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If your small kid has grown to a teenager and wants a make over of his or her bedroom, then some interesting decoration would work out. For fresh look other than a colorful coat of paint some refreshing and cheerful teens room decor items should be considered. Call some creative bold designs and a few whimsical decor pieces to make a big impact. In this article you will find some decorating items and ideas for teenager’s room.

Just have a look at the pictures from which you can have an idea on how to decorate teens room with decorating items. Below are some teens room decor items from the house of PBteen.

De-Vine Tree Decal PinboardsChelsea Smart Platform Bed

De-Vine Tree Decal + Pinboards:
Create a creative growing, 3-D display of one’s child favorite things with this extra-large De-Vine Tree Decal plus Pinboard. It will look great on any sidewall or back of the bed. It comes with individual flowers and leaves for extra customization. Includes flower-shaped pinboards accessorized with ribbons that hold photos and other small hangings. It gives a great impact to teens room and make it lively as shown in the picture on right.

Bubble Dot Mirror Set:
Bubble Dot Mirror Set will give a fresh look to teens room. One can cluster these playful mirrors over the desk, vanity or any empty wall to add life to it. These dot mirror sets are made of resin with a hand-painted glossy finish. They are available at blue/green and pink/orange palettes.

Bubble Dot Mirror SetBubble Dot Mirror Set

So, surprise your teenage kid with new and refreshing bedroom decor items available at PBteen online store which includes exclusive line of furniture, bedding and accessories from Pottery Barn, designed just for teenagers.


{August 13, 2010}   Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is not only restricted to humans. Now traditional Halloween trend of dressing up has gone to dogs also. People, nowadays, love to dress up their pets in different costumes to take active part in Halloween celebration and fun.

Halloween costumes especially for dogs are designed such that they stay in place, fit comfortably, and allow unrestricted movement. Simplest pet costumes include a headpiece plus a cape, or some type of collar or ruffle. These costumes sets make it easy to dress up dog as a witch, a devil, a vampire, even as Uncle Sam. Hunting for a unique Halloween costume for your pet dog? Then check out some good ideas for dogs Halloween Costumes.

Wonder Woman DogBride Dog

Wonder Woman Dog
What else for a Halloween costume than a super hero or wonder dog dress? Wonder Woman Dog dress is a Jumpsuit type costume that fits over dog’s front legs. Dog is fully comfortable while sitting. With this dress make your favorite four legged girl your Wonder Woman. Costume includes cape, tiara, and front has arms and legs to give the illusion of a human being!

Bride Dog
What about a Bride dress for one’s furry girl on this year’s Halloween night. Your dog will look as a blushing bride in this white wedding dress. It includes a head piece for a complete bride look. Bride Dog dress is a jumpsuit which gives an illusion that the dog is standing upright. Dress is accessorized with bridal flowers, which will look really sweet on your dog.

Giddy Up Lil DoggieRambark

Giddy Up Lil Doggie
Headless cowboy or a horseman are a few of the more common choices. Giddy up lil’ doggie Halloween dress will take on a whole new meaning in this frontier costume. Small sizes of this respective dress will fit great on most cats too. So make a pair of similar dress for pet dog and cat.

Dogs are the real commando’s looking after the safety of our house. So why not dress up your dog in a costume which suits its personality. In a Rambark, tough little military outfit your pup or dog will give a barking orders. It includes hat and shirt for full look.

One can find these unique Halloween Costumes for dogs at Halloween Mart. You can also look for kids Halloween costumes and adult Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to use Halloween Mart coupon while checkout to save additional bucks.

Aside from Halloween customs and decorations, Halloween is also known for its costumes. It has been a tradition to dress up like someone or something for a night. Since beginning till now, current Halloween tradition of dressing up and costume ideas have grown to heights. Traditional Halloween costumes are horror costumes such as of ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Now the trends are changing. These days kids Halloween costumes are based on some theme like cartoon characters, any animal costume, or any other things. Here are some unique Halloween kids costumes from the house of Pottery Barn Kids, just have a look.

Popcorn Costume
For kids, Halloween is a all about fun and candies. On Halloween day, cooler the kids costume will be, more candy he or she will have. So for gathering more candies than your friend think of something unique like Popcorn costume. What is dressing up like your favorite treats. Popcorn Costume is stuffed so that it keeps it shape, and features one-piece design that slips on easily.

Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Costume

Witch Tutu Costume and Pumpkin Costume
Want to dress like a little witch or in a traditional pumpkin costume then Pottery Barn kids offer you with these both Witch Tutu Costume and Pumpkin Costume. Flittery Witch tulle tutu Costume makes an extra-special dress-up costume. It comes complete with hat, skirt with belt and cape. Wearing this costume one will be the most enchanting witch of the night. Whereas Pumpkin Costume features a green stem and will keep your child warm while trick-or-treating.

Witch Tutu Costume

Witch Tutu Costume

Spider Costume
Which Halloween costume to wear could be a big decision for children. One can even go for a crazy spider costume, with creepy crawly one or a cutesy one. On this Halloween with matching headpiece features googly eyes and friendly smile one can be a sweetest spider, one had ever seen. Spider costume will be hit between your friends in or outside the classroom.

Spider Costume

Spider Costume

So, on this Halloween day dress up your kids in a costume of his/her favorite cartoon character or any thing you like, with Pottery Barn Kids. At this store, one can avail huge variety of unique Halloween costumes. To get additional discounts while shopping from this store, don’t forget to use Pottery Barn Kids coupons while checkout.

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