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{May 25, 2010}   Bicycles: Safe and Healthy Summer Fun for Kids

Now a days children are spending more and more time sitting in front of PC, or TV which is not good for health. In young age, physical activities are must and should be added to daily schedule. Parents should take responsibility to encourage their child towards physical activities. One of the best physical exercise for children of any age is- Cycling. Buying them a bicycle could be a solution for a healthier childhood.

If you are planning to purchase a special bike for your kid on his/her birthday, then it is necessary to know about varieties of bikes available for kids. Secondly and most important, you should listen to your kid’s opinion on bikes before buying it. Buying a bicycle for kid is just not simple as picking it at random, it involves more thought into it. Below are some variety of bicycles for kids which are trendy, comfortable and at same time safe, from the house of Modell’s.

Mongoose Facade 20″ Boys’ Freestyle BMX Bicycle:
Technical and sophisticated design of Mongoose Facade 20″ Boys’ Freestyle BMX Bicycle is made to match likings of tough boys. Frame Material used in this bike is aluminum, which is a light material. This bike features rims with 48-spoke box sections for rugged durability, small raised knobs that help tires to have better grip in dirt and in mud, platform pedals and freestyle pegs to do grinds and freestyle tricks. Braking system is strong and reliable. Unique feature of this Freestyle BMX Bicycle is its threadless alloy 4-bolt stem with box section handlebars and 25×9 super-compact crankset.

BMX Bicycle

BMX Bicycle

Smith and Wesson Custom 26″ Mountain Bike:
Children who are fond of Mountain bikes, Smith and Wesson Custom 26″ Mountain Bike is perfect for them, as it is at top of the line. This mountain bike is versatile, and one can ride it in dirt or even on pavement. It is built of lightweight aluminum and features offers speed drive train, quick SRAM trigger shifters, and mechanical disc brakes. Smith and Wesson Custom 26″ Mountain Bike also features quick release seat post which makes easier for a rider to adjust height of seat without using tools. Also allows to pedal backwards without brakes engaging with help of free wheel hub. It includes luggage rack.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

More detailed information about these bicycles is available at Modell’s, where you can find extreme variety of other bikes too. With these bikes make your and your kid’s life more exciting and enjoyable.

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