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{December 24, 2010}   Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to get out of professional suits and put on the holiday spirit to enjoy fullest. During Christmas, towns are decorated beautifully with colored lights, shiny decorations and ornaments. The complete environment is magical with people singing Christmas carols and spreading smiles on every face. Christmas has its own charm and people start preparing for the Day weeks before it comes. Today, Christmas is more about commercialization than what it traditionally used to be. But in this race to be first of all, we miss the actual essence of the BIG DAY. All of us need to take a step forward to bring that spirit back. Christmas is a blissful time when it’s more important to show love towards family & Friends, raise money for charity and share blessing.

Merry ChristmasEveryone is excited to decorate their homes and Christmas Tree to show off their best. People organize parties to enjoy the Eve. Apart from this, food plays an important role in making Christmas parties a Hit. As no one can resist the delicious cakes, tempting puddings, mouth melting chocolate and much more. It’s the perfect time to strengthen the bond between family and do something special to make people feel extraordinary.

Undoubtedly, Christmas shopping and giving gifts are the two major events of the festive season. Most of the retailers give some best of their deals and offers during the season. So, this Christmas make the day merrier for family & friends. Get innovative and creative to plan surprises for everyone and feel the happiness within.

😛 8) Merry Christmas..!!

{November 24, 2010}   Happy Thanksgiving Day!

An important day before Christmas is standing outside your door to step in. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is not only about saying “Thank You”, it’s about making people around feel special for being there. No doubts, in this ultra fast generation, we are moving towards new heights of success at a faster rate, but we are lagging behind in humanity. While satisfying our hunger for success all of us have forgot about the blessings of God, received in form of family and friends.

thanksgiving day
Everyone will agree on the fact that all of us are drowning into luxuries, holding burden of the world in hands, and can’t find time to love and appreciate, what we have. But yes, still we have time to whine and complain.. On Thanksgiving Day just, Stop and Think, What we actually have? Thanksgiving Day reveals the secret to appreciate abundance and live happily. It’s a pier necessity to thank Almighty God for all the love and affection He has shredded on us.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is that amazing time of the year, when we show our gratitude, affection, love and appreciation to everyone. It’s about bringing the complete family together around the same table for meal and share blessings, feelings and fill empty vents in each other. So, enjoy finger licking food and spread magic all around with two simple words” Thank You“.


{November 19, 2010}   Get Prepared for Black Friday!

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. This shopping event takes place the next day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is not an official holiday. Black Friday marks the unofficial start of Christmas shopping and celebration season. Most of the retailers decorate their stores weeks before the day actually arrives.

This year Black Friday is on 25 November and countdown has already begun. Merchants all over are tripping over each other to ensure they are the first one to offer the best and biggest deal for Black Friday sale. Retailers have already slashed prices on holiday favorite products as toys, electronics, laptops and much more. No doubts, this year there will be an incredible rise in online shopping and many stores are offering Free Shipping to attract customers. Apart from this, they are out with many deals which are eligible for online orders only. This may be one of the steps to reduce in-store crowed.

Black Friday

Unlike previous year, due to recession there was a certain slug down but this Black Friday it’s time to shop. Merchants are putting up best Black Friday deals to strike consumers mind. Retailers like Wal-Mart, Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, Staples, Target will be opening early in the morning at 5:00 a.m or even earlier and will be open till midnight. Stores like Toys R Us and Sears will be open on Thanksgiving Day as well. Pre-Black Friday Sales are already ‘ON‘. Big retailers have already leaked up their door-buster offers.

The hottest deals for this year would be notebooks and laptops. You can surely get very good deals at Best Buy, Dell, Sears, Wal-Mart, SonyStyle and Toshiba. In-spite of some smarter deals, desktops are not much in limelight this season.

Prices for HDTVs have really touched the ground. This year, it would be very economical to buy a powerful HDTV with sharp image clarity. Newegg, Target, Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, OfficeMax are offering some great deals on HDTVs this year.

Next top hit for the season will be Toys. Retailers are giving huge discounts on toys. Children are looking forward towards hi-tech toys. Toys R Us is giving up best deals on many top toys that you can find even with 50% discounts. Apart from this, you can save big with Target, Sears and Wal-Mart.

Apart from these, retailers are also providing smashing discounts on electronics, home appliances, gadgets, clothing, home decor and so on…List is long, really long, for this year Black Friday. You just think of something and you’ll surely get mouth watering savings on it. You can watch out online for much more offers and details. For consumers, it will be like hitting a jackpot, as there is tough competition among retailers to lure the consumers. Top merchants that have already released their Black Friday ads for the season are – Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Toys R Us and Overstock.

So, this Black Friday, shop till you Drop!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Thinking for a perfect gift? If your dad often says that he loves mobiles gifted by his favorite people, then why not gift a cell phone on this Father’s Day. If Budget is your problem, then this is a right place you have visited. AT&T is providing free phones on Father’s Day. WOW! A cool new phone for Free!

Getting a free mobile set from AT&T is easy. One can order a cell phone online using AT&T’s secure online shopping, then choose a cell phone plan you like the most with a two-year contract and add the features like wireless Internet, games, ringtones and more. Then apply whatever discount applies to you and your free cell phone is on its way. Here are some of the phones available at AT&T for Father Day gift.

nokia e71xsony ericsson w5i8a

Nokia E71x
Nokia E71x is a slim, sleek and stylish cell phone that could be a perfect Father’s Day gift. He can experience for both personal and business email solutions with style and ease on a full QWERTY keyboard which includes intelligent input and dedicated one-touch keys. It features A-GPS with LBS, 3.2-megapixel auto focus camera with flash. AT&T Navigator, WiFI, AT&T Mobile Music, and up to 4.5 hours of 3G talk time complete its feature-list.

Sony Ericsson W518a
Sony Ericsson W518a is a phone that reflects one’s style. If your dad is fashionable and likes to move with the world, then this phone can be a best gift to your dad on this Father’s Day. It includes voice-guided GPS, Cyber-shot C905a and Walkman W518a with high music quality, 3.2 MP camera.

For more details on free cell phones visit AT&T. Order a high-tech phone for your father, as a gift on this Father’s Day. Take advantage of AT&T Wireless coupons for more offers and instant savings.

Searching for a next generation TV which is equipped with a high rich technology, then Panasonic Viera series is best option for you. This series offer you with Plasma TVs of next generation as this series is full 3D plasma series. From the class of Viera series, here we will discuss the features of Panasonic TCP50VT25 50″ Viera VT25 Series Full HD 3D TV, which has created a new world of TV viewing realism. VIERA VT25 Series feature impressive improvements in picture quality, and are just right for gaming and enjoying your favorite high-definition TV shows.



Here are some Features of PANASONIC TCP50VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma TV:

  • 50″ Full HD 3D Plasma Display: This Panasonic Plasma TV has a High-speed 3D drive technology which helps in achieving greater beauty of images in for both 2D and 3D. With Frame Sequential technology in Full HD 3D displays the images come at 1/120 of a second, which is twice fast as an ordinary full-HD images.
  • Infinite Black Panel Pro: Infinite Black Panel Pro in VT25 Series is able to display extremely robust blacks. New panel and improvements in the cell discharge area dramatically increase contrast when viewing in a brightly lit locations. Even in dark film scenes, individual strands of hair and clothing textures are clearly reproduced.
  • THX Certified Display: THX reproduces film images as filmmakers intended them as the aim is to improve experience of cinema. To receive THX certification, TVs has to go under stringent tests to determine, whether the exact same brightness and colors are displayed at all screen locations and whether black levels satisfy standard criteria. VIERA meets these high standards set only by THX Certified Display Program.
  • 600Hz Sub-field Drive: Helps in having Crisp and clear moving pictures. With 600Hz technology one could view superb full-HD motion and still images with 1,080 lines of resolution. So Panasonic TCP50VT25 has even greater clarity with motion images.


  1. Screen size is 50” class (49.9” diagonal)
  2. Has HDTV Display Capability (1080p, 1080i, 720p) plus EDTV Display Capability (480p).
  3. It has 24p Cinematic Playback and 24p Playback(2:3)
  4. It is equipped with Motion Pattern Noise Reduction and Integrated ATSC Tuner
  5. Dimensions (H x W x D) of TCP50VT25 is 31.9″ x 48.2″ x 13.2″ with stand and 30.4″ x 48.2″ x 3.6″ without stand.
  6. It’s weight (lbs.) with stand is 67.2 lbs and without stand is 60.6 lbs.

For detailed information one could visit Panasonic store. And if you have planned to purchase it, then these plasma TVs are available at Abe’s of Maine and Panasonic stores.

Panasonic added many new camcorders to its line of Hi-Definition camcorders for 2010. But one camcorder that caught our attention is Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder. Here we are letting you know the feature details of HDC-HS700. HDC-HS700 uses progressive method to record twice the image data as interlace method. This camcorder is becoming popular as it is using 3MOS System and Full-HD technology, along with Leica Dicomar lenses, which are renowned and used for their ability to render sharp images and excellent shading. In addition to that, these lenses are also used to suppress ghosting, flare, and distortion at image edges.

panasonic camcorders  HDC-HS700K

Panasonic HDC-HS700 Camcorder

Beyond the features mentioned above, Panasonic HDC-HS700K camcorder also supports many other features which are listed as below —

  • This camcorder supports 3MOS System and have a Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 60 Progressive Recording Produce.
  • It has a 240 GB HDD and SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card.
  • HDC-HS700K has All-New Color-Bright Image Quality which is featured such that it can capture crisp, clear images even in dim light.
  • With this camcorder we can have beautiful zoom shots of distant subjects, as it supports 18x intelligent zoom with 12x optical zoom.
  • The specifications include Focal Length of 3.45-41.4mm, Filter Diameter 46mm, and 35mm Camera Film.
  • This camcorder records 20-102 hours of high-definition video and supports video formatting.
  • It has built-in stereo zoom microphone with wind noise canceller also.
  • Maximum video resolution: 1920 x 1080.

Now you are having the details of Panasonic HDC-HS700K Camcorder. This amazing camcorder is currently available for $1399.95 at and So, what are you waiting for, grab this hot camcorder deal now. And yeah! don’t forget to use Abt Electronics coupons or Amazon coupons available at while ordering products from respective stores. Check out for detailed information regarding speciafications and technologies.

Eastman Kodak Company is a big multinational US corporation, which manufactures imaging and photographic materials and equipments. Now Kodak adds a new model to their EASYSHARE series of digital cameras, named as Kodak EasyShare M580. This camera is the latest member to Kodak digital cameras family.

Kodak EasyShare M580 Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare M580 Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare M580 Digital Camera is specially designed for sharing images and videos to many popular sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Connect this camera to your PC and with click of Kodak’s Share button, you can easily upload your pictures. M580 is a Kodak point-and-shoot camera, which support 14 MP, an 8X Schneider-Kreuznach Optical Zoom Wide Angle Lens and 3-inch Bright LCD with Kodak Color Science technology. Its trendy, stylish and compact design makes onlooker awestruck on first sight. It supports Kodak KLIC-7006 lithium-ion battery and unusually M580 can also be charged with a standard USB charger. Continue>>

Many women face problem in getting their hairs removed, monthly or weekly, and often think for a laser hair removal package. But these packages are very costly and sometimes pocket does not allow that expensive treatment. So best product for this problem is Silk’n SensEpil, which is a home hair removal device which comes with proven clinical success and results of market leading Silk’n physician. It has been cleared by FDA for home use. Silk’n is only device, with FDA cleared indications, for removal of unwanted hair. It is a beauty tool that is safe and requires multiple treatments to have best results out of it.

Silk'n SensEpil

SensEpil is small, portable device about the size of your hand and is quite easy to use. It uses a special laser technology known as HPL. SensEpil hair removal device can be used anywhere on body. But there are some conflicting reports about its use on the face, some sources saying it shouldn’t be used due to potential harm to ones eyes, while other sources say it’s okay if it is used below the cheek line. To avoid this confusion it would be better to consult a SensEpil owner’s manual.

SensEpil is a great innovation but unfortunately it is not for everybody. Currently this product works only on lighter skin tones. HPL laser technology is not effective on darker skin tones for some reason. Luckily SensEpil comes with a skin tester, that will alert you if your skin tone is too dark thus rendering treatments ineffective. Before purchasing it you should consult various sources regarding it’s potential on your skin tone.

This device actually applies Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, which uses optical energy to disable hair growth. Then hair shaft absorbs this light energy and then transform it into heat. As in more detail this HPL technology is especially important because of its intensity which is said to be similar to what you see at a doctors office while getting professional laser hair removal treatments.

Traditional laser hair removal packages consist of 6 treatments over 8-12 months and their costs ranges from $3,000-$5,000 which is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by many Americans normally. But Silk’N SensEpil is an excellent alternative to traditional treatment, which is more affordable and actual device retails for $500, for 6 treatments with Silk’N SensEpil you can expect to spend roughly $750. Great news for people who are thinking to purchase SensEpil, as it is available for sale in United States and can be purchased online or direct through, and for $499.00.

In this new era of technology, people are trying to implement various electronic devices onto simple devices. Among them the best examples are goggles that has already been extended to spy goggles. The latest invention in this category are the Transcend Goggles, which is a result of partnership between two companies, Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. This new invention is also known as Transcend Ski Goggles or Zeal Optics Transcend goggles. These pair of goggles are said to have world’s first direct-to-eye-communications display.

Now you might be wondering what’s that! Have patience, we’ll be telling you all about it! These goggles are packed with vast array of features, that are normally founded in GPS. These goggles contain hardware which is used to measure speed, altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates. Here information is displayed through a HUD (Head-up display) and charging of data and data transfer occurs over USB. Transcend goggles have some promising functions, including trail maps, cellphone display integration and video recording. But these goggles are specially meant for use in skiing.

transcend ski goggles

Let’s see the use of Transcend goggles in skiing as a Transcend Ski Goggles

Zeal Optics is, a company aiming to change technology, which is involved in skiing, with the idea of these goggles. Transcend Ski Goggles are the first ski goggles to have an integrated GPS system, which help skiers to navigate slopes in a way that is more efficient and accurate. Anyone who has seen Robo Cop or Terminator 2 can have some ideas of its display.

Buttons on side of goggles will allow to scan information on ski lift. Recon promises six hours of battery life for these goggles which are enough for a whole day skiing. These pair of goggles are easily compatible with helmets. Other features include stopwatch with chronos mode, time, permanent anti-fog coatings and a vertical odometer to ensure accurate feedback of how much rider went down. This technology can also be applied in other fields, such as producing head-mounted displays for mountain bikers, motocross riders and motorcycle helmets.

One can shop new and innovative technology products by Zeal Optics at and

kitchen garden refrigerator

kitchen garden refrigerator

You may wish to grow fresh and lovely green vegetables in your kitchen, but you may fail to do so because of lack of proper light and fresh air, increasing and decreasing temperature of kitchen, space, moisture, and nutrition. Now this wish of yours can be fulfilled by growing green vegetables in your kitchen itself, and that wouldn’t be in your kitchen pots. That’s True!! Now, you can grow your kitchen plants within your refrigerator. In a refrigerator? Yes it’s right in a refrigerator.

This had been made possible with great effort of Ms Hanna Sandstrom who has been working with Green Fortune & Whirlpool and has come up with a refrigerator that will nurture a seed to a plant. But this refrigerator is restricted to herbs and green vegetables only. It can also be known as Kitchen Garden.

Having green plants and herbs in your own house will provide fresh and good flavor in your meal, or in salad, which will help in maintaining your health. Now to have a refrigerator dealing with this concept, does almost all the work for you. Takes seeds and turns them into full grown plants. Not to worry about temperature or watering. It’ll even do watering for you automatically and will set light and temperature as per required by the plant. Plus the window on front of your refrigerator will give your kitchen a more lively look. Isn’t It!!

Growing organic fresh greens herbs and vegetables could be a hit idea! This ideal kitchen appliance will be loved by those who are concerned about their health and prefer green food or those who simply love growing plants.

It seems that these “GO GREEN” refrigerators will lead to a new genre of home appliances that will more than what you want from them!! What do you think?

Apple’s iPad may be a small step for technology, but its a leap for multimedia domination. All of the built-in apps on iPad are designed from the ground up to take advantage of large Multi-Touch screen, to work in any orientation. So, with Apple iPad, you can do those things that you can’t do on any other device.

New aestetic Apple iPad is advance, magical and revolutionary device for all tech lovers and Apple fans. Available at unbelievable cost, starting from $499, this is the first and foremost content-consumption device that include web pages, downloaded audio or video, ebooks and interactive games with in-game level and attribute purchases.

apple ipad

Apple iPad

Main Features of Apple iPad are:~

Large multi-touch screen: One of the most remarkable feature of this device is it’s large, high-resolution 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) display. Its a multi-touch screen device with an amazing powerful Apple-designed chip, which make it perfect for viewing photos, web browsing and watching movies. iPad technology has been re-engineered completely for larger iPad surface. So, whether you want to zoom a map or a picture, it will show it with an incredible accuracy.

Thin and Lightweight: iPad is designed so thin and light, which makes it comfortable for users to carry anywhere. It weighs just 1.5 pounds and is 0.5 inch thin. As this Apple Tablet uses display technology called IPS so it has 178° viewing angle which helps us to get excellent colors and contrast even when we are holding it away from us.

Another exciting feature is that you can make use of this iPad for up to 10 hours while surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos, or listening to music. It also connects you to devices like wireless headphones. iPad is also available in 3G model with super-fast data speed. Right now Apple iPad can run almost 140,000 apps on the Apple store. It can even run the apps you have already downloaded for your iPod or iPhone.

With so many exciting features, it seems that Apple iPad has a long way to go just like its ancestors, Apple iPod and iPhone. For other details on Apple iPad visit

ViewSonic DPG801BK Digital Photo Frame

In this digital world, each and every person gets attracted towards best technology items. Digital photo frames are just adorable electronic item in which one can store cherished memories of life. These frames are most popular all over the world because of their amazing picture quality. One can clearly enjoy the scenic beauty of all memorable pictures in one frame. Such frames display photos in digital way rather than a paper. In this, you can easily maintain the quality of your pictures.

Nowadays, they have become an essential home accessory to decor best part of your room with lovely pictures. You can even play a slide show of stored pictures without computer connectivity. You can easily download new pictures through Internet or direct plug in your digital camera. In terms of shape and size, they look like a ordinary picture frame but, they have LCD display quality. Simply, it’s a electronic device to see, share and store pictures.

Digital photo frame is absolutely perfect gift for your valentine which is full of memorable pictures. Photo gifts provide a great way to tell someone that you care and he or she has a special place in your life. provides different kinds of digital frames at discounted prices. Continue>>

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 Netbook

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 Netbook

In this fast, technology changing world, demand of faster, inexpensive and efficient netbooks is increasing day by day. Netbooks are such devices which are actually designed for Internet purpose, to communicate, get information and learn about new things. These lightweight, compact and easy to carry Netbooks are truly best for wireless communication & accessing Internet anywhere. This individual gadget can easily browse numerous websites and is ideal for checking emails, listening music and viewing documents.

Toshiba is well known name for providing best Netbooks in the market. Toshiba Netbook NB205 is different from others because it has a remarkably long battery life. It can be operated for upto 8.5 hours in one time charge in real working conditions. That is fantastic feature for many consumers who find themselves away from electric sockets while working on netbook. offers great deals on two best models of Toshiba Netbook NB205.

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 is amazingly easy to carry, rich in style netbook, packed with smart features. It has 10.1-inch LED backlit widescreen display and 1.60 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor for best performance & to explore Internet efficiently. It also has 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive with an impact sensor which helps to safeguard your data. It has 1GB DDR2 533MHz standard memory and Intel graphics media accelerator GMA950 with shared graphics memory up to 251 MB. With upto 9 hours of battery life from included 6-cell battery, this absolute portable Mini NB205-N230 Netbook come with Windows 7 Starter. Continue>>

Dior Phone Diamonds

Dior Phone Diamonds

Black and Gold model Dior phone

Black and Gold model Dior phone

In fashion world, Dior is the most recognized name. They are a leading manufacturer of luxurious and fashionable apparels, fine jewelry, skincare, makeup, fragrance and fashion accessories. Dior products have become status symbols, from Europe to America to Asia-Pacific region.

You might have heard of Dior’s luxurious cellphone. Dior entered a new world of luxury mobile phones in 2008 with Dior phone, that created quite buzz. Elegant, sensual, exclusive, and especially made for modern woman, the phone has been designed like a piece of jewelry. The Christian Dior phone functions worldwide except Japan and Korea. And it has excellent features such as a touchscreen display, camera, specialist ring tone, custom graphics design and wallpapers. It even comes with a mini phone and Bluetooth accessory.

This Winter, Dior will come with it’s new generation called, Dior Phone Diamonds in glorious black design. It is decorated with sapphire crystals, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl. The phone is the latest entry in designer phone market. In recent years, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel and Armani have all released most luxury phones.

New Dior handset is a flip phone and look like a hand-brushed stainless steel case. The phone is set with hundreds of diamonds and has a total diamond weight of 3.251 carats. Price range of black/gold model for the Sapphire collection starts from $6500 and handset with 190 diamonds starts from $13,400.

The Dior Phone Diamonds is available exclusively at Dior stores.

Get noticed with the limited edition Jalou by fashion label Dolce&Gabbana. This rose colored stunning mobile phone comes with real 24 carat gold plating, and is an exclusive Dolce&Gabbana clamshell handset, exuding style and substance both inside and out. Sony Ericsson has recently teamed up with a fashion designer Dolce&Gabbana to launch Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone featuring a 3.2 megapixel camera, ability to record video and many more… Read More>>

Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou

Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou

Apple has just sent out an email alert to iPhone developers that any new app submitted to the App Store will have to be ready for the iPhone 3.0 software, which is due shortly (probably around Apple’s WWDC event in June). Beginning today, any app submitted that isn’t 3.0 compatible will be rejected. >> read more

What initially seemed to be a promising Technology, turned out to be one of the wittiest AprilFool Prank from Google. They never leave their creativity, whatever it might be.



Google has always been a front runner as far as innovative ideas are concerned, and today they announced the birth of CADIE.

Though it’s too early to comment on this news, but still people around the globe are pretty excited about it. Lets see what this cute CADIE has in store for us.

Will definitely write a review on it, once CADIE starts walking 🙂


EBay Inc.’s Skype unit plans to release a version of its Internet-based phone software for Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

The move, set to be announced Tuesday, puts Skype more directly in competition for wireless voice services with network operators such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless.

Skype’s software, which can be downloaded free, allows iPhone users to call other Skype users on computers or supported cellphones free if they are in a Wi-Fi hot spot. Or they may call land lines for a fee, typically 2.1 cents a minute.

Skype uses a technology called VOIP, for voice over Internet protocol, which treats calls as data like email messages or Web pages and routes them over the Internet, rather than a traditional phone network. It says it has more than 405 million users around the world. The company is also the world’s largest provider of cross-border voice communications, according to the Telegeography unit of research firm PriMetrica Inc. >>read more



Yes that’s a BOLD statement by Sony. But the product { Sony Vaoi P-Series } is even more BOLD.

Product specification tells the complete story

Fashionable and flashy, this ultra-portable Lifestyle PC makes a statement wherever you go. Choose from four colors, each inspired by the crystalline shimmer of natural gemstones. This gadget comes with impeccable style, lets you check Email at the airport, IM from the park, or just show it off when you want some attention.  >>read complete

A real fashion statement for today’s women.


PM Editors Choice Awards 09 : CNET Best of CES 2009

PM Editor's Choice Awards '09 : CNET Best of CES 2009



Going into this morning’s Apple iPhone 3.0 unveiling, one of the biggest questions of the year in the world of tech was how Palm’s upcoming Pre phone would stack up against the iPhone. The Pre looks like it’ll be the most interesting and imaginative new smartphone to date that isn’t an iPhone, and the only one with a software platform that has a shot at out-innovating Apple. (I have high hopes for Google’s Android over the long haul, but if that OS changes everything, it’ll have to do it on a handset that’s more groundbreaking than T-Mobile’s G1.) >>read more

et cetera