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{June 2, 2010}   Battery Operated Toy Riders for Kids

Today there are so many toys for kids to play with. Parents also want and appreciate these big toys for their kids, because with each toy kids learn something new. Kids of average age, love to own battery-powered motorcycles or cars. As it is a new adventure for them. With these toys, they love to move around in house, park or on road.

Battery riders for kids come in various kinds from super car styles, to hummers, jeeps, tractors and bikes. If one is thinking to gift some thing new and exciting to your little champ on his/her birthday, then these battery rides are best option. One could get these toys in various shapes, design and colors from the house of ToysRUs store. You can choose one which suits best according to kid’s age and liking. Below are some simple but appealing designs of battery car and bikes for kids between age of 2-4.

Pink Mini Battery Operated ATV Ride On Car
For a kid of 2-4 years old, Pink Mini Battery Operated ATV Ride On Car gives adventure and entertain them for hours at a time, when playing on Pink Mini Battery car. It comes with 6V 4.5AH battery, speed 3 mph, weight capacity 55 lbs. This toy car has washable tires and body. It has dimension of 15 x 29 x 17 inches. Battery operated car in pink color is perfect forbaby girl, which offers comfort and safety at same time. It’s perfect for youngster to drive in the park or just outside your yard.

Pink Mini Battery Operated ATV Ride On Car

Harley Style Motorcycle Battery Operated Maroon/Red
With Ultimate Battery Operated Harley Style Motorcycle, a kid can experience style, chrome color highlights and Harley Davidson styling. With battery motorcycle experience excitement of motorcycle riding. Harley Style Motorcycle give a chance to your kid to be like his dad and also an envy for his friends. This battery operated motorcycle requires a 6V battery. It will give your child a thrilling adventure and excitement during his play time.

Harley Style Motorcycle Battery Operated Maroon Red

One could find these toys expensive, so before buying it, it is always advised to look at different offers on various stores. At ToysRUs, one could find various discounted offers on kids toys. Here, huge variety of toys of different type are available. Take advantage of ToysRUs coupons to order products from this store with further discounts.


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