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{May 13, 2010}   Pool Sports, Rides and Toys: Complete Summer Fun for Kids

In summer, as it is really hot, then nothing can be as exciting and fun as jumping in to a pool on a very hot summer day. But it would be more fun if your kids have pool toys and pool games to play with, which can safely be used in water. Pool toys really add lot of spice to a simple pool and these toys can be available in different varieties, shapes and sizes. Pool games are not only meant for small kids but also adults can even join them and have fun out of that like volleyball, basketball, motorized pool toys.

One of the primary reasons for people to swim in summer season is to cool off, relax and have fun. There are pool games for big age groups and for small age groups which will help you relax and have more fun then simple swimming. Even full family can enjoy it together. Ride on pool toys are great fun for kids of all ages which are available in huge and different varieties at Overstock store. Here are some fun loving kids pool rides and toys for kids for this hot summer.

Slider Island Inflatable Water Toy:
Slides are all time favorite for kids. So bring Slider Island Inflatable Water Toy to your home and make the most of your time in it. This unique slide is designed so that you can have sliding fun on water. This ride can hold multiple children together, as kids love to play together which puts a new spin on pool fun. Slider Island Inflatable Water Toy is made of PVC Vinyl of dimension 86 x 40 and comes with warranty of 90 days.

Slider Island Inflatable Water Toy

Slider Island Inflatable Water Toy

Excalibur Inflatable Motorized Bumper Boat:
Motorized pool toys are the toys that people of all ages can enjoy. They come equipped with a motor and propeller assembly so that they can safely be driven around the pool. Get ready for fun in summer with Overstock collection of Excalibur Inflatable Motorized Bumper Boat with Water Cannon. This is a inflatable pool gear which features motorized motion operated by a sleek black and yellow wheel. It is a Bumper boats with a water cannon which helps rider to control easily. This Motorized Bumper Boat has large, comfortable design with elegant silver and black color scheme. It has a single motor with one button accelerator which makes movement easy. This pool bumper boat is completely safe and comes with enclosed propellers. It requires a six D batteries (not included).

Motorized Bumper Boat with Water Cannon

Motorized Bumper Boat with Water Cannon

Inflatable Vinyl Seasaw Rocker:
Kids love to ride on whopping see-saw rocker. But if it is a inflatable sea-saw to ride in a pool, then the excitement grows twice. Inflatable Vinyl Seasaw Rocker is a pool ride for kids which has a capacity to hold up to 300-pound weight. This inflatable sea-saw includes built-in handles and is made out of Heavy-gauge vinyl of dimension 90 inches long x 48 inches wide x 30 inches deep.

Inflatable Vinyl Seasaw Rocker

Inflatable Vinyl Seasaw Rocker

Water rides and toys for kids are usually inflatable, so they can be easily stored in off season. Pool toys not only make kids laugh and happy but they also have a positive impact on their physical and mental growth. So mack this summer more exciting and full of fun with water sports and toys available in wide variety, shape and sizes at Overstock store.


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