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{October 30, 2010}   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

halloween party

Not only children, all of us anxiously wait for the scary spooky night of the year – Halloween. Just a day is left, when everyone can put on their best Halloween costumes and roam around on streets screaming “Trick or Treat”.

Halloween is a day when candlelight cast its spellbinding glow and scrumptious scent of a freshly baked yummy pumpkin pie enlivens the kitchen. Ghoulish graveyard styling decorations like wickedly grinning human skull and creepy bats will create a ghostly environment.

As soon as clock will tick to 12.00 a.m, Halloween will be on. The day which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. All of you must be very excited about dressing up in most innovative costumes, preparing spooky dishes, arranging a scary party.

Halloween is a dark horror night to enjoy with friends and family. It’s best time to enjoy all kind of candies and sweets. But don’t forget to look at Halloween Safety Tips for Kids. Have a great Halloween this year with lots fun with mythical monster spreading magic around.


H@PpY H@lLoWeEn...!

{October 29, 2010}   Top Hairstyles For Winter 2010!

Winter is on its way. Few days are left for October to end. Soon, we will be facing the lower temperatures and harsh weather. So, it’s the right time to look for winter hairstyles. While going for a hot trendy look, the real challenge is to choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape and personality. This year you can find chic and sophisticated hairstyles on ramp. These hairstyles look girly yet playful. Give your personality a beautiful sexy look with the latest hair trends.


Loose Hairstyle
Allowing to fall your hairs naturally around your body is simple but if styled properly with a wavy way, they’ll look simply amazing. These natural looking hairstyles are easy to obtain but you need to use right kind of styling products and tools. This is one of the sexiest look anyone can have. You can wet your hair for a defined look.

Stylish Bun
Bun hairstyle is a great choice to look fabulous at any occasion, be it formal or casual. This hairstyle demands low maintenance and you have wide options for the same. Bun hairstyles or stylish updos, are perfect for both casual and professional occasion. It looks elegant and classy.


Gorgeous Ponytails
Ponytails are one the most popular and easy to go with hairstyle. This hairstyle is back with new version from low, to one side, center high and allowed to fall sleek straight or curly. This hairstyle suits any hair type.

Braided Hairstyle
Seems to be increasing in popularity is the braided hairstyle. Numerous braiding techniques are available these days. Choose from any of stylish and trendy fairytale braid, fishtail braids or loose side ponytail braids. Braids if created properly look amazingly stylish.

Select popular hairstyle that goes best with your persona. Every time, you can give a new look and add a fashion statement to your personality.

{October 25, 2010}   Quick Tips For Thanksgiving Day

Halloween comes with lots of spooky scary creatures all around. Trailing is Thanksgiving Day that brings up the feeling of gratitude and appreciations in endless ways. It’s an important day when everyone shows their love, affection and gratitude towards the almighty GOD and the humanity.

Thanksgiving comes with lots of traditions and rituals. In today’s machine world, all of us have become mechanized just like robots. In this busy world we have no time for our nearer and dearer ones. But Thanksgiving day brings whole family around one table, eating same meal and discussing same issues that are often missed! Each one also shares their list of blessings they are thankful for. Thanksgiving day helps in discovering the true sense of happiness.

Along with all this joy, comes lots of work and mess to make the perfect for everyone. Here are certain tips to make your Thanksgiving day great and to help you avoid last minute hassles while doing Thanksgiving preparations.

early november

Start in Early November:

  • Prepare guest list. If gathering is shared keep a track of who is bringing what on your menu and also check any special food required for guests.
  • Prepare list of perishable and non perishable items. Place an order for a fresh turkey now.
  • Decide which glassware, flatware, table linens, napkins you will be using, clean them prior.
  • Plan about decorations and table setting.

two weeks ahead

Two Weeks Ahead:

  • Make sure you have enough chairs and tables and plan seating arrangements accordingly. Make inventory of your table clothes and napkins.
  • Clean your refrigerator to make space for Thanksgiving meal and buy non-perishable groceries.

one week ahead

One Week Ahead:

  • Quickly review your recipes and cooking schedule.
  • Prepare guest room with fresh linens. Also cleanup the house.

two days ahead

Two Days Ahead:

  • Complete the house cleaning and put up major portion of wreaths and decorations likes candles.
  • Plan ahead for leftovers, organize bags and containers.
  • Shop for flowers, decorative items and perishable items as well.
  • Chill beverages and along with them clean and refrigerate vegetables. Clean and lay a fire at fireplace so it can be used later.

one day ahead

One Day Ahead:

  • Peel potatoes, put them in a pot of clod water and refrigerate. Also finish of with chopping, peeling toasting that can be done before.
  • Prepare stuffing and pies, along with side dishes that can be baked ahead.
  • Do final touch up cleaning for rooms that will be used.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day:

  • Take out all serving pieces and set on the counter table.
  • Distribute work among family members and relatives.
  • De-refrigerate turkey 2 hours before and fill stuffing. Make gravy and last minute vegetables.
  • Preheat oven to reheat food and breads.
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving turkey with wine! Later sever the dessert.

Hope these tips can save you from last minute Thanksgiving shopping hassles.

{October 23, 2010}   Toys IN for Holiday Season 2010!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way, Santa Clause is coming around with gifts and toys for all!!

Holiday season is on. You will see many kids talking around about the toys they want. Soon children will start writing letters to Santa mentioning the list of toys and gadget they hope will get under their tree. Everyone wants a special and best toy. Now youngsters have stop seeing sugar plums in their dreams, however they are counting on high-tech and curious things coming up. Definitely hi-tech toys will make a comeback this Christmas as we limp out of recession. This is a time when you can gift your children lots of toys and see big smiles on their faces. So, here are some cool toys for holiday 2010.

monster high doll gift set - cleo de nile and deuce gorgon

monster high doll gift set - cleo de nile and deuce gorgon

Monster High Doll Gift Set – Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon:

This Monster High Doll Gift Set is the hot favorite of Monster High fans. It  includes both Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon, the most popular and fashionable couple at Monster High. Cleo De Nile has her creepy pet snake, Hissette and a gold purse. Deuce Gorgon comes along with his pet rat, Perseus, and his cool shades. The dolls are dressed in very trendy clothes and have their own fabulous hair styles. They are creepy and cute at the same time.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Big Foot the Monster:

A little monster with a HUGE personality! He performs over 80 actions and phrases! He’s happy and angry too. He’s sleepy and funny! He walks and talks. He chew his food and never forget to burp. He does exercise to be fit and fine! All this is in one silly monster and that’s the Fisher-Price Imaginext Big Foot the Monster. Kids can control it with an easy-to-use wireless remote and bring him to life. Imaginext toys usually engage children in play by using their imaginations and Big Foot is a big amusement for kids. The Imaginext Big Foot comes with a remote control, ball, minimal speech and lots of fun!

Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set:tomica mega station hypercity se

It is a railway system, a downtown area and a racetrack all in one. They featured it with street system with parking area, shops, streetlights, stop lights and a Tomica Figurine. It is something your child wants to understand the busy world around them. It comes in handy material and allow children to get creative. As child grows and learns to interact with people around, setup can grow with them too. It will help to encourage your child’s imagination. The parts and pieces are durable and colorful. Surely will be handed down from sibling to sibling as time goes by.

leapfrog leapster explorer learning experience - greenLeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Experience – Green:

The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning System is named as ‘Most Wanted’ Holiday Toys for 2010. It comes with an extraordinary teaching tool that encourages children to discover something new every day. It offers endless ways to play and learn from games, e-Books, videos and online play and customize their learning skills. The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning System features a library of more than 40 games and activities including cartridge games, downloadable learning apps and a camera/video recorder as well. It provides a safe online world of learning games and activities. Your child can play unique games that connect online and all together they play and learn. In fact, parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to check what their child is playing and learning.

Squinkies Deluxe Playset – Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop:squinkies deluxe playset - cupcake surprise bake shop

The Squinkies Cupcake Surprize Playset brings all the excitement to your child of discovering a “surprize inside”. Squinkies is the perfect choice for a girl who loves to play with dolls. These tiny toys are designed to look like people and animals. Kids just love collecting these “squishy” and “squashy” characters as many as possible! This colorful playset includes 9 squishy toys. It acts as a Squinky dispenser when you place the squinkies in the top of the set and You insert a little coin and turn the knob to dispense out a squinky.

As it’s the season of surprises and fun, so get as many toys for your child from the famous toy retailer Toys R Us. Toys R Us is having a wide range of top Christmas toys to please your child and your pocket as well. Use Toys R Us coupons to order some of the hottest toys and games with huge discounts. Surprise your little angels with the best toys and let they have fun with them!

Christmas is coming across and along with it, is coming shivering cold weather with snow all around. With so many beautiful scenes, how can one manage to stay in? So, there is a product which can keep you all day warm wherever you are. Boots are absolutely correct option for winter and what’s better than the UGG Boots. UGG is an Australian brand which makes sheepskin boots to keep the wearer’s feet warm as well as dry. These are one of the best boots known for their comfort and style. They are not just the BEST, in fact they are BETTER than the BEST!!

Initially aviators used them to warm their feet while flying in non-pressurized planes. These were also used by surfers in Australia to keep their feet warm after they come back from ride of the icy waves.

UGG boots are made of very fine kind of sheepskin which is best in the quality. They are light weight boots which makes you bare feet after you wear them and are durable as well as the sheepskin is water resistance.

Have a look at some stylish UGG boots available at famous online shoe retailer
ugg womens joslynugg womens classic short
UGG Women’s Joyslyn:

Round toe, casual cold weather boot with signature stitching details and also there are overlay details at Heel. They have removable and replaceable Mylar sheepskin sock liner insole. These boots have a 12 inch fold-over shaft with the circumference of 15 inches.

UGG Women’s Classic Short:

Featuring twin-faced sheepskin upper and lining in a pull with round toe, this boot has raised stitched seams that adds texture and interest. These have moisture wicking lining that keeps feet dry and comfortable. Boots have flexible midsole, molded rubber traction patterned outsole and a 1/2 inch heel.

You can find wide variety of UGG boots at And not only UGG boots, offers a broad range of winter boots and booties from many leading brands. UGG boots are the epitome of class and luxury along with comfort and style. So don’t wait, just go for it!

{October 21, 2010}   Shop Online with Fun and Ease!

As days are passing by; we are approaching towards the Holiday Season. This brings lots of happiness and excitement in everyone. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are major upcoming events. This season there are lots of new ideas for home decor, gifts and clothing styles. Whatever we do but still something’s always left for shopping and holiday preparations. So, if you want to protect yourself from last minute hassles consider doing ONLINE SHOPPING.

online shopping

Online Shopping

Online shopping brings the world at your click. It’s to buy with ease and fun. Here are simple tips for easy online shopping:

  • Just prepare a list of things you want.
  • Check out for a secure site.
  • Have a look at the product details and offer available.
  • Choose the best one that suits your budget and fulfills your requirements as well.
  • Order the product with complete and correct details. Don’t forget to save the order id or the order no.
  • And it will be at your doorstep within few days.

There are lots of sites with various kinds of offers. As the festive season comes with lots of offers for the buyers, you need to choose wisely both the product and the offer. This time forget what you did last year, just do something new with the fresh range of products available. Be more creative and go ahead with new ideas, think of some more innovative ideas and HIT IT !

What are you waiting for!! Let you be the First and Best this time, and let everyone around wonder to see your exclusive ideas and preparations for the season.

Paco Rabanne, one of the famous Franco-Spanish fashion designers, is now heading towards Sephora US stores for his new fragrance range. Paco Rabanne has made a strong statement in the fragrance world with the creation of Paco Rabanne pour Homme perfume, the essence of virility and seduction.

Almost forty years ago, fashion designer Paco Rabanne was one of the first to challenge preconceptions in the cozy world of fragrances. Today, that same provocation, fantasy, and humor are still prevailing in his scents. 1 Million and Lady Million Baby are his latest aromatic adventures that embody the eternal glamor of gold and diamonds in blends as well as bottles. Both fragrances are equally experimental, eclectic, and approachable too. From couture to pret-a-porter, perfumes to accessories, Rabanne has never stopped innovating in a striking way. Have a look at two of the new fragrances by Paco Rabanne at

paco rabanne one million fragrancepaco rabanne million dollar baby fragrance

1 Million fragrance is for the man who embraces his identity with pride. While this spicy, leathery scent evokes fantasy and desire. Exuding a magnetic confidence, the gold-bar bottle of this perfume symbolizes its undeniably attractive powers. Together, they create a bold, yet purposefully humorous, picture that paints 1 Million wearer as someone who uses his charms to obtain everything he wants. Priced within range of $22.00 – $70.00, this men’s fragrance is truly a must-have for winters.

For a confident, independent woman, Paco Rabanne has always designed timeless dresses full of character and fragrances that evoke true sophistication. Lady Million is a dazzling scent for sensual and creative woman. Ultra-feminine and strikingly bold, she is vivacious and natural. The seductive mixture of raspberry, bitter orange and smooth florals creates an extravagant, yet unassuming romance. Lady Million fragrance is excessive, but never satisfied. No man can resist her and only a few can win her over, except for the irresistible 1 Million man, of course. So ladies, buy a Lady Million fragrance now for $20.00 – $88.00 and give boost to your sensations.

Besides these fragrances, Sephora is also providing Paco Rabanne 1 Million After Shave Balm ($36.00) and Lady Million Sensual Body Lotion ($45.00). So, head towards Sephora and take advantage of Sephora coupons to grab your Paco Rabanne fragrance with savings. Don’t forget to enter Paco Rabanne Sweepstakes to win a trip to Las Vegas.

Happy Shopping!

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