still they are kind of art, and will look gorgeous if made properly.

There are variety of updo hairstyles according to the occasion. Formal or even casual updo hairstyle looks graceful and give you comfort in summer season. One could get an idea for their short, medium length or long hair from hair magazines and celebrity hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for finding a new hairstyle. Celebrity updo hairstyles have low or high styles. Low updo represent simplicity and with that they look best on heavily adorned dresses. Where as high updo hairstyles look great on long hairs which appeals to be very versatile. High updos look best with loose curly, pinned hair or waves and low updo hairstyles can go nearly with any hair texture.


Curly Updo Hairstyle
Curly updos are at top in the list of updo hairstyles because no other updo can look as elegant and romantic as updo hairstyle with ringlets. These hairstyle look great and go with both medium and long hairs. In curly updos one could go for several styles that involve piles of curls at the top of the head. It provide flexibility of a formal or casual look. One could easily make them in home by using a curling iron.

curly updo

Curly Updo

Elegant Look
Elegant updos is suitable for women whose texture is fine with medium to long hair. Elegant updos add a feminine look to your personality. Even one could add some accessory to their hairs to give an elegant touch. This hairstyle is used especially for the events like weddings, prom parties or any other formal occasion. While applying this type of updo hairstyle it is important to consider one’s hairs length and texture.

elegant updo

Elegant Updo

Half Updo Hairstyle
Half updos are popular trend for 2010, it is a more casual option and looks well with evening gowns or wedding dresses. As name implies, in this style only upper half portion of hairs will be done into an updo style and rest hang loose in back. It is suitable for long hairs but could easily be achieved by shoulder-length hairs. Half up half down hairstyles are a wonderfully romantic and keep the hairs out of the face.

half updo

Half Updo

This year try out different cuts and designs which you like to achieve. But keep few things in mind that the style which you opted suits you. Most importantly don’t start thinking about your hairstyle few minutes before you are going out and don’t try nothing new for the first time before going to some special occasion.


Detox Diet : says:

there are many hair colors out there but i always prefer blondes-;~

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