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{July 29, 2010}   Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

Friend is a special person with whom one can share one’s emotions whether full of happiness or sadness. He/She is a person who knows everything and shares a wonderful chemistry and a sacred feeling with you. For such a beautiful relationship, a special day that is Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. Friends love to celebrate Friendship Day each year on every first Sunday of August month. 2010 Friendship Day is celebrated on August 1.

Friendship is the only relationship, which is made by your own choice and it has no boundaries in it. On this day, friends spend time with each other and express their love for them by exchanging Friendship Day Gifts. If you are confused as what gift to buy for dearest friend on this friendship day, then you have reached at right place. Take some affordable gifting ideas for friendship day given below:

Teleflora Sunny Smilesfriendship bracelets


Flowers are most sought gift for Friendship Day. Not only teenagers but people of all age may also send flowers to their best friends. Yellow Rose is official flower for Friendship Day because it symbolizes joy, happiness, friendship, delight and promises of a new beginning. Red tip on yellow rose stands for friendship and falling in love. A cheery bouquet of yellow Sunny Smilies with peach and white blossoms is a vase full of happiness from the house of Teleflora.


Friendship Band is the most popular Friendship Gift. It has almost become a synonymous with celebration of friendship day. A band tied in each other’s wrists signifies strengthened bond of relationship. Many colorful friendship bands has hit Redenvelope store for Friendship Day. Instead of wristbands, one can opt for stylish friendship bracelets which come in attractive designs for both boys and girls. Friendship band is like a token of love that symbolizes the feelings for your friends.

Mrs. Prindable Chocolate DreamsPersonalized Dog with Bone


When it comes to presenting friend with delightful gift, chocolates makes a delicious and yummy Friendship Day gift. Don’t forget chocolates, when one needs to melt heart of your dearest friend who is annoyed with you. One can even accessorize other gift with some chocolates or even bring ones friend’s favorite chocolate in a hamper and make a decorative friendship basket. One can look for chocolates at FTD store.


No other gift other than a Soft Toy make a cute Friendship gift. They are especially appreciated by girls who is as sweet and soft at heart as soft toys. One can even go for a personalized soft toy as Dog with Bone. Soft toys are adorable and they bring a cute smile on her face. Try to look for favorite cartoon character of your friend to leave a lasting impression. At 1800flower store one can find sweet little soft toys.

Just because your friend is away from you, don’t let this friendship day go waste. Surprise him/her on this friendship day by ordering and sending gifts online by giving recipient details. Sending Online friendship day gifts are like boon for people.


Fender electric guitars and amplifiers have turned the world upside down. They are the most influential instruments made in association to what we call modern music. Guitarists in early part of this century played country, folk or blues on acoustic guitars. But electric guitars has made a revolutionary change in the music world. Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are world famous for their innovative design and parallel rise in the popularity of rock n’ roll, all came together in one.

Fender Standard Strats and Teles, and American Deluxe version of these guitars, as well as Fat Strat, are in big demand. So Instrumentpro provides you with Fender’s Highway One series of Stratocasters and Telecasters. Just have a look on two of them:

Fender American Special StratocasterFender American Special Telecaster

Fender American Special Stratocaster
Fender American Special Stratocaster is a 6-String Electric Guitar with Alder body, maple neck and 2X Texas Special Single coil Pickups. It has Vintage style synchronized tremolo, in Candy Apple Red. Fender American Special Strat offers everything one wants from an affordable U.S. made guitar. Features included in this guitar is an Alder Body with gloss urethane finish, jumbo frets, 9.5″ radius maple neck, Texas Special pickup and Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo.

Fender American Special Telecaster
Fender American Special Tele is a 6-String Electric Guitar with maple neck, alder body, 2X Texas special single coil pickups. It has an elegant Olympic White shade. Fender American Special Telecaster features an Alder Body with gloss urethane finish, jumbo frets, 9.5″ radius maple neck, Texas Special pickups, Vintage Style 3-Brass Saddle Strings-Thru-Body Tele Bridge.

So purchase your favorite Fender and other big brands musical products from Other than guitar one can also look for various other instruments like drums, keyboards, musical accessories and much more. InstrumentPro offers best guarantees in the music industry.

As a woman grows in her forties, skin slowly looses its moisture and elasticity, making the complexion dull and blister. Women are not only experiencing difficulty from acne flareups, but also from combating dry skin and potential wrinkles. Regular beauty skincare is the only way to achieve beautiful skin and preventing premature aging. By adapting certain beauty tricks, you can help yourself to keep looking great and not fake. By following few basic skin care steps given below and treating one’s skin according to skin type, can help in looking healthy and vigorous.

Skincare Beauty Tips

  • Eat Full Balanced Diet

In later years, women who are overweight should take extra care of their health and try to consume low calorie food. Slim and trim figure adds as much to the look of a youthful skin. It is advised for women near forties to have a full balanced diet which should include fresh fruits, vegetables, at least two cups of milk daily, and take food rich in vitamins and minerals, which help in keeping skin healthy. Avoid sugary, starchy fried foods and dishes which contain carbohydrates because after crossing 40 there is a decrease in functional activity of body, which in turn slows down the process of digestion.

  • Daily Cleansing of Skin

It is essential for women above forties to do cleansing of skin twice a day. Avoid cleansers with alcohol or harsh detergents. If possible perform three steps – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Because after cleansing, toner will remove extra oil and unclog pores, and apply light moisturizer for best results. If one forgets to wash their face or clean it and leave the makeup on, then pores become clogged and can’t get properly rejuvenate – which is the main cause of aging!

  • Use Safe Skincare Products

For body beauty gentle wash once a day works to get rid of the body dirt. After taking a bath or shower, it is important to apply body moisturizer to skin, which helps to attain body moisture. Periodically ex-foliate your body skin to unclog body pores. It is must to use skincare products with good ingredients. Ingredients that are beneficial for your skin are aloe vera, witch hazel, green tea, chamomile, and Vitamin E. Choosing wrong skincare products can be a recipe for disaster and may result in breakouts, clogged pores, dry patches, or even an allergic reaction.

So take a little step forward to look youthful and charming in your 30’s and 40’s. Healthy and beautiful skin help to build confidence in you in front of people.

People love to spend time in their home garden. Garden is a place which assist us to understand and feel the nature’s beauty. After coming from work and relaxing in home yard is a experience which cannot be expressed in words. To improve natural elegance of garden, add number of functional lights which can provide dazzling and pleasing look to your garden. What could be a better thing than decorating garden with Eco-friendly garden decor.

Solar lighting is the most innovative concept now a days, which is definitely an ideal solution of lightening in garden that too at low cost. Solar lighting products come in many different forms, shapes, sizes and colors. At CollectionsEtc one can find wide range of solar powered decor pieces which will help to give a elegant look even at late night. Other garden decor pieces, shade out at night, but solar decor pieces continue to spread their charm even at night. Here are some solar powered pieces for outdoor decor.

Solar Gnome Garden Sculpture
If you like to have some kitchen garden stuff, then Lazy Gnome which naps on a leaf hammock between mushrooms that shine with solar powered light could be a best choice. It’s made from detailed hand-painted resin and includes 1 rechargeable “AA” battery, and have a on/off button.

Solar Gnome Garden Sculpture

Solar Gnome Garden Sculpture

Solar Fairy Outdoor Figurine
Set your garden with a glow of lithesome lass who makes the lilies shine. Fairies are always an ideal home decor piece which which always attain their charm even with the passage of time. This solar outdoor fairy figurine is crafted of polyresin with metal wings. This fairy collects solar energy from sun at day time, to light the lilies at night.

Solar Fairy Outdoor Figurine

Solar Fairy Outdoor Figurine

Solar Flying Hummingbird Light Stake
Solar Flying Hummingbirds lighten up backyard with a flock of 4 lighted hummingbirds. They some times gave a illusion that they are real bird fluttering in your garden at night. All these four birds are tethered to a solar energy-collecting stake, and then creating an illuminating glow of color at dusk.

Solar Flying Hummingbird Light Stake

Solar Flying Hummingbird Light Stake

Garden Solar lights decor can be set up in any places where they get exposure to sun. These decor pieces are best for your yard. In day time, they act as decorative pieces and at night they act as a source of light plus decor too. One can avail these garden decor pieces from the house of CollectionsEtc where one can also look for other garden decor or home decor pieces. Take advantage of CollectionsEtc coupon code at checkout to save maximum.

Clothes and fashion accessory is not limited to humans only, but variety of designer clothes, apparel and fashion accessories for dogs are also available. Reason behind dressing up dogs is to protect them from extreme temperatures and also to keep them neat and clean. People have an illusion that dog needs to be protected from cold, so they provide them safety with warm winter clothes. But besides winters, pets must also be protected from harmful sunrays and insects during summer season. For that it is necessary to provide them with cool summer clothing.

Now a days, dressing up doggies with fashionable clothing and accessories has become very popular. So get out this summer with your stylish dog wearing beautiful clothes and accessories. Depending upon specific requirements and breed of dog, one can choose specialized products for their doggies. Search online at that sell dog clothing, accessories and other use able things.

Gingham & Bling SundressDog Tank Top

Gingham & Bling Sundress
Looking for a good looking dress for a girl puppy, then Gingham Bling Sundress is right choice. It is comfy and gives a flirty look to girl pups. This fashionable gingham dress comes with glimmering rhinestone heart accent which helps to add charm. At, its regular price is $17.99, but you can save $12.00 and avail it at $5.99 only.

Dog Tank Top
Dog Tank Top is perfect for some special occasion and which will make her look special too. It would be a new addition to her wardrobe. This dress features stretchy cotton ribbed dog clothes with quality silk screened lettering are completely machine washable. Its retail price is $19.99, but because of sale season you can order it for $15.99.

Groom your dog with fashion products. People always want best in fashion, so fashion is not limited to designer dog clothing, and dog accessories but also to dog boutiques, dog goggles, cap and many more. One can find all these items at dog supplies store, Don’t forget to use DogToys coupons while checkout for additional savings.

Searching for Mr or Miss right is the main purpose behind dating. Dating inspires a hope on a daily basis that – Yes, he or she is probably a perfect match. Before dating many people take different dating tips but the main question is where are you finding true love? There’s no need of magic formulas, no fail-proof tricks, no cunning ways of trapping your Mr or Miss perfect. Every thing you do should be direct from the heart. There’s no need to plan anything special about it.

There are many dating sites and agencies world over which are always there to help. These variety of dating websites are available to both general and specialist groups. Among other online dating sites eHarmony is one the best that remains committed to investigating and understanding what makes long-term relationships successful by conducting ongoing, rigorous scientific research to keep the matching model up-to-date.

eHarmony matcheHarmony dating

eHarmony is a trusted relationship services provider in USA. eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System allows its members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. This is a non-profit organization with some security and privacy policies. It has a mission to build up user trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices.

eHarmony has matched thousands of local singles, Christian Dating, Senior Dating, Hispanic Dating and many more for happy, fulfilling relationships that last. eHarmony Compatibility Matching System is the key point of differentiation between their service from other. In addition to singles matching service, eHarmony operates a relationship research facility, eHarmony Labs, and publishes eHarmony Advice, a growing relationship advice site which helps one in growing a relationship strong.

So, if you searching for a special person, get registration done now and save 20% on 6-months subscription through eHarmony coupon code.

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